9 Most Common-used Mind Map Examples

February 24, 2022Ashley Mae

You have a lot of ideas that need to be listed, noted, and organized. Gradually, you find that the mind map is a great tool to meet those needs. However, when you use the mind mapping software to create mind maps, you have to set templates or choose styles for different mind map ideas. You have to admit that it is a bit time-wasting. Thus, this article will present 9 widely-used and stunning mind map examples so that you can take them as references while making mind maps.

Mind Map Examples

Part 1. Creative and Helpful Mind Map Examples

This part will list 9 mind map examples for various topics or ideas. So, whether you are a student or you have been working, you can find a suitable mind map example to make the process of mind mapping easier and quicker.

1. Simple mind map examples for students

Here are 4 practical mind map examples for students to help them improve their studying efficiency.

1) Note-taking mind map example

This first example is a note-taking mind map, which students can use every day. Although this mind map example is simple, it covers almost all the content you might take as a student. You can fill in the name of your course in the center subject to indicate that this mind map belongs to what discipline. Each lesson is a topic of your note-taking mind map. After each topic, you can write the outline, main idea, important concepts you learn from the lesson.

Note Taking Example

2) Mind map example for math

Learning mathematics is an endless and challenging process. Hence, to learn this subject well, you can develop a habit like creating mind maps for math. And this example can help you a lot during mind mapping. Before having the class, you can write your preparations on the mind map; during the period of having class, you can note down different solutions to the problem; after having the class, you must do some exercises, you also add the files to this mind map with the math example.

Example For Math

3) Essay writing mind map example

This mind map example is for people who are going to write essays. Most people tend to list an outline before writing essays. And a completed and clear outline can enable you to yield twice the result with half the effort. What's more, using the mind map to replace the original outline might let you have a more straightforward feeling about the organization of your essay. If you do not know how to make a professional mind map for your essay, you can take the example below as a reference.

Essay Writing Example

4) Mind map example for group work

Group work is used frequently on campus, especially in the college. Under normal conditions, group work has a topic or issue and needs group members to work it together. Thus, division of responsibilities is crucial. If you have teamwork with your classmates, you can create a mind map to describe what members should do. Here is a template for the mind map of group work, which contains several parts and is presented with a specific theme.

Group Work Example

2. Example of Mind Mapping in Personal Development

If you want to analyze your current status and plan your future, you might choose the mind map as the tool to construct yourself from different sides. But you have to admit that personal planning development is a vast and complicated work, though the mind map makes your personal development more straightforward. Therefore, this article presents a helpful example of mind mapping in personal development.

Personal Development Example

3. Project Management Mind Map Example

Managing projects is broadly used while working. To let the project become comprehensive and run successfully, you have to look for, collect, organize the material, arrange what everyone is supposed to do, set goals, etc. Hence, when you make a mind map to show these, a useful example will make your work easier and quicker. And you can use this template below as a reference.

Project Management Example

4. Speech Preparation Mind Map Example

Making a speech among people needs you to prepare fully because you have to express your thoughts and make your audience understand what you are talking about. The example of a speech preparation mind map has listed eight steps to prepare a speech. Therefore, when you would like to prepare a speech, you can make a mind map according to this example and supplement it with more content.

Speech Preparation Example

5. Travel Mind Map Example

Nowadays, young people tend to travel without planning to enjoy the unpredictable experience. However, making a plan before traveling can save you time during traveling. If you have no idea about how to start your traveling plan, you can use this travel mind map example and write down the concrete content to fulfill it. Later, you will get a full-sided travel plan mind map.

Travel Plan Example

6. Health Mind Map Example

To live a healthy life, you can draw up a plan for yourself, like what you should do within a day. For example, you can divide your healthy life into two aspects: physical and psychological. And psychological health can also be split into mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Thus, you can use a mind map to show your plan with these aspects. And here is an example of the health mind map. I hope that it could help you.

Health Example

Part 2. Tips about Making a Mind Map

1. When making a mind map, the first thing is selecting a suitable mind map structure or example based on your needs, like the balanced map, fishbone chart, org chart, etc.

2. Try to use funny or valuable elements in your mind map to appeal to others or let others understand your mind map.

3. Mind map usually cannot contain all content you want to show, so you can use attachments flexibly to supplement your mind map.

Part 3. Recommendation: Best Mind Mapping Tool Free Online – MindOnMap

This post has introduced 9 practical mind map examples from various kinds and shown several tips about creating a mind map. But you may have no idea about using which software to make mind maps. So, there will be the best mind mapping tool online for you in this part.

MindOnMap, as a mind mapping tool, is absolutely easy-to-use and free. It has a straightforward interface and provides clear steps to use it before starting a mind map. Besides, although it is free and online, it supports adjusting the style of elements and fonts. What's more, MindOnMap offers many useful templates so that you can choose the structure for your mind map freely.

Mind On Map Interface

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Part 4. FAQs of Mind Map Examples

What is the mind map example?

The mind map example is a template for people who wants to make a mind map about some topics but does not want to create the structure be him/herself.

What is a good mind map?

A good Mind Map can clearly tell the "shape" of the subject and the relationships between different facts.

How do you create a mind map?

You can go to the MindOnMap page and click the Create Your Mind Map button. Then choose an appropriate template for your mind map and write down your ideas.


You can get some mind map examples that are helpful to you after reading this post. Besides, this article offers some tips that can make you make better mind maps. And if you are looking for a great tool to create mind maps, you can pick MindOnMap. Also, you can leave your comments below as long as you have any other questions and suggestions.

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