5 Best iPhone Backup Unlocker Software (Free and Paid)

You may do the backup with iTunes both on the Windows and Mac computer. In order to keep the backups' safety, you will set the iTunes password on the backup file. However, you forgot their iTunes password. What a pity that you cannot retrieve your backups.

How can you solve this problem now?

In this article, we will recommend you 5 iPhone backup unlocker software in both free and paid version, so that you can find back your iPhone backup easily.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages

Part 1. Introduction to iPhone/iTunes backup

iPhone provides an application called iTunes to help iPhone user backup and restore their iOS data. When your iPhone is broken or lost, you can recover all data from iTunes backup directly with Windows or Mac computer. That can greatly reduce the loss of iPhone users.

Here we will introduce the concrete backup steps of backing up iPhone to iTunes:

Step 1 Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with iTunes, click your iPhone icon on the let-top corner

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages

Step 2 Choose "This computer" option and click "Encrypt iPhone backup" to type the password. Then click "Back Up Now" to create an encrypted iPhone backup to your computer.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages

Scan iPhone/iPad/iPod

Just two simple steps and you can backup your iPhone data to iTunes in case of the data loss. After making that, you can make sure the safety of the backup files.

However, if you forget the iTunes password one day, what can you do?

iTunes gives you no option to recover or reset password, and you need the password unlocker to help you.

The following text will give you 5 good iPhone backup unlockers to crack the password and extract data from iTunes.

Part 2. 5 Practical iPhone backup unlocker tools on Windows and Mac

1. PhoneRescue iPhone Backup Unlocker (Free)

As the free iPhone backup unlocker software, it can break the password in a professional and safety way. Moreover, you can also extract your data from the iPhone directly after cracking your code.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages


1. This iPhone backup unlocker software can be used on both Windows as well as the Mac computer.
2. All iOS versions like iPod, iPad, iPhone are supported.
3.You can use it for free, without any charge.


1. The cracking process will cost a much long time if your password is complexed.
2. If your iPhone device is running the version of iOS 10 or above, the password will be really hard to break with this software

2. PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker ($24.99)

Different from some other iPhone backup unlocker software in the market, this software adopts the technology of GPU acceleration. In this way, the cracking speed of this software are faster than the common backup unlocker software for about 1000 times.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages


1. It can crack your iTunes password in a short time.
2.The operation steps are simple.


One license of this software can only be used on one computer after purchasing. If you want to use it on more platinum, you need to purchase more, which seems to be a little expensive.

3. iSunShare iTunes Password Genius ($29.95)

iSunShare iTunes Password Genius is regarded as one of the most professional password tools till now. It can be used to restore the iTunes backup password if your forgot.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages


1. All versions of iTunes backup are supported.
2. This software can be used on both Windows as well as the Mac computer.
3. It can be compatible with iOS 7 and above as well as almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod.
4. It offers 4 different cracking methods to break the iTunes password.


1. If you want to try the trial version first, it can only break your password with only 3 characters or below.
2. If your password is long, the cracking process will take a long time.

4. Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker ($49.95)

With this Tenorshare iPhone backup unlocker software, you can break your iTunes password quickly with high success rate. iOS 11/10/9/8/7 as well as almost all iTunes backup versions can be supported. In addition, all iPhone models including iPhone X are also can be adopted.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages


1. It offers three cracking methods to improve the success rate.
2. GPU acceleration is adopted to speed up the cracking process.


It can only be used on Windows computer now.

5. Jihosoft iTunes Backup Unlocker ($49.95)

Jihosoft iTunes Backup Unlocker can break your forgotten iTunes password easily without any damage to your backup file. It has been well known as its simple three steps, which can be learned quickly regardless of the elderly or children.

Connect iOS Device to Start Scan and Recover Seleted iMessages


1. It can be used on both Windows as well as the Mac computer.
2. This software is easy to use.


1. It cannot support the iOS 11 or above.
2. It cannot be used on iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X.

From the text above, we have recommended you top 5 iPhone backup unlocker software and you can use them to get you backup files.

However, not any app can give you the 100% conformity to unlock the iPhone backup and get data from the backup. So, if you fail with the 5 iPhone backup unlock apps, just as the situation below, you need to turn to other ways for data restore.

Part 3. How to restore iPhone data if your iTunes backups are deleted and you forgot the password?

Actually, you can restore your deleted iPhone data from iPhone or iCloud backup rather than from iTunes backup. Here we will introduce you this easy method with Aiseesoft FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery.

As you can see in the picture above, this Aiseesoft Fonelab provides you with 2 different ways to retrieve your lost data without iTunes directly. Even though your iPhone has been damaged or lost, this software can help you recover your data.

1. Recover from iOS devices directly

You can use the function of iPhone Data Recovery to recover your lost data directly if you don't make iCloud backup before. Here we will introduce you the concrete steps.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone with computer with USB cable. After your iPhone is detected, click Start Scan to process data scanning.

Sign into Your iCloud Account

Sign into iCloud Account

Step 2 After scanning, all the files will be listed in categories. You can preview your deleted data in the categories before recovering.

Download iCloud Backup Files

Scan iCloud Backup

Step 3 Choose the lost data you want to recover and click "Recover" button to restore lost files from your iPhone to computer.

Find Deleted iMessages from iCloud

Restore Deleted iMessages from iCloud Backup

2. Recover form iCloud Backup File

If you have backed up your iPhone data on the iCloud, this function will help you find out your data. You just need to connect your phone with the Internet and choose this function of "Recover form iCloud Backup File", to restore iPhone data from iCloud backup.

Find Deleted iMessages from iCloud


We have recommended you 5 iPhone backup unlockers to crack password so that you can recover your lost data. Each program has its own advantages as well as the drawbacks so you can choose one as your needs. In addition, we also introduce an easy way to exact your data directly with Aiseesoft FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery, which can free you from the iTunes backup. If you don't want to crack your iTunes password, this Aiseesoft FonLab will do your help. Which one is your favorite? Please comment below.

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