Accomplish FRP Bypass on Samsung with or without PC: 5 Methods Worth Your Try

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is a built-in security feature that Android 5.1 or higher devices use. Its main functionality is to protect your device and information by locking your Android phone screen, encrypting data, and more. Once FRP is activated on your Android, your device won't be used in an insecure environment after factory resetting your phone. So, you may have encountered that you can't use your Samsung after resetting it. It is common that you don't know FRP lock. And this post will show you how to bypass FRP on Samsung.

FRP Bypass Samsung

Part 1. Solutions for Samsung FRP Bypass

Solution 1. Use Aiseesoft Android Unlocker to Remove FRP Lock from Samsung

The first way I want to share with you is by using Aiseesoft Android Unlocker. If you have a computer around you and want to use the easiest and quickest solution, this way is suitable for you mostly. Its interface is clean and straightforward. And one of its main features is Bypass Google FRP Lock. Hence, when you forget the Google account and password on your Samsung phone, you can directly connect your phone to this Samsung unlocker. After several simple clicks, the FRP on your Samsung will be removed.

Apart from Samsung devices, Aiseesoft Android Unlocker supports almost all Android devices that run Android 15 or before, including Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. What's more, if you forgot the lock screen password on your Android, or your phone's screen and face recognition can't work, you can also use this program to unlock your Android devices quickly.

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Here are how to do FRP bypass on Samsung with Aiseesoft Android Unlocker:

Step 1.
Click the Free Download button to install Aiseesoft Android Unlocker on your computer.
Step 2.
Select the Bypass Google FRP Lock option and prepare a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer.
Android Unlocker Interface
Step 3.
After connecting successfully, please follow the on-screen guide to enable USB debugging on your Samsung.
Step 4.
Later, you can click the Start Removal button to begin removing FRP lock from your Samsung device.
Start FRP Lock Removal

Solution 2. Try Google Account Recovery to Bypass FRP on Samsung Without PC

If you don't have a computer nearby, you can try to recover your Google account on your Samsung phone after resetting it. Google has two options, Forgot Password and Forgot Email, to let you restore your account. However, when testing the method on my Samsung, I figured out that it needs me to remember my Google email address or password, and a network connection is necessary.

Step 1.
After resetting your Samsung, you will enter a screen where you should log into your Google account.
Step 2.
If didn't remember the Google account you used on your Samsung, you can tap Forgot email. If you forgot the password, you can tap Forgot password.
Google Account Recovery
Step 3.
Then, follow the on-screen instructions to do your Google account recovery.

Solution 3. Use Find My Device to Do Samsung FRP Removal

You also can use Find My Device from Google to bypass FRP on your Samsung phone. Its Erase Device feature can help you do that. The process is simple, but you should prepare another device that can log into your Google account. And you have to make sure that you have logged in to your Google account on your Samsung before, there is an internet connection on your Samsung, and you have enabled Find My Device and location on your Samsung. If you can't meet one of the requirements above, using Aiseesoft Android Unlocker would be better.

Step 1.
Prepare another device to log in to your Google Account to Google Find My Device.
Step 2.
Choose your Samsung device and click Erase Device. Then, all data on your Samsung phone will be wiped, and the FRP will also be removed.
Find My Samsung Device

Solution 4. FRP Bypass Samsung Without PC Via Google Keyboard

If you don't have the Google account and password of your current Samsung phone, you can use Google Keyboard to bypass FRP. However, this method is complicated and time-consuming.

Step 1.
Tap the text box on the FRP screen to let the keyboard show up.
Step 2.
Then, long-tap and hold @ on the keyboard until you are in Settings on your Samsung.
Step 3.
Next, select the Android Keyboard Settings option, tap the three dots button on the top right corner of your phone screen, and select Help & Feedback.
Step 4.
On the Help page, you can select Use Google Keyboard. And then, select any text on the page and tap and hold it.
Step 5.
After that, tap on the Websearch button and input Settings to the box to access the Settings screen.
Step 6.
Tap About phone > Software Information to scroll the screen until you find Build Number. Then, tap on it 7 times to enable the Developer mode.
Step 7.
Now, you can go back to the Settings screen and select Developer options. Here, you should turn on OEM Unlocking and tap on the Back button twice.
Step 8.
Lastly, restart your Samsung phone and connect to Wi-Fi. Then, you can log in to a new Google account to use the device.
Use Google Keyboard

Solution 5. Hard Reset Samsung Phone to Unlock FRP

The last way to remove FRP from your Samsung device is to hard reset Android. This method is quick, but it will remove all data from your Samsung phone. Thus, you should have already ensured that you don't need the data or that you backed them up before.

Step 1.
Turn off your Samsung phone, and then press Volume up and Power at the same time to wait until the Android logo pops up on your screen.
Step 2.
Then, press Volume down and Power to scroll down the screen till you find wipe data/factory reset.
Step 3.
Next, press Power to select the wipe data/factory reset option and select Yes with the Power button. Then, you can hard reset your Samsung phone and reboot it.

Part 2. FAQs about FRP Bypass on Samsung

Can you disable FRP on Samsung phones?

Yes, you can turn off FRP on your Samsung phones. Enter the Settings app on your Samsung, select Accounts or Accounts Backup, and tap on the Remove Account option. Then, you will disable Google FRP on your Samsung or other Android devices.

How do I bypass Samsung lock after factory reset?

You can use Aiseesoft Android Unlocker to bypass Samsung lock. After installing and running this Samsung unlocker, select Remove Screen Password and connect your Samsung to the software with a USB cable, then click the Start Removal button.

What causes FRP lock on Samsung?

When you have logged in to your Google account on Samsung and your Samsung device is stolen, lost, or Factory Data Reset in a dangerous environment, FRP lock will be enabled on your Samsung.


That's all about how to bypass FRP on Samsung! We have offered 5 solutions for you to select from. If you prefer a simple and quick way, Aiseesoft Android Unlocker can suit you most.

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