Reasons Why Your Account Has Been Disabled on AppStore & iTunes

The term your account has been disabled is a huge problem, especially if you were to download from iTunes and AppStore. Never mind trying to input your password whenever it asks because you will fail and receive the same message as before, even if the password you input is correct. Diverse iOS users do receive this message from time to time, and they need to know what the probable cause is. Do you experience the same issue? Worry no more, as we can fix it here, and we also included additional information on what causes this type of case, plus the solution you can use.

Your Account Has Been Disabled

Part 1: Your Account Has Been Disabled in the Appstore & iTunes - Why It Happens

There are reasons why your account has been disabled in the Appstore and iTunes, such as the examples we have added below. Better read it to know the cause and why it made your Apple ID disabled.

1. Entered Incorrect Password Repeatedly

If you have entered your Apple ID password too many times in sequence but failed, then the notification will appear on your screen. Changing your Apple ID password timely is a great way to protect your account from others accessing it. Still, if you use the wrong password repeatedly, your account will be disabled since it detects abnormalities in logins.

2. Never Log Apple ID for a Long Period

Accounts that are never logged in for a long time are considered forgotten, so the system disabled them so new users can create a new Apple ID.

3. Billing Issues

It normally happens when a user does not pay or has forgotten to pay a subscription and plan taken on Apple. It could be the reason why my Apple account has been disabled.

4. Block by the System

If the system detects fraudulent activity on your account, it will automatically block it so it won't go any further.

Part 2: How to Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled in the AppStore & iTunes

Method 1. Reset Apple ID Password

Follow the tutorial we have added here as we teach you how to reset your Apple ID password since it can solve the problem of a disabled Apple account:

Reset Apply ID
Step 1:
Open Settings and tap the Name Banner logged on your phone.
Step 2:
Once you are here, tap Change Password.
Step 3:
Input the two-factor authentication you will receive on your trusted device or phone number.
Step 4:
Type in the current password and new password, and verify it. After that, tap Change to save the newer password on your Apple ID. If this process does not work, you could use another way to recover your Apple ID password using the forgot.

Method 2. Check Your Billing Address & Trace

If your problem is about something other than the password but does have a problem with your billing address and trace, then the steps below will teach you how to handle it.

Step 1:
Open the Settings app and click the same name account.
Step 2:
Tap the Media & Purchases and choose View Account.
Step 3:
Type the password of your Apple ID if it asks, and tap Manage Payment.
Step 4:
Under the billing address, tap the address in the set. Ensure that the information starting from street to phone is correct and tap Done to save it. After that, open your account on AppStore or iTunes.
Change Billing Address

Method 3. Check-in App Restriction

Try this tutorial since it could be the main reason your account has been disabled in the Appstore.

Step 1:
Re-open the Settings app and go to General.
Step 2:
Click the Restrictions and enter the passcode to turn it off.
Activate Restriction iOS
Step 3:
Afterward, see if the account is disabled or already removed.

Method 4. Re-login Your Apple ID

Sign out your Apple ID by going to the settings and re-login your account if that works or not.

Method 5. Email the Apple Service

If all of the steps we have included do not work, the last resort you can do is email the Apple service to address your problem. In this way, you can directly have support from Apple support itself, and it will teach you how to fix your account that has been disabled.

Part 3. How to Remove the Account on Your iPhone Using the Best Application [Tutorial]

Instances may occur that you forget your password on Apple, which may cause you to lose access to its services; that is why this app is made to help you. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker can help you quickly remove all passwords on your iPhone and iPad when it experiences a locked, disabled, or screen crash. Supposedly, you need to remember the password on your Apple ID and want to remove it, but the methods we have mentioned didn't work, try this.

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With its on-point interface, even if you are technologically illiterate, you can still use this without a problem. Aside from that, when you wipe the passcode on your iPhone using this app, all the data and settings are also included. Fix the account that has been disabled in the AppStore and iTunes by wiping the password using this application. Download this app now by clicking the download button we have presented below.

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Part 4. FAQs on Why My Apple Account Has Been Disabled

Will my data be deleted when my Apple account is disabled?

If your account is disabled, you may temporarily lose access to the Apple services associated with your account, like iCloud, Files on iCloud will become inaccessible. Still, your data are preserved and remain untouched. Even if your Apple account is disabled, files and data will not be deleted entirely but will become inaccessible.

Can I create a newer Apple account when my old one is disabled?

Yes, you can. Since creating an Apple account has no restriction to a single account, you can create as many accounts as you want with different emails.

How long does it take to re-activate my disabled Apple account?

No specific time frame for when the reactivation will happen on your disabled account, but you can consult Apple services to get the exact time when it will be re-activated again.


At last, you can fix the problem of your disabled Apple account by identifying first why your account has been disabled with the information we have included above. In addition, you can check out the third-party application we have reviewed in part three since it can remove the password added to your phone in case you have forgotten the correct password on the account. Share this content with others or your friends if they have the same problem. Do you know a better method to solve this problem? Hesitate no more to ask in the comment section; kindly rate this article 5 stars.

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