Siri Not Working? Here're 10 Workable Methods You Should Not Miss

Siri is your smart iPhone manager that can help you search information, send messages, get directions, call somebody and do most activities over the air. Well, it is also regarded as one of the most popular features in iOS devices. However, once Siri doesn't work, it matters a lot.

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Well, do not worry about that. This article introduces 10 workable methods on Siri not working. You can read and do as it tells. Actually, it is also a good way to find out why Hey Siri not working on iOS versions in iOS 11, iOS 12.

Siri Not Working

Siri Not Working

Part 1: Basic Solutions to Troubleshoot Hey Siri Not working Problems

According to various reports, Siri not working problem can be divided into several situations. For instance, Siri doesn't respond after an iOS update. In most cases, you can get the iOS Siri app back to work with small tricks.

Method 1: Make Sure Siri Is Enabled on Lock Screen

Step 1 Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Choose "Touch ID & Passcode" or "Face ID & Passcode".

Step 3 Scroll down and make sure Siri enabled under the "Allow Access When Locked".


If Siri not working in iOS 11, you can choose "Siri & Search" within the "Settings" app. Later, you can trigger on "Allow Siri When Locked".

As for iOS 10 users, you can choose "Siri" followed by "Access When Locked" to complete the process, too.

Allow siri when locked

Method 2: Check the Wi-Fi or Cellular Network

Step 1 Locate the iPhone Settings app.

Step 2 Tap "Wi-Fi" to access all available wireless connections.

Step 3 Enable "Cellular Data". Choose "Cellular Data Options". Mark before "Voice Roaming" and "Data Roaming" under the "Roaming" category.

Check the wi fi connection

Method 3: Change Siri's Language

Step 1 Locate the "Settings" app, and then tap "Siri & Search".

Step 2 Choose "Language" to change other regional versions of your current using language.

Step 3 Input a name in the "

Step 4 Tap "Change Language" when you are notified.

Change siri language

Method 4: Reset Siri through Airplane Mode

Step 1 Run the "Settings" app.

Step 2 Find and trigger the "Airplane Mode" to the "On" state for about 30 seconds.

Step 3 Turn off the airplane mode on your iPhone.

Step 4 Reset Siri and check if the Siri not working problem is solved.

Reset siri

Method 5: Reset All Settings on iPhone

Step 1 Choose "General" in the iPhone "Settings" app.

Step 2 Tap "Reset" to get all iOS reset options.

Step 3 Select the "Reset All Settings" option to erase previous personal settings.

Reset all settings

Method 6: Resolve Siri Not Working Issues in iOS 10/11/12

Step 1 When you get the error message saying "Connection not available", locate the "Settings" app first.

Step 2 Choose "General" followed by "VPN".

Step 3 Remove the VPN profile to see if Siri works normally.

Delete the vpn profile

Method 7: Turn Off and On Siri

Step 1 Head to iPhone Settings app.

Step 2 Choose "Siri & Search" from its list.

Step 3 Turn off "Listen for 'Hey Siri'", "Press Home for Siri" and "Allow Siri When Locked" options under "Ask Siri".

Step 4 Confirm to turn off Siri if you see the popping-up notification.

Step 5 Reboot your iPhone and enable Siri related features again.

Turn on and off siri

Method 8: Clean Up the Speakers

Step 1 Use an anti-static brush to wipe gunk, lint or debris in iPhone speakers or microphones.

Step 2 Use a can of compressed air to blow off hidden dust.

Step 3 Go to the local Apple Store or CallPlus to repair iPhone speaker not working issues.

Clean iphone speakers

Method 9: Enable Location Services

Step 1 Open iPhone "Settings" app.

Step 2 Scroll down and choose "Privacy".

Step 3 Turn on the "Location Services" option.

Step 4 Choose "Siri & Dictation".

Step 5 Switch on "While Using the App" under the "Allow Location Access" category.

Enable location services

Method 10: Restart Your iPhone

Fix Hey Siri not working on iPhone 8 and earlier iOS models:

Step 1 Hold and press the Top or Side button.

Step 2 Do not release this button until the slider appears.

Step 3 Drag the slider from left to right to turn off your iPhone or iPad.

Step 4 Long press the Top or Side button to restart your iPhone.


To fix Siri not working on iPhone X by rebooting, you need to long press the "Side" button and either the "Volume" button. When you see the slider, move this slider to turn off your iPhone X. Later, you can hold and press the Side button to restart your iPhone X.

Restart iphone

Part 2: Your Safe and Ultimate Method to Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)

What if Siri still doesn't answer you? If there are no hardware-related problems, then you can turn to Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery for help. Yes, you can put your iOS device into DFU mode or Recovery mode to bypass all annoying system errors.

Brief Introduction of iOS System Recovery

Fix Siri Not Working Caused by System Errors

Step 1 Launch iOS System Recovery

Free download and install Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch the program. Then use a lightening USB cable to connect the iPhone to your computer.

Launch ios system recovery

Step 2 Enable Recovery mode

Click the "Start" button to start fixing Siri not responding. Follow the on-screen instruction to put your iPhone into Recovery mode. Consequently, the program can detect your iOS device.

Step 3 Fix your iPhone back to the normal state

Check and correct the detected information including "Device Category", "Device type", "Device model" and "Update to iOS Version".

Later, you can choose "Download" to download the required firmware. After that, iOS System Recovery will fix Siri not working on PC or Mac automatically.

Fix siri not working

Actually, you can fix not only Siri not working but also other potential errors on your iPhone safely. Next time your iPhone is disabled or frozen, you can free download Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to solve the problem by yourself.

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