4 Fixes When Instagram is Not Working on Android/iPhone.Browser

November 20, 2023Jenny Ryan

You are scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed, and you find an interesting video. Upon tapping on the said video, you learn that the Instagram sound is not working. You tried other videos and kept on turning off the Mute button to make it produce sound. It is a frustrating situation, but there is a chance that you can find the cause of this by reading this article. Follow the guide and solve the Instagram errors on your smartphone.

Instagram Sound Not Working

Part 1. Why Is There No Sound on Instagram and How to Fix It

It is easy to distinguish the problems on Instagram by considering three possibilities: the internet connection, the app server, and the device. However, you can also consider the creator for uploading the video without sound, or the platform will remove it because of copyright infringement. If you have already tried other videos on the app and it turns out there is still no sound, see the following ways to resolve the Instagram problem.

Close the App and Restart It

Opened applications can go unnoticed on your device. This can cause malfunctions as your phone can be overtaxed with too many programs running in the background. You’ll have to close apps that are not needed at the moment and restart Instagram.

Step 1.
Access the App menu and slide up Instagram to close it. You should also close other apps to allow Instagram to operate smoothly.
Clsoe Instagram App Force Stop
Step 2.
When there is still no sound on Instagram, go to settings and access the app. Tap the Force Stop button to discontinue, then wait for two minutes before opening the Instagram app again.

Clear Instagram Cache

The cache is important data that improves your usage on the platform. While it helps to look for similar interests and boosts the overall app performance, it can also damage the user experience when not regularly deleted. Here’s how to declutter cache on the app

Step 1.
Open the Settings app and go to the App menu or Application Manager. Search for Instagram and tap on it.
Instagram Clear Cache
Step 2.
From the Storage menu, tap the Clear Cache button to delete it. You will see the file size at zero. Try opening the app and see if a video is producing a sound.

Download the New App Version

Other than promoting new features on the app, an update will likely fix the no sound on Instagram. Developers tend to solve the unfixed bugs by releasing new app versions, that’s why it is recommended to always check for new updates and install apps of the latest versions.

Step 1.
Get Instagram app on your device from Google Play or App Store. You can tell when a new app version is ready when there is an Update button.
Update App Instagram Sound Not Working
Step 2.
If you don’t want to miss new updates, you can turn on Automatic App Updates on the device’s settings. Open Instagram and check a video with sound.

Check Device Built-in Speaker

If there is no software issue, you might need to check for any damage to your device. There are several ways to do it:

It is also worthwhile to update the device to the newest version. Sound malfunctions can be the root of internal issues, and an update can fix it.

Part 2. Fix Your Broken Instagram Videos on Desktop

Have you experienced making a video but no sound can be heard? Before uploading it to your Instagram account, it is best to use Aiseesoft Video Repair to restore the video’s perfect sound. This tool is designed perfectly for beginners and novices, offering a straightforward interface with professional features to change the video resolution, frame rate, and other settings. It uses advanced and intelligent technology to repair the broken quality using a sample video as the standard. Try the best repairing tool to avoid getting no sound on Instagram when you upload the video.

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Step 1.
Aiseesoft Video Repair is available on Windows and Mac. Click the Download button and install the software on your computer. Run the program and click the Add button to upload the corrupted video.
Video Repair Download Plug Upload Video
Step 2.
After uploading the video, upload the sample video for fixation. Ensure the two videos are similar in duration, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and encoder for the best results. Once you are set, initiate the process by clicking the Repair button.
Aiseesoft Upload Sample Video
Step 3.
Once the process is complete, check the recovered data on the video. Then, click the Preview button to see the overall result. If you are satisfied with the video, click the Save button to export it or click the Repair Other Videos button to repair another footage.
Video Repair Preview Save

Part 3. FAQs about No Sound on Instagram

Why is there no sound on Instagram on my computer?

Consider reinstalling the application on your device or connecting to another WiFi network. Also, an improper sound drive explains the lack of sound on your computer. You can use another sound drive or unplug and turn the volume app on your device.

What does the X on the Mute button on the IG videos?

By default, the megaphone icon you see on a video can only transform at two symbols. However, Instagram put the X icon on the Mute button to indicate the video sound is removed. It happens when the creator uses an artist’s music without permission.

Why is there no sound on Instagram Story?

The IG Story sound will not play when the video sound from the newsfeed is turned off. It is a sync feature, but you can still enable IG sound by pressing one of the volume buttons on your phone.


Instagram is a fun social platform where you can scroll through thousands of posts. But it gets frustrating when Instagram sound is not working. But with the methods provided here, you can find and fix the issue on the app, device, or internet connection. If you know the video does not have any sound, use Aiseesoft Video Repair to remove the corrupted data and improve the quality. This outstanding tool can be downloaded on Windows and macOS. Click the Download button to try now!

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