Should I Remove Smart Mac Care? Here is the Concrete Guide You Should Know

April 07, 2022Ashley Mae

Why does Smart Mac Care install on your MacBook automatically? You might find Smart Mac Care spreads over the Internet by bundling itself to freeware and malicious third-party applications. Is the program safe to use? How do you remove it completely from your MacBook? Here is the ultimate guide about removing Smart Mac Care.

Smart Mac Care Review

Part 1: Is Smart Mac Care Safe?

Smart Mac Care declares it protects your Mac against infections, such as malware, spyware, and so on. But the program issued warnings that are just tactics to arouse your scare. Just as mentioned above, it often bundles itself to some malicious third-party applications or slides into your Mac through misleading alerts from questionable websites. The fake warnings naturally trick users into downloading the program.

If you have installed it on your Mac, the program will scan your computer and instantly identify numerous issues with your system. But it is abnormal, as common security applications need more time to scan your computer deeply. The suspicious diagnosis will lead you to pay for the service to safeguard your computer. So Smart Mac Care is just a rogue made to cheat your money.

Smart Mac Care Interface

Part 2: Useful Tips about Removing Smart Mac Care

How can I remove Smart Mac Care PUA-related files and folders?

Step 1:
Click the Finder icon from the menu bar on your Mac. Choose Go and click on the Go to Folder button.
Step 2:
Type Library/LaunchAgents into the bar and navigate to the folder. In the LaunchAgents folder, you can look for any recently added suspicious files and click to move them to the Trash.

Note: The name of files generated by the adware can be like install mac.AppRemoval.plist,, mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist, kuklorest.update.plist, etc.

Step 3:
Type /Library/Application Support into the Go to Folder bar, you can look for the folders with the name such as MplayerX and NicePlayer in the Application Support folder and move these folders to the Trash.
Step 4:
The same process can be applied to the /Library/LaunchDaemons folder. Look for the folder with the name like,,, com.avickUpd.plist, etc., and move them to the Trash.
Delete Smart Mac Care Pua

How can I remove Smart Mac Care from browsers?

Step 1:
To remove Smart Mac Care from Safari, start Safari, click the Safari menu, and then go to the Extensions.
Step 2:
Delete the program or other suspicious extensions you don't know when you installed. The same process is also applied to Google. For Mozilla Firefox, you should open it, click the right-upper corner button, and click Add-ons.
Step 3:
Go to Extensions and delete those suspicious extensions. After that, you can restart your browser to clean up Smart Mac Care.

How to avoid the installation of Smart Mac Care?

You should be very cautious when you browse the website and download software. Some ADs might seem legitimate, but once you clicked, they will mislead you to some questionable websites.

Most are delivered by adware-type PUAs. So when you meet dubious redirects, eliminate suspicious apps and plug-ins. And carefully check the window of installation or download and opt to not install any additional programs.

Remember to download software from official sources only and through direct download links. Most third-party downloaders are using the bundling method to promote rogue apps, such as Smart Mac Care. You should never use them. The ultimate key to safeguarding your computer is to stay cautious.

Part 3: The Ultimate Solution to Uninstall Smart Mac Care

Besides the Smart Mac Care, there are other suspicious apps and plug-ins installed on your MacBook. If it is too complicated to remove Smart Mac Care, Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner provides a versatile solution to uninstall the app, free up storage space, remove the junk files, and speed up Mac performance. It also supports some large and old files, you can use it to preview and selectively delete them.

Mac Cleaner


Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner – Best Card Cleaner for Mac

  • 1. Uninstall Smart Mac Care and the related caches.
  • 2. Optimize the Mac system performance in real-time.
  • 3. Monitor the disk utilization, battery, CPU usage, etc.
  • 4. Scan, view, and clean Smart Mac Care at a fast speed.
Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 1:
Download Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner on your Mac, and then follow the instructions to install it. After that, you can launch the Smart Mac Care app and go to the Toolkit menu and choose the Uninstall feature to uninstall Smart Mac Care from your MacBook.
Mac Cleaner Toolkit
Step 2:
To delete the Smart Mac Care remains. You can choose the Cleaner option. When you have entered the Cleaner section, there are 8 types of junk files you can select. Click the desired one and choose Scan to begin scanning the data types you need to remove on Mac.
Main Interface
Step 3:
Click the View option to check the junk files in detail. When you have checked all, select the check box of the data you don't need and click the Clean button to remove them. After that, you can click on the Status menu to view the current Mac status.
Clean System Cache


When you need to remove Smart Mac Care, which is is rogue software to deceive you to pay imposed services, you can learn more from the review with the detailed process. Aiseesoft Mac Cleaner is a powerful tool to keep your Mac clean and protect it against any malicious applications.

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