Which iPads Will Get iPadOS 17: Full Detail and How to Upgrade to New iPadOS

February 27, 2024Andrew Miller

Your iPad becomes more powerful when a new system version is released. In 2023, iOS 17 was released with new features, such as location sharing, interactive widgets, and more. Since the iPhone and iPad have the same functions, iPadOS also has a new version, and you cannot wait to see what features will be present on your tablet. But before that, make sure that it is on the iPadOS 17 support devices list. Here, we will talk about this along with tips for possible troubleshooting situations.

iPadOS 17 Supported Devices List

Part 1. Which iPad Can Upgrade to iPadOS 17

The official Apple website includes all devices supported by the new iPadOS version. Take note that the added features and functions still depend on the model unit of your iPad, so there is a chance some options will not appear on your device. Without further ado, here is the iPadOS 17 supported devices list:

Another reminder that new features that send and receive any form of media will use mobile data by default. Make sure to reach out to the carrier to update tour service plans or fees.

Part 2. How to Upgrade to iPadOS 17

After identifying the device's iPadOS compatibility, the next step is to learn how to update your iPad to the latest iPadOS 17 version. This part will show a detailed demonstration of the iPadOS 17 installation:

Step 1.
Open the Settings app on your iPad and navigate to the General menu. Open the About tab to see the Get Information about Your iPad option.
Step 2.
After confirming the iPadOS compatibility, go back to the General menu, and this time, tap on the Software Update button.
Step 2.
Wait until your device has fully downloaded the software. Then, install the new iPadOS version and wait until it finishes.
Settings General About Upgrade iPadOS 17

Tip: Backup Your Data Before Upgrading

Sometimes, updating your iPad can lead to data loss. This is something that you want to prevent before getting the new iPadOS, so we recommend Aiseesoft FoneTrans to transfer important information to another device. The desktop software quickly exports all data from your iPad, including messages, photos, songs, recordings, videos, contacts, and more. There are many ways to do a data transfer, allowing you to export from iOS to iOS, iPhone to a computer, and vice versa. You can also involve iTunes for a quick transfer and safe process. Here are more features to look forward to with Aiseesoft FoneTrans:




  • Sync data and information from default and third-party apps on iPad.
  • Wide iPadOS 17 device compatibility and other iPadOS versions.
  • Instantly organize all files on iTunes or a local file folder.
  • Built-in backup and restore contacts via multiple devices.
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Step 1.
Get FoneTrans and install it on your desktop until it is done. Launch the software and connect your iPad to the program.
FoneTrans Download connect Device
Step 2.
Once FoneTrans recognizes the iPad and its data, go to one of the menus on the left panel. Choose the files you want to export to your computer or another mobile device.
FoneTrans Choose Files to Transfer
Step 3.
Select the main destination and the exact location folder where you want to save the files. Click the Export to PC button to start the process.
FoneTrans Export to PC iPadOS Compatibility

If you accidentally delete your iPad data in the future, you can rely on this backup to restore the iPad easily without loss.

Part 3. Troubleshooting iPadOS 17 Upgrade Failure

Even with iPadOS 17 compatibility, failures are bound to happen for new updates, even for all software updates on any device. Because it is inevitable, we prepared some effective troubleshooting tips to help you get by with the challenges of the new iPadOS 17 version. But first, we should recognize the cause to solve the problem:



Part 4. FAQs about iPadOS 17 Supported Devices

Does iPadOS 17 support the Shared iPad function?

Yes. The new iPadOS update still supports the function. Shared iPad allows one device to be used by multiple users. The iPad must be supervised before signing multiple accounts, especially if it’s used for educational purposes. This function is available on all iPad Pro models and some units from iPad Air and iPad mini.

What happens when the iPad device is not supported by iPadOS 17?

An outdated iPad will no longer get updated with newer software versions. This also applies to applications since most apps depend on the current operating systems. For this case, upgrading your iPad to get the new functionalities is recommended.

Which iPad devices are not supported by the new iPadOS version?

The devices that are considered unsupported by newer updates are iPad Air (1st generation) – 2013, iPad (4th generation and earlier) – 2012 and older, and iPad mini (3rd generation and earlier) – 2014 and older.

Which news features are to be expected in the new iPadOS update?

The Lock Screen feature added interactive widgets with more personalization options. Another function to expect is the ability to send voice or video messages via hand gestures. Lastly, Screen Time helps to protect the user’s vision by encouraging them to move the device farther away.


Given the iPadOS 17 supported devices list, you can find if your model unit is supported. You also learned how to update your iPad with the newer version and how to troubleshoot some possible problems. On the other hand, Aiseesoft FoneTrans is the solution you will need to transfer data from your iPad to another device. It helps to prevent data loss for software updates. Try it today by availing of the free version.

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