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April 24, 2023Ashley Mae

Updated iPhone models and personalized phone settings have brought more and more customers in as iPhone users. However, when you lose your iPhone or get stolen accidentally, it's not as easy as going to the retail store and turning to the salespeople for help. To save yourself from a great loss on credit and property and bring less trouble for your close friends on the contact list, you have to do more than report your stolen iPhone.

This post gives you a detailed tutorial on how to deal with stolen iPhones. And you can get a powerful tool to best manage the information and data on your iPhone.

iPhone is Stolen

Part 1. How to Find My iPhone When It Is Stolen

If you have already lost your iPhone for a while, you may start thinking about how to check if your iPhone is stolen. Here we will introduce you to three practical ways to find, flag and track your iPhone to cut the loss to the most degree.

Channel 1. Find My

If you happen to be a loyal customer of Apple or hold the Apple product bucket for all electronic devices, you can try find and lock your stolen iPhone through the native Find My feature.

Step 1:
Locate yourself at Find My on your Apple Device. If you don't see it on the main interface, try searching for it on the App Store.
Step 2:
Here you will view all information above the Devices column. Tap your iPhone model name.
Step 3:
In the new window. You will see Mark As Lost section. Click the Activate button and your iPhone will be locked with a password.
Find My

If you are aware of the unexpected occasion soon after someone stole your iPhone, you can also click Play Sound to turn on the audio alarm or Direction to seek the detailed location and status of your iPhone. Then you can try to trace the stolen iPhone with the clues.

Device Play Sound and Direction

Channel 2. Change your Apple ID password

If you fail to see the stolen iPhone in the Device list of Find My, you can still log in with the same Apple ID on other iOS devices and change the passwords as soon as possible. You can enhance the account and payment security at least.

Step 1:
Click Settings on your Apple Device and enter your Apple account at the top.
Step 2:
Find Password & Security. Then open it and move to Change Password section. You can reset and change the Apple ID password to defuse the risk.
Change Apple Password

Since most people nowadays bind their phone payments to the identity accounts of bank cards, social media platforms and commercial cooperation, you are also suggested to change the interlinked accounts with different passwords. To make it easier, you can also seek a reliable password keeper and manager for use.

Channel 3. Visit the official website

Don't worry if you only have one iPhone as the Apple product. You can still check and find your stolen iPhone through iCloud official website and enter Find Devices to locate and examine the device status.

iCloud Find Devices

Or you can visit Apple ID center to reset the password by Password and disable the trusted devices with Account Security online.

Applied Apple ID Security

That's all for finding your stolen iPhone. However, before you ensure it's no longer possible to trace back the iPhone model, you can go check your AppleCare+ for Theft and Loss service is still under warranty or not. And report the stolen iPhone to the wireless operator to disable all services and valid information if necessary.

Part 2. Backup Your iPhone with a Professional Tool

To prevent data leaking and terrible hacking into your private account, you can manage the backup and restore all crucial information when your iPhone is stolen. Here we recommend Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup & Restore for you. You can use it to back up your iPhone and iPad with optional encryption within a few clicks. Selective social media accounts, contacts, messages and more can be previewed and restored on your computer whenever you like. And it's 100% secure to use without any data loss.

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Step 1:
Download this tool based on your devices. Then Choose iOS Data Backup and click Standard backup or Encrypt backup as you like. Then click Start button.
Choose Backup Mode
Step 2:
Tick the box for the data types like messages and contacts, media, memos and others. You can achieve batch backup with Select All box. Then click Next to continue.
Select Data Type
Step 3:
Select a path to save your iPhone backup and generate the works.
Start Backing Up Device

Data backup would give you a hand if you have reserved all important information ahead of time, enabling you to change the password and data if necessary. Choose Aiseesoft iOS Data Backup & Restore and you will never regret it.

Part 3. FAQs of iPhone Lost Issue

How to unlock a stolen iPhone?

You can try iOS recovery mode to restore and unlock a stolen iPhone or other unlocking software in the application market. Please make sure it's legal and not infringing on others' privacy.

What do thieves do with stolen iPhones?

Due to the price and personal information and data closely linked to your iPhone, those thieves would resell the stolen iPhones in the second-hand market, crack or hack your identity or bank accounts and make fraudulent payments, extort money from your contacts and even send threatening messages.

How to block a stolen iPhone with IMEI number?

IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is offered to each phone for information check. You can check your IMEI number through phone settings or the seal on the device's back. When your iPhone is stolen, you can report the status to the operator company and they will disable all reserved data on your iPhone.


This post has offered you great solutions and tools to find your stolen iPhone. Please share it to anyone in need if you find it helpful. And feel free to contact us with any other doubt.

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