Top 5 PAL to NTSC Converters for Seamless Video Playback

The world of video standards can be confusing, especially when faced with incompatible formats like PAL and NTSC. They are two major television broadcast standards that often create compatibility issues, rendering your precious videos unwatchable on certain TVs. If you have ever encountered this frustration, a PAL to NTSC converter can be your saving grace.

PAL to NTSC Converter

Part 1. What Is a PAL to NTSC Converter

PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is primarily used in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. PAL has 576 lines per frame and a refresh rate of 50Hz. NTSC (National Television System Committee) dominates North America, parts of South America, and Japan. NTSC uses 480 lines per frame and a refresh rate of 60Hz. These differences result in incompatible signals, causing picture distortions and playback issues when directly connecting devices using different standards.

A PAL to NTSC converter is a device or software that translates video signals from the PAL format to the NTSC format. This conversion ensures compatibility with TVs and other video equipment designed for your region. There are two main types of PAL to NTSC converters: hardware and software.

Hardware converters are dedicated devices that connect directly to your video source and TV. They offer plug-and-play convenience and real-time conversion, making them ideal for watching DVDs, playing video games, or connecting to older equipment.

Software converters are computer programs that convert video files stored on your PC. They offer greater flexibility in terms of format options and editing capabilities but require additional processing time and compatible software.

Part 2. Top 3 PAL to NTSC Converter Hardware

When selecting a PAL to NTSC converter, consider factors like video quality, connectivity, budget, and ease of use.

OREI XD-1290 Premium 1080p HDMI PAL to NTSC Video Converter

OREI XD-1290 Premium converter prioritizes premium video quality, making it ideal for high-definition content. It upscales video to 1080p resolution and utilizes REIO video technology for precise image reproduction.

PAL to NTSC Converter OREI XD-1290

Key Features:

Rating: 3.9 stars on Amazon

Price: $75-$99

Connectivity: HDMI input, RCA composite output

Pros: Excellent image quality, versatile compatibility, easy to use

Cons: Limited output options (composite only), pricier than some

CIMPLE CO NTSC to PAL Converter Kit

This compact and affordable converter offers basic functionality for everyday use. It supports bi-directional conversion (NTSC to PAL and vice versa) and works with standard composite connections.

PAL to NTSC Converter CIMPLE Kit

Key Features:

Rating: 3.7 stars on Amazon

Price: $34.97

Connectivity: RCA composite input and output

Pros: Simple setup, portable, budget-friendly

Cons: Lower video resolution (480i), limited features

The ABLEWE PAL to NTSC Converter

The ABLEWE RCA to HDMI Converter, also known as an AV to HDMI Converter, is a device that helps you connect older video equipment to modern TVs with HDMI inputs. It supports PAL, NTSC, and other standard TV formats. Moreover, it lets you convert analog RCA composite video (yellow) and audio (red & white) signals to digital HDMI output.


Key Features:

Rating: 4.4 stars on Amazon

Price: $16.99

Dedicated hardware converter devices usually offer reliable conversion, often with additional features like upscaling/downscaling and signal amplification.

Part 3. Best Software to Convert PAL to NTSC on Mac and Windows PC

PAL to NTSC converter software offers wider format support and batch conversion capabilities. Here's a breakdown of two popular options, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate and Handbrake, considering their features, pros, cons, and steps for conversion.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate supports over 1000 video and audio formats, including PAL and NTSC. It carries many basic video editing features for you to edit your videos, enhance their quality, and customize effects. This PAL to NTSC converter software also supports GPU acceleration for faster conversion.

Select a Target Format
Video Converter Ultimate


Best PAL to NTSC Converter

  • Convert almost any video format, including PAL and NTSC.
  • Upscale video resolution and support batch conversion.
  • Offer basic editing features like cropping, trimming, and more.
  • Built-in presets for converting videos for specific devices.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Price: $49.96 for a lifetime license

The free version has limited features and watermarks on output files. It may be overkill for simple PAL to NTSC conversion.


Handbrake is open-source and completely free. It supports various video formats, including PAL and NTSC. This PAL to NTSC converter is equipped with advanced encoding settings for customization.

HandBrake Open Source MP4 to MOV Converter

HandBrake is ideal for budget-conscious users. Its advanced settings offer granular control over conversion. Moreover, it gives various presets to simplify conversion for specific needs. However, its customization requires technical knowledge. HandBrake lacks additional features like editing or upscaling.

Part 4. FAQs of PAL to NTSC Converter

Can you play NTSC on PAL TV?

Unfortunately, directly playing NTSC video on a PAL TV isn't possible due to differences in the video signal. However, you can use the introduced NTSC to PAL converters to bridge this gap.

Why are there PAL and NTSC?

PAL and NTSC emerged due to historical factors and technical limitations. Although they offer distinct characteristics, technological advancements and global trends are pushing toward convergence and reducing their relevance.

How much does it generally cost for NTSC PAL conversion?

The cost of NTSC to PAL conversion can vary depending on the chosen method and the converter you use.


PAL and NTSC are two dominant standards used in different regions. If you are trying to play a PAL video on an NTSC TV (or vice versa), you will need a PAL to NTSC converter to ensure compatibility. This post shares five great converters, both hardware and software, for you to easily turn PAL into NTSC.

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