What You can Do If You Delete Calendar App on iPhone Accidentally

January 10, 2022Ashley Mae

"I deleted the Calendar app on my iPhone X, how do I get it back?" Most iPhone users are well aware of how useful this device can be for an almost endless amount of reasons when the handsets are running normally. However, iPhones are not perfect and some features on the devices may work abnormally sometimes. This article intends to tell you what you can do if you accidentally delete the Calendar app on your iPhone.

Accidentally Deleted Calendar App on iPhone

Part 1: How to Fix Accidentally Deleted Calendar App on iPhone

Calendar app is one of the built-in features on iPhone and iPad. It means that the app is packed into the iOS system and you cannot uninstall it from your handset. If you delete the Calendar app on iPhone accidentally, it is just hidden from your home screen.

Solution 1: Find Calendar App from App Library

App Library
Step 1:
When you accidentally deleted your Calendar app from your iPhone, enter the App Library screen.
Step 2:
Search for Calendar in the search bar, and tap the app on the result list.
Step 3:
Hold down the app until the context menu appears. Tap Add to Home Screen.

If you cannot find the Add to Home Screen option, it means that the app is still on your home screen.

Solution 2: Restore Calendar App from Settings App

Reset Home Screen Layout
Step 1:
Another way to resolve the accidentally deleted Calendar app on iPhone is the Settings app.
Step 2:
Go to the General, tap Reset, and choose Reset Home Screen Layout.
Step 3:
When prompted, tap Reset Home Screen Layout again to confirm it. Now, the Calendar app should get back.

This way won't get back the events deleted from the Calendar app.

Solution 3: Retrieve Calendar App by App Store

App Store
Step 1:
If you deleted the Calendar app from your iPhone, head to your App Store, and tap Search.
Step 2:
Search for calendar, and tap the Download button next to the iOS Calendar app.

Solution 4: Restore Calendar from iCloud

Restore iCloud
Step 1:
Visit icloud.com in your browser, and sign in to your account, if you have backed up the deleted Calendar app on your iPhone. Click Account Settings.
Step 2:
Scroll down to the bottom, and click Restore Calendar and Reminders under Advanced.
Step 3:
Click the Restore button next to each event you want to get back and click Restore again to confirm it.

After Calendar restoring, your sharing settings will be erased. Plus, iCloud cancels and recreates all of your upcoming and scheduled events.

Part 2: How to Get Back Calendar Events

The common solutions can help you get back the app after you accidentally deleted the Calendar app on your iPhone. However, your events may be lost. Fortunately, Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery can retrieve your important events without backup.

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How to Retrieve Calendar Events after Deleting Accidentally

Step 1:

Connect iPhone to PC

Launch the best events recovery tool once you install it on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the same machine using a Lightning cable. If prompted, sign in your passcode and trust the connection. Next, the software will scan your handset.

Step 2:

Retrieve events

After data scanning, you will be presented with the data type screen. Locate the Memos & Others section, and check Calendar. Then you can preview all Calendar events on the right side. Select the desired events, and click the Recover button at the bottom right side. Besides, this software also can help you restore your disappeared contacts on your iPhone.

Preview Calendar

Part 3: FAQs about Accidentally Deleted Calendar App on iPhone

Why did my Calendar app disappear from my iPhone?

the Calendar app is pre-installed. Therefore, it cannot be deleted from your iPhone. Sometimes, you may have inadvertently moved into a screen or a folder so it is disappeared from your home screen.

Where is Calendar on iPhone?

WGenerally speaking, you can find the Calendar app on your home screen on your iPhone. Moreover, you can find the app in App Library too. Can't find your Calendar app, read on How to Fix When iPhone Calendar Events/App Disappeared to find some fixes.

Can I recover deleted events from iPhone without backup?

You cannot get back Calendar events if you deleted them on your iPhone without backup by default. Therefore, you'd better back up your iPhone regularly or look for a dedicated data recovery tool for iPhone.


This article tells you what you can do when you accidentally delete your Calendar app on your iPhone. Sometimes, you just cannot find the built-in app from your Home Screen. Our solutions can help you fix this problem. Moreover, Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery can help you get back deleted events from iOS devices. If you encounter other problems, please leave a message below this post and we will reply with it as soon as possible.

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