Ways to Find Phone Number Online

As the smartphones play an increasingly important part instead of landline telephones, people now ask more about the solutions to find phone numbers. In many cases, you may be depressed that you are out of contact with an old friend. Or you just want to keep in touch with those people for business, to seek a profitable cooperation. Sometimes, chances are that you are in an unfamiliar city when you need find someone's or some company's help. Whatever the scenario is, are there any solutions to help you find phone numbers online freely and correctly?

Of course, you have access to ways to find someone's phone number as you like. On the Internet, searching engines and some special websites focus on finding phone numbers of individuals or corporations. Although being the tool of finding phone numbers, different software and programs have some subtle distinctions. Read carefully the passage below, and you can find those differences. You will finally attain the most suitable way to meet your requirement. Please note that, once you succeed in finding phone numbers you want, you are not expected to use it for bad things.

Find Phone Number

Find Phone Number

Part 1: How to Find Someone's Phone Number Online

Compared with finding phone numbers of companies, looking up individual's phone number may need more efforts, for individual phone numbers are included as private information. Here I just recommend 3 ways to help you find someone's phone number. And I hope these solutions will solve your problem.

No 1: Resort to searching engines

As we all know that different searching engines hold different functions. There exist some searching engines that aim to finding phone numbers of individuals, addresses. In this way, using these searching engines will help a lot, which includes Facebook, Pipl, Wink, LinkedIn and so on. All you need to do is to provide the name or the location of the person you want to find.


Main steps:

Step 1 Open up the Facebook.

Step 2 In the blank, insert the item that is needed, such as the name, detailed address or zip code.

Step 3 Get the phone number you want.

No 2: Use Zabasearch to find phone number

Zabasearch is a website that collects your phone number, birth date, and physical address. So, once you have the difficulty in finding someone's phone number, just ask Zabasearch for help. The most outstanding advantage is that you are free to find somebody's phone number as you like, while most of other phone-number-finding websites charge fees. In addition, you are allowed to search information by providing names, phone numbers, and address, which is more flexible than any other searching engine.


Main steps:

Step 1 Enter the official website of Zabasearch.

Step 2 In the blank, insert the first, middle and last name, as well as the birth year, city name and state.

Step 3 Get the phone number you want.

No 3: Use Google to search phone number

As the world's most powerful searching engine, Google can also help you find someone's phone number by giving some information. The Google is useful and powerful enough to operate a reverse phone lookup, which means that if you have the information of somebody's phone number, you can use phone numbers to search out his detailed address, and vice versa. So, when you have to find a phone number, just type the zip code of his address and the full name of him into the searching blank. Then you can find your needed information.


Main steps:

Step 1 Enter the page of Google

Step 2 In the blank, insert the item that is needed, such as the name, detailed address or zip code.

Step 3 Get the phone number you want.

Part 2: How to Find a Business Phone Number

I guess that the situation of finding a business phone number outstrips the situation of finding somebody's phone number in our daily life. Finding phone number for a business corporate seems crucial when you need to ask it for help, or cooperate with it for making win-win profits. All in all, grasping several ways to find phone number for business will certainly help you. Let's just view some convenient solutions.

No 1: search the official website to find phone number of business

Finding phone numbers through searching the official website of the company is known as the easiest way. Most companies and corporations have their own websites for customers, where you can get phone number, product information and profiles of it. What you need to do is to open a searching engine which you use regularly, such as Bing, and insert the company name into the blank. You are admitted entering the official website by clicking.

Search the Official Website

Main steps:

Step 1 Open up a searching engine whatever you want.

Step 2 Tap the company name or the business name.

Step 3 Get the phone number you want.

No 2: ask GetHuman for phone numbers

GetHuman is a phone number finding website that owns rather overall business phone number data. It aims to help customers get a company or corporate on the phone faster and get better help. In the first page of the website, the most popular phone numbers for business has been listed at the bottom, such as Facebook Phone Number, United Airlines Phone Number, and so on. If you can't find corporate's phone number you wanted, just insert the company name in the blank bar at the top of the page. Once the result presents, you can get the customer service line, working times and other informative data of the company, which is really helpful and convenient.


Main steps:

Step 1 Enter into the GetHuman website.

Step 2 Insert the company name in the blank bar at the top of the page

Step 3 Get the phone number you want.

No 3: Use YP.com to get business phone number

If you are told about the general location of the company you want to contact, using YP.com to find phone number for business can be the best solution. To attain the phone number, you are asked to tap the business or keyword of the one you want to find. After that, mark the location of the company in the next blank. Via clicking, all the relative companies and corporations will be listed, with their detailed address, phone numbers and general profiles. Isn't it helpful? Just go and find phone number for business via YP.com.


To find a business phone number, you just need to follow the steps which can lead you to find someone's phone number:

Step 1 Enter the YP website.

Step 2 Tap the item, which is needed into the blank, such as the business name, keyword of the business.

Step 3 Find the phone number of company.

Note: : If you want to check IMEI number online, you can check here.


Have you found the best solution to finding phone number? Actually, all of these methods are easy and simple to operate, which only need some data such as full name, detailed address, ZIP code to help you find the answer. In addition, it is far more popular to find phone numbers for business. Since generally, a company's profile is public to the world, finding phone numbers of a company is easier.

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