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April 25, 2023Ashley Mae

You need an Apple ID to access various Apple services, including iCloud, App Store, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and more. It is how Apple identifies you, tracks your purchases, and lets all associated Apple products work seamlessly together. Apple ID is required on any Apple device like Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch. This post covers what Apple ID is, what it is used for, and how to create and use an Apple ID.

What is an Apple ID

Part 1. What Is Apple ID

Apple ID is your user account used on Apple devices to access official services and software, such as iCloud, App Store, Apple Music, FaceTime, iMessage, and others. An Apple ID includes an email address/phone number and a password. It contains your data and settings. You can create different Apple IDs for purchases, iCloud storage, and other usages.

What is My Apple ID

What is Apple ID used for

Apple ID is used for everything that you do on an Apple device. For instance, you need an Apple ID to install apps, purchase in App Store and iTunes Store, sync iOS data and settings through iCloud, use FaceTime or iMessage, and contact Apple Support. When you first get an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you must create an Apple ID to use it. Since your Apple ID is the identity to tell Apple who uses the device, you can use it to connect all your Apple products and make them work seamlessly. Your previous data and settings will automatically sync when an Apple ID is signed in to an iOS device or Mac.

Where to sign in or find your Apple ID

You will be prompted to create or sign in with an Apple ID when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can follow the instructions to log in to your Apple account.

To find and manage your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, please enter Settings and tap your Apple ID account to enter the main Apple ID interface. You can check related information like Name, Phone Number, Email, Password & Security, Payment & Shipping, Subscriptions, and more.

On a Mac, you can click the top Apple menu and choose the System Settings or System Preferences option to find your Apple ID. You can open Settings and Store to sign in to your Apple ID on an Apple TV.

Appple ID Sign In

Part 2. How to Create, Manage, and Use an Apple ID

When you set up a new Apple device, you can follow the prompts to create an Apple ID and sign in to your account. Also, you can create your Apple ID later in the App Store.

Create a free Apple ID on iPhone and App Store

While setting up an iOS device, you can choose the Create a Free Apple ID option to start creating your Apple ID. You can follow the on-screen instructions to enter your name, birthday, email address, password, and more. If you skip the Apple ID creation step, you can do this later in the Settings app.

Create Apple ID Using Email Address

To create an Apple ID in App Store, tap the sign-in button and select Create New Apple ID. You can follow similar steps to create your Apple ID.

Create An Apple ID while Setup and In App Store

Create an Apple ID on Mac

When creating a new Apple ID on your Mac, click the Apple menu and go to System Settings or System Preferences. Click Sign In from the left sidebar and then select Create Apple ID.

Create an Apple ID on Mac

Follow the onscreen steps to enter your email address, set a password, choose your device region, supplement your credit card and billing information, and click the Continue button. You need to check the verification email to verify your email address.

How to sign out and change Apple ID

If you need to switch to another Apple ID on an iOS device, go to the Settings app, tap your Apple ID, and then scroll down to the bottom to choose Sign Out.

Sign Out Apple ID on iPhone

On a Mac, you can click the Apple menu, go to System Settings, click your Apple account name, then click Sign Out. After signing out of the Apple ID, you can sign in to your account with a different one.

Sign Out Apple ID on Mac

How to change Apple ID email address

When you no longer use the email address associated with your Apple ID, change it on the Apple ID website. Sign in to your Apple account and go to the Sign-In and Security section. Choose the Apple ID option and enter a new email address.

Change Apple ID Email Address

Part 3. How to Recover Apple ID When You Forgot Password

When you can't remember the Apple ID passcode, change it on your trusted iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Also, you can navigate to the official iforgot.apple website to recover your Apple ID.

Step 1:
Go to the iforgot.apple website on your web browser and enter your email address linked to the Apple ID. Click Continue to move on.
iForgot Apple Website Enter Apple ID
Step 2:
Please enter your phone number as it prompts when you enter the Confirm your phone number page, and click the Continue button.
iForgot Apple Confirm Phone Number
Step 3:
You will receive a message on all your associated Apple devices from Apple. Tap Allow on a device and follow the instructions to reset your Apple ID password. You can recover your Apple ID with the new passcode.
Recover Apple ID with Phone Number

Part 4. How to Remove Apple ID and Forgotten Passcode

To safely remove your Apple ID and passcode, you can rely on the professional iPhone Unlocker. It is specially designed to deal with various password-forgotten situations.

iPhone Unlocker


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Step 1:
Free download and open iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Choose Remove Apple ID, connect your iOS device, and click the Start button.
Step 2:
Follow the instructions to turn off the Find My iPhone feature. After removing it, you can use a new Apple ID to sign in to your Apple device. Click here to get how to create a new Apple ID.
RemoveAppleID Steps

Part 5. FAQs of Apple ID

What does an Apple ID look like?

An Apple ID has an email address like xxxxxx@icloud.com and a password. In some locations, you may also see a phone number instead of an email address. You can check details in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and System Settings on a Mac.

How can I reset my Apple ID password on a Mac?

You can go to System Settings or System Preferences from the Apple menu to access your Apple ID on a Mac. Click your Apple account and choose Password & Security. Click Change Password and follow the instructions to reset your Apple ID passcode.

Can I create an Apple ID on a Windows PC?

Yes. You can go to the official Apple website and click Create Your Apple ID to create an Apple ID on a Windows computer. Also, you can download iTunes on your Windows PC, click Account, choose Sign In, then use the Create New Apple ID option to create your Apple ID.


What is Apple ID? After reading this post, we hope you can better understand Apple ID and how to use it. For more associated questions, you can leave your ideas in the comment section below.

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