How to Bypass LG FRP with or without Computer [Full Guide]

Like many other Android devices, LG phones use FRP (Factory Reset Protection) to guarantee the data security of an LG device once it's logged in with a Google account. To get access to an LG device after an untrusted factory reset, you have to enter the associated Google account credentials to verify you are the real owner. It's an effective way to protect your LG phone from being illegally used in case it's stolen or lost.

However, there are times when we may forget our Google account or password, or we get a second-hand LG phone without knowing the original account. To address the problem, we need to bypass LG FRP. In this article, we share three effective methods to remove the FRP lock easily.

LG FRP Bypass

Part 1. Manual Way to Bypass Factory Reset Protection on LG Phones - Without Computer

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on LG Phones via Keyboard Settings

This method can effectively remove Factory Reset Protection on LG phones. Since you need to go through many steps as below, make sure your LG phone has enough battery power or connect it to a power source.

To successfully bypass LG FRP without harming your LG device, make sure you follow the guide step by step.

Step 1.
Open your LG phone, tap the blue arrow button > Next > Skip, and connect your LG phone to Wi-Fi.
Connect LG to Wi-Fi
Step 2.
It takes a while to check for and install updates. After it finishes, tap Don't copy and draw a pattern on the LG device. Then, tap USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD. Next, tap the text box to open the keyboard and go to keyboard settings.
Open Keyboard
Step 3.
Tap Gboard > the three-dot menu > Help & feedback. Tap Describe your issue, enter "delete or disable apps on Android" and search for it.
Delete or Disable Apps on Android
Step 4.
Tap "Tap to go to Application Settings", choose Chrome, and tap Open. To continue, tap Accept & continue > Next > No thanks.
Open Chrome
Step 5.
Enter in the search box and download the LG backup, which is named LGBackup_181126. After downloading the LG backup, go back to Application Settings by swiping from left to right on your LG phone. In the App info page, scroll down to find Settings, tap it, and choose Open. Go to System > Backup > Backup & restore, and tap Agree.
Open Settings
Step 6.
Tap Restore, select LGBackup_181126, and check the Home and Lock screens. Tap Next and confirm to restore. It takes a while to restore from the backup.
Restore LGBackup
Step 7.
After the restoration is done, you will see the "Complete" prompt on your screen. Now, tap Restart phone at the bottom. The LG device will automatically restart. Next, repeat Step 1: tap the blue arrow button > Next > Skip, and connect to the network.
Restart LG Device
Step 8.
To open the keyboard settings again, tap Add Wi-Fi to open the keyboard. Then, repeat Step 3 to go to Application Settings. Scroll down a little to find QuickShortcutMaker and tap it. Tap Open and choose OK to continue. Find Setup Wizard, tap it, and choose Try.
Setup Wizard

Wait for a while to let the LG phone complete the process. After the LG device automatically restarts, the LG FRP has been successfully removed. Although this method is time-consuming and hard to learn, it's said to be more effective than other methods, according to LG users. If you are proficient in such operations on the LG phone, it's recommended to try this method.


  • The method is proven to have a higher chance of bypassing LG FRP.
  • You don't need a computer or a third-party application to remove the FRP lock on an LG phone.


  • It's a complicated method for beginners and easy to make mistakes.
  • It nearly takes 30 minutes to bypass FRP on an LG phone.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on LG Phones Using SIM Card

If you think the first method is overwhelming and want an easier one, try using a SIM card to bypass LG FRP. First of all, you need to prepare a PIN-locked SIM card. If you don't have one, you can find an idle SIM card and make it locked by entering the wrong PIN several times (usually 3 consecutive times).

Step 1.
Turn off your LG device and insert the PIN-locked SIM card into the LG phone. Restart it and enter the PIN code.
Step 2.
Swipe down from the top of your LG screen and turn on the Bluetooth. Pair your LG phone with another normal phone.
Turn On Bluetooth
Step 3.
Use the normal phone to send a photo or file to your LG device via Bluetooth, receive it, and share it via email.
Step 4.
Tap Allow and enter your email address. Choose Other, enter an email address, and tap Add.
Step 5.
Go to Change > PIN screen lock > Create a new PIN. Next, go back to the LG home screen, type your new PIN, and tap OK.

If a Google account option appears during the process, simply tap Skip to bypass Google account credentials.

Type Your Pin


  • The SIM method is much easier than the first one.


  • Not everyone has an idle PIN-locked SIM card.
  • You need another phone to bypass LG FRP.

Part 2. How to Bypass LG FRP for Free - Computer Required

The third way to bypass LG Factory Reset Protection on LG phones is via Tungkick, a free program for PCs to bypass FRP after an LG phone reset. Until now, Tungkick supports the following LG phone models: LG G4, LG Stylo, LG G3, G3 CAT 6, etc. The method requires your LG phone to be in the Download Mode. Learn how to complete the settings from the detailed guide below.

Step 1.
First, you need to download the Tungkick LG FRP remover on your computer and extract it.
Step 2.
Turn off your LG phone, press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. Meanwhile, connect the LG phone to your computer with a USB cable. Release the buttons until the Download Mode screen appears on your LG phone.
Step 3.
Find "tool.exe" in the Tungkick folder and double-click on it. From the device list in the window, choose your LG phone model, and it will start to remove the LG FRP lock.

When it finishes, restart your LG phone, and you have successfully bypassed LG Factory Reset Protection.



  • Tungkick is free to download and use.


  • It only supports limited LG phone models.
  • No updates or tech support for Tungkick users.
  • This method is only workable on a Windows computer.

Part 3. Tip: Bypass LG Screen Lock Easily

For anyone who wants to quickly and easily unlock an LG device, the Android Unlocker can be your best helper. It's a powerful and easy-to-use tool for bypassing LG Screen Lock. With it, you can access the LG device without an account, password, or any other verification. It can remove LG screen locks from nearly all LG models in a few simple steps to save you more. Check out more features of the powerful Android Unlocker.

Key Features of Android Unlocker

Follow the steps below to remove the LG screen Lock easily.

Removing the LG screen lock will erase all data on the LG device.

Step 1.
Download, install, and launch the powerful Android Unlocker on your computer.
Free DownloadFor Windows

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Step 2.
In the main interface, choose Remove Screen Lock to unlock the LG phone screen.
Choose Remove Screen Lock Feature
Step 3.
Remove the screen lock from the LG phone by clicking the Start button. (No matter whether it is a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint password).
Click Start Button
Step 4.
After a while, the screen lock will be removed, and there will be a notification saying, "Removed the Screen Lock Successfully."
Remove Lock Screen Successfully

Part 4. FAQs about LG FRP Bypass

How to remove a Google account from an Android phone after a factory reset?

If you remember the Google account and password, go to Settings > Cloud & Accounts > Accounts > your Google account, tap the three-dot button, and tap Remove account. If you forget the Google account, try to bypass FRP with the Android Unlocker.

Does bypass FRP on LG erase all data?

Yes. After bypassing FRP on LG, all data on your LG phone will be permanently erased, and there is no way to undo the operation. Therefore, make sure you are ready for the data loss before removing the LG FRP lock.

Why is there FRP on LG phones?

The full name of FRP is Factory Reset Protection, which Google develops to protect LG phones from unauthorized usage after an untrusted factory reset (not from Settings). It can protect your privacy and data if your LG phone is stolen or lost.


While FRP is an effective measure to prevent LG phones from being illegally used after a reset, it can cause trouble for their owners if they forget the Google account. The post shares three effective methods to bypass LG FRP to help you get access to your LG phone. In case you forget the screen lock password, we also share a powerful tool to remove the screen lock on LG or other Android phones.

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