How to Fix Video Cannot be Played Error 232011 with 6 Effective Solutions

December 12, 2023Jenny Ryan

'This video file cannot be played; error code 232011' is a notification that you will encounter any digital activity. It can be from a TV show, a presentation, or streaming a video online. Even though it is a common issue, the error can be frustrating for everyone and might ruin someone's movie night. But what can you do to prevent this to happen? Or how can you fix it when it is already shown on your screen? Rest assured, this guide will give the most effective solutions for you.

This Video File Cannot Be Played

Part 1. What is Error Code 232011 and Why Does It Happen

Almost everyone depends on technology, connecting people worldwide and helping us do basic activities. Even for leisure, you will love to watch your favorite shows on your desktop, but it can be bothered with error code 232011. You may not know the cause of the issue, but check the triggering issues:

Slow Internet Connection: If you have an unstable network, 'this video cannot be played error code 232011' will occur on the screen. If multiple accounts are opened on your computer, the internet connection will get slower.

Browser Issues: It is another cause of errors but can vary. For example, your browser is outdated and needs to be reinstalled with the new update. Another thing is the bloated history folder, where all cookies, caches, and files are stored. The files should be removed regularly since they interrupt the browser's performance.

Damaged Device: There can be issues with the hardware acceleration, or you downloaded a program with a virus or malware. This is also the part where the operating system has the new update. But if any of these issues are not yet fixed on your end, let's see the next part.

Part 2. 6 Ways to Fix this Video File Cannot be Played Error Code 232011

After learning the possible causes of video errors, the next thing you will do is find the right solution to fix them. Here are some of the effective fixes to try.

Delete Unnecessary Cache and Browsing History

Go for an easier way to fix the error code on your browse. Remove the piled files from your browsing history to allow new information to be stored. Moreover, it will help to run the websites on your browser. Here are the steps:

Step 1.
To remove the unnecessary files on the browser, go to the More Tools menu and select the Clear Browsing Data option.
Delete Cache Browsing History
Step 2.
From the dialog box, choose the time range you desire. Select the All Time option to empty the browsing history. Then, tick the checkboxes for Cookies and Other Site Data and Cached Images and Files choices.. Click the Clear Data button to delete the unwanted data.

Open the Video on Incognito Mode

If clearing the Safari cache on Mac does not help and you don't find any problem with the browser, internet connection, or the device, then you might as well use the Incognito mode. It will block some of the extensions on the browser and use of cached data, which are prone to interrupting your video stream.

Step 1.
Access the ellipsis icon and go to the New InPrivate window or New Incognito window option.
Use Incognito Mode This Video Cannot Be Played
Step 2.
With the new window opened, go to the streaming website and try to play a video. Try a few sites to see if the video will stream smoothly.

Reset the Browser's Settings

Configuring the settings can be essential and a boost for a better experience. But mostly, they are not applicable, and you may need to change the browsing settings again. You can try this method to eliminate the 'this video cannot be played error code 232011.' Just remember that resetting all settings in the browser will delete all the saved passwords from all the sites you visit. If you are good with that, follow the steps below:

Step 1.
From your browser, select the ellipsis icon to open the menu. Choose the Settings option.
Reset Browser Settings Error Code 232011
Step 2.
When the Settings window opens, scroll down and navigate to the Advanced menu. Find the Reset and Clean tab and choose the Restore Settings to the Default option. Confirm and wait until the resetting process is done.

Update the Browser

Of course, an updated browser can remove unfixed bugs causing issues like videos cannot be played. Besides this, the new update might bring you more features, helpful for user experience.

Step 1.
Access the Ellipsis icon from the upper right corner of the browser. Choose the Help option and head to About Google Chrome.
Update Browser Video Cannot Be Played
Step 2.
On the interface, the browser will offer you the updates. Click on them and allow the browser to process the new software update. After that, try opening a video on your browser.

Disable the Hardware Acceleration

Your device's hardware acceleration is used to boost your web browser. But sometimes, it does more harm than good. For example, Google Chrome can be freezy or glitchy when surfing or browsing, causing a video cannot be played. You can turn it off to see if it's the issue's root.

Step 1.
Press R and Windows on your keyboard. When the Run dialog box shows up, enter regedit.
Step 2.
Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Avalon.Graphics in the address bar. Find DisableHWAcceleration from the right pane and double-click on it.
Disable Hardware Acceleration
Step 3.
Set the value to 1 to deactivate the hardware acceleration on your computer. Click OK to apply the changes.

Remove Unused Browser Extensions

Extensions and plug-ins can take more resources on the browser, preventing you from engaging in other activities like video streaming. If you have installed too many extensions, it is best to deactivate some of them.

Step 1.
Choose the More Tools option from the Ellipsis icon on your browser. Choose the Extensions option from the submenu.
Remove Extension Error Code 232011
Step 2.
Find and select the extension you don't usually use. Remove it and restart the browser. Open a video to check if the issue is fixed.

Part 3. Solve! Video Cannot be Played Due to Damage

What if the video you are trying to play is a corrupted file? Error code 232011 is caused not only by your device or the browser but also by a damaged video. The best way to fix this is through Aiseesoft Video Repair, available to download on Windows and Mac. It enables the user to recover a video file using a sample with the exact details, including the frame rate, resolution, quality, and so on. Expect a high-rate success for video recovery with Aiseesoft Video Repair.

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Step 1.
Download and install Aiseesoft Video Repair on Windows or Mac. After that, launch the program and click the Plus button to upload the corrupted file. Browse your folder and click the Open button to confirm the choice.
Video Repair Download Plus Upload Video
Step 2.
Click the Plus button for the sample video. The files should have the exact details of the first uploaded video, including the resolution, duration, format, etc. This will help in a high success rate of recovering the corrupted video.
Aiseesoft Upload Sample Video
Step 3.
When you are done setting up, hit the Repair button to start the fixing process. Wait until it finishes. Once done, check the result by clicking the Preview button. If there are mismatches, the program will notify you. If there is none, click the Save button to export the fixed video. Try to open it on a media player, and there will be no 'this video cannot be played.'
Video Repair Preview Save

Part 4. FAQs about Error Code 232011

What is error code 232011 on Vidstream?

It is a message to tell you the video is not responding. But it is also to notify you that there are issues with the browser, the streaming website, or your internet connection, blocking the video streaming.

Does error code 232011 only happen on Windows?

No. 'Video cannot be played' is a universal experience for many platforms and devices. You may encounter it on Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.

What will happen if you see the error code 232011?

The video on the website will not play unless you fix it. Depending on your streaming site, check for another server and see if it will play the video. But if there's none, you might need to find and fix the problem.


Finally, Video cannot be played error code 232011 is a common error you will encounter when streaming. But here, you have learned what can be caused by the error and how to fix it. In another case, downloading a corrupted video is also frustrating. That's why it is important to use Aiseesoft Video Converter for instant repair. Download it now on Windows and macOS.

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