3 Effective Methods to Remove MDM from Your iPad

January 29, 2024Andrew Miller

Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be a valuable tool for businesses and organizations, securing devices and ensuring compliance. However, when it comes to your personal iPad, having MDM restrictions can feel like a digital leash.

If you have acquired a used iPad with MDM or simply want to reclaim control of your device, removing the MDM profile can be a liberating experience. This post shares the safest and most effective methods to remove MDM from your iPad, exploring both official and unofficial approaches.

Remove MDM from iPad

Part 1. What Is MDM on iPad or iPhone

MDM allows organizations, like businesses or schools, to manage, secure, and monitor their mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones.

MDM Profile on iPhone iPad

MDM can set password requirements, restrict app installations, encrypt data, and even remotely wipe or lock devices to protect sensitive information. It can automatically configure email accounts, Wi-Fi networks, VPN connections, and other settings to ensure consistency and simplify device deployment for large groups of users.

MDM can track device location, monitor app usage, generate reports, and help organizations understand how their devices are being used. Moreover, it can be used to push out specific apps and content to devices, making it easier for organizations to ensure everyone has the necessary tools and resources.

While MDM is a valuable tool for organizations, it also has some downsides for users. For instance, MDM can restrict what apps you can install, what websites you can visit, and even what features you can use on your device. That can be frustrating for users who want to have full control over their own devices.

How to Know If an iPad Has MDM

Before diving into removal methods, it's crucial to confirm your iPad is indeed under MDM control. MDM is typically only used on devices that are owned by the organization. If you own your iPad or iPhone, it is unlikely that it will be enrolled in MDM.

If your iPad or iPhone is enrolled in MDM, you will usually see a profile for the MDM solution in the Settings app. Head to General and choose VPN & Device Management. If you see an MDM Profile or Device Management section with an organization name listed, your iPad is enrolled in an MDM program. You can also sometimes tell if your device is enrolled in MDM by looking for restrictions on certain features or apps.

Part 2. Contact the Administrator to Remove MDM from Your iPad

The safest and most straightforward option is to reach out to the organization that owns the MDM profile. They can provide you with instructions or remotely remove the profile themselves. It is especially recommended if you have a company-owned iPad or are unsure about the MDM origin.

Part 3. How to Remove MDM from iPad with Password

If you have the MDM password and access to the iPad, you can try removing the profile manually. Go to Settings, tap General, and then choose VPN & Device Management. If you see an MDM profile listed, choose it. Tap the Delete Profile button. Enter the password you received from the administrator, and the profile will be removed.

Remove MDM from iPad With Password

Part 4. How to Remove MDM from Your iPad Without Password

Several third-party programs claim to bypass or remove MDM profiles. However, some may have limited success and could potentially damage your iPad. Considering that, we recommend a reliable iPad MDM removal tool, Aiseesoft iPad Unlocker for you to safely disable MDM on your iPad.

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Download and launch the iPad MDM remover on your computer. Choose Remove MDM, connect your iPad, and then click the Start button to move on. MDM will be automatically removed from your iPad if the Find My feature is disabled. Or, you have to follow the prompts to turn it off first.

Remove MDM from iPhone

Part 5. FAQs of iPad MDM Removal

Can I factory reset my iPad to remove MDM profiles?

The factory reset typically removes MDM profiles from your iPad. However, certain advanced MDM solutions might resist removal. After the reset, you will need to reactivate your iPad. If the MDM profile was installed through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, it might automatically re-enroll during activation. In such cases, you will need authorization from the MDM administrator to remove the profile entirely.

How to determine whether MDM manages my Mac?

Determining whether MDM manages your Mac involves checking for specific signs in your system settings and preferences. You can go to Profiles from System Preferences on your Mac to check if there are any profiles listed, especially those named after organizations or schools. If this section is empty, your Mac is likely not managed by MDM. Also, you can check the System Information of your Mac to know if it has any installed profiles.

Can I remove MDM profiles from my iPad through jailbreak?

While removing MDM profiles through jailbreaking is technically possible, it's crucial to consider the ethical implications, potential risks, and alternative approaches before proceeding. It's essential to act responsibly and prioritize ethical approaches to device management.


Removing MDM from your iPad can be a straightforward process, especially if you have the necessary information and permissions. However, you should understand the risks involved and choose the appropriate method according to your specific situation. Remember, if you are unsure about anything, it's always best to seek professional help. With the right approach, you can break free from the MDM restrictions and reclaim control of your iPad.

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