Forgot iCloud Password: How to Recover/Reset iCloud Password

February 02, 2024Louisa White

Forgot iCloud password? This is a common problem for iOS users. No wonder sometimes forgotten iCloud password happens to us as we would like to frequently change our password. In this article, we will focus on how to recover or reset forgotten iCloud password when you unfortunately forgot iCloud password.

Forget iCloud Password

Part 1. What Is the iCloud Password

Generally speaking, Apple ID and its password are used for your iCloud account. In this case, Apple ID password can also regarded as iCloud password.

iCloud password is used to sign in to iCloud account on PC/Mac or any iOS device. iCloud password encrypts and protects the data and privacy you sync to iCloud, such as significant personal or family photos, videos, contacts, documents and so on. Besides, you can locate or remotely erase your iPhone, iPad or iPod on iCloud after you use the password to log into that. iCloud password is of great as well importance when you download or purchase item from App Store.

Part 2. How to Recover iCloud Password When Forgetting It

Method 1. Recover iCloud password via professional software

According to the first part, to solve the situation when you forgot iCloud password, you can try a powerful unlocker at first. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can be the one. This professional unlocker performs extremely well with unlocking iPhone-related security settings like Apple ID, Screen Time password, MDM, and iTunes backup passwords. You can easily use it to reset your iCloud password.

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Follow the steps below to remove your iCloud password.

Step 1.
Free download Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker from the links above, and launch the software. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.
Step 2.
Select Remove Apple ID mode from the interface and click Start from the new screen. When the software detects your device, confirm the device information and click to start removing.
Connect Mode
Step 3.
The software will download a firmware package on your iPhone. When downloading is finished, the Apple ID is removed and you can reset a new account.

Method 2. Recover iCloud password using email authentication

Step 1.
When you enter the page of "Reset Password", there are two options provided. And here, choose "Get an Email" > "Continue".
Choose to Get Email to Reset Forgotten iCloud Password
Step 2.
Select what information you want to reset. You are allowed to reset the password or security questions. Then choose "Continue".
Reset Forgotten iCloud Password
Step 3.
Apple will send a Recovery Email to your Email address. Follow the direction in the email to reset password.

Method 3. Recover iCloud password by answering security questions

Step 1.
You can reset iCloud password once you answer the security questions you ever set when you initially created Apple ID.
Choose to Answer Security Questions to Reset Forgotten iCloud Password
Step 2.
Enter the birth date, and then choose "Continue". Answer the security questions.
Enter Birth Date
Step 3.
Then you can reset your iCloud password.
Reset Forgotten iCloud Password

Method 4. Reset iCloud password using two-step verification

Many people choose this recovery procedure to better protect their accounts and reduce chances of account hacks. Once you have activated the two-step verification process for your iOS device, then it is quite different for you to recover iCloud forgotten password. However,during the verification process,you need to remember the right recovery key provided by Apple to reset iCloud account password. Most importantly, choose a trusted Apple device to do this iCloud password recovery.

Two-step Recovery Key to Reset Forgotten iCloud Password
Step 1.
Input your Recovery Key.
Step 2.
Choose a trusted iOS device. Apple will then send your device a verification code.
Step 3.
Enter the verification code and reset a brand new password.

Method 5. Create a new iCloud account after forgot iCloud password

Well, you must be thinking what you can do in case you:

Well, I'm afraid that you have no choice but to change a iCloud account. You need to have another Apple ID in order to have an iCloud account. The following are to innovate an iCloud account:

Create New iCloud Account in iPhone Settings
Step 1.
Go to Settings app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, scroll the screen and choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Add New iCloud Account in iPhone Settings
Step 2.
Choose "Add Account" > Add "iCloud" account. Click "Create a new Apple ID".
Enter Birth Date and Name to Create A New iCloud Account
Step 3.
Enter your date of birth. Click "Next". And then input your first name and last name.
Choose an iCloud Email Address to Create A New iCloud Account
Step 4.
Get a free iCloud email address and choose to create a new iCloud email address. Select either "Use my current email address" or "Get a free iCloud email address". If you select "Get a free iCloud email address" you will be able to create it in the "Email" input field below.
Create iCloud Password and Set Security Questions
Step 5.
This email will be used as your new Apple ID. Create a password and verify it. Set security questions and answers.
Review Apple ID Important Note to Create iCloud Account
Step 6.
Review the new Apple ID Important Note and click Agree on the bottom-right corner.

Method 6. Recover iCloud password via professional software

If you need to log in to iCloud but forgot password, Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager is a reliable software that can recover your various passwords, including the iCloud password. This recovery tool can scan your iPhone and retrieve the saved Apple ID account and password. (The Apple ID and its password are used for your iCloud account.) Then, it allows you to access the iCloud account again. Besides, it also offers extra functions for managing and backing up your passwords. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage accounts and passwords in a few clicks.

How to find your iCloud password

Step 1.
Download the iCloud password recovery tool on your desktop. Then, install and enter the main interface.
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Step 2.
Please connect the iPhone to your computer now. Once connected, click "Start" to scan your iPhone. Then, you will be asked to set an iTunes backup password to protect the backup. After setting, enter the screen passcode on your iPhone to confirm the process.
Add Compress
Step 3.
After scanning, you will go to a new window. Here you can view all your password information. Next, click "Apple ID" in the left panel to view the previously used password. (The Apple ID password is also your iCloud password.)
Download Compress
Step 4.
Tick the box next to the account name. Finally, click "Export" to save the password.
Save All Scanned Password on iOS

The iCloud password manager will securely save the computer's scanned accounts and passwords from your iPhone. But it won't upload or collect them. Therefore, you can trust its security and privacy when using it.

Part 3. How to Recover iCloud Data After I Forget iCloud Password

A common issue that people are concerned about after they forgot iCloud password, is how to restore from iCloud. You may have stored some important file in your iCloud, and it would a disaster if you forgot iCloud password and lose these files. In that case, you could get help from a thrid-party iPhone Data Recovery, which even enables you to recover data from iCloud.

iPhone Data Recovery


FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery

  • Recover and view lost data from any iOS device, including iPhone 15/14/13 and before.
  • Get back data from your iTunes backup.
  • Restore lost data from iCloud backup when you forgot iCloud password.
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Part 4. FAQs of Forgotten iCloud Password

What is an iCloud account?

When an iCloud account is set up, you can sync and store your data on multiple devices. It keeps apps like Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Safari and other apps from App Store updated across all devices automatically.

Can I have more than one Apple ID?

Yes. You can have more than one Apple ID simultaneously. It'd be better to have the same Apple ID for Apple devices, because you may get confused with multiple Apple IDs.

How to unlock iCloud locked iPhone?

If you forgot iCloud password or your iCloud is locked, you may want to unlock iCloud locked iPhone. You can try iPhone Unlocker to fix it. As you launch iPhone Unlocker on your computer, choose Remove Apple ID mode. Then click the Start button to remove iCloud from your iPhone. After that, you can set up your iPhone as a new one.

How can I find my iCloud ID and password?

You can go to Apple ID account page, and click Forgot Apple ID or password? If you forgot Apple ID, click the look it up link to find your Apple ID. Enter your first name, last name and email address.


In this article, we mainly discuss how to reset or change iCloud password when you forgot iCloud password with 6 working methods. Methods of Email authentication, answering security questions, and verification are fast to reset your iCloud password. But it’s difficult to remember all the related information like security questions. Creating a new iCloud account is easy, but you will never find the data of the old account. Therefore, the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker we recommend in the article can immediately remove your Apple ID without answering questions or third-party verification. Meanwhile, FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover lost data on tteh iOS device. Besides, we mentioned Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager as well, this password managing tool can keep all your important passwords. You will never worry about forgetting them.

Similarly, if you forgot iTunes password, just go to fix forgot iTunes password.

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