How to Convert Mini DV to Digital Format on Windows and Mac

Mini DV, the Miniature Digital Video, used to be very popular in the mid-90s. People use camcorders to record their lives and big events such as weddings and birthdays and save them in the Mini DV tapes. As time went by, it gradually lost its advantage and attraction because there were more convenient ways to record and save video. To better keep the precious memory, we may need to convert Mini DV to Digital Format. Next, we will see why and how to do it.

Mini DV to Digital

Part 1. Why Do We Need to Change Mini DV to Digital

Mini DV tape saves video in cassette, which is small and easy to carry at that time. However, it is not accessible anymore. On the one hand, it is not easy to play if you don’t have a camcorder. On the other hand, sharing them with your family and friends over the internet is not possible with Mini DV tape. Besides, the cassette is rather easy to degenerate with the change of heat, humidity, light, and forces.

Therefore, to keep your old memory safe and easier to play and share with your friends, you can try to convert your Mini DV tape to digital format.

Part 2. How to Convert Mini DV to Digital Video

It`s not very easy to transfer Mini DV to digital video, but don`t worry, we will introduce how to do it in detail.

Before starting conversion, you need to prepare some other tools.

First, you need a camcorder that can play your Mini DV tape.

Second, a suitable cable (usually Firewire cable) that can connect your camcorder to your computer. But most new PCs and Macs have removed the Firewire port. Therefore, you might need to find a USB converter on Amazon or eBay.

Third, a computer with enough space. This depends on how many tapes you want to convert. Usually, a one-hour video on Mini DV will take up about 13GB.

At last, video capture software. We list some different software, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, OBS Studio and WinDV. You can see which one is better for you.

Convert Mini DV Tape to Digital Video with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The first method is using screen recorder software to record the video in your Mini DV tape and Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can meet all your needs. As professional software for screen recording. It allows you to record your screen activity and system audio fluently. You can turn on the recording and play your Mini DV on your computer then, the software will record it. You don`t need to keep an eye on it and wait for it to end, you can just set an automatic stop and leave for other work. It will stop when time’s up.

You don’t need to worry about the quality. Using the latest image capture technology, it can perfectly recorder your Mini DV without quality loss and lagging.

Screen Recorder Interface
Screen Recorder


Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Capture your screen and audio without lagging.
  • Multiple recording modes: video, audio, snapshot, webcam, game, window, and phone.
  • Support converting Mini DV tape to MP4, MKV, MOV, GIF, etc.
  • Support customizing video quality.
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Step 1.
Connect your Mini DV camcorder to your computer with a Firewire cable and a USB converter if needed.
Step 2.
Load the Mini DV cassette into the camcorder. Turn it into VCR mode for playing video.
Step 3.
Play the Mini DV tape on your computer with a media player.
Step 4.
Open the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder you already download from the official website.
Step 5.
Select the recording area and move it to the Mini DV player, click REC to start recording.
Chosoe Area
Step 6.
Play the Mini DV from the beginning and click the Stop button to finish the recording.
Step 7.
In the preview window, use Advanced Trummer in the button bar to cut the extra part and save it to your local disk.
Trim Video


  • Output high-quality video
  • Advanced editing and trimming function
  • Works on both Mac and Windows


  • Need a Mini DV player software

Change Mini DV to Digital Video with OBS Studio

If you are a video creator, you must be very familiar with OBS Studio. It is a free open-source screen recording and livestreaming software. You can use it to record your screen and games and mix different video and audio sources for a better video. This function also allows you to create a digital video out of Mini DV.

OBS Interface

Before you start to convert, you need to load the Mini DV tape into your camcorder and connect it to your computer according to the first 3 operations mentioned before.

Step 1.
Download OBS Studio from Open it on your computer.
Step 2.
Click the Add Source button at the bottom and choose Video Capture Device.
Add Source
Step 3.
After renaming and clicking OK, a new window will pop up. You need to choose Mini DV (the name is decided by playing devices) in the Device list.
Choose Device
Step 4.
Repeat the last 2 steps with Audio Output Capture this time.
Step 5.
Hit Start Recording and wait for it to finish.


  • No other software needed
  • Works on both Mac and Windows


  • Complicated interface and operation
  • High-performance hardware requirement

Transfer Mini DV to Digital with WinDV

The last software in today’s article is WinDV, it is a very classic DV capture software and its latest version was released in 2003. Though it has not been updated for a long time, it still works. Compared to the other 2 methods, it is much easier. As usual, connect your tape and camcorder to your computer before starting.

WinDV Interface
Step 1.
Search WinDV on Google, download it to your computer and open it. This step will be very fast because it is smaller than 100KB.
Step 2.
Click the Video option and choose Mini DV device. Then click Capt. file settings to change the name and location.
Step 3.
Tap Capture to start conversion.


  • Very easy to use


  • Only works on Window
  • Support 1 output format: AVI
  • Can’t control output quality

Part 3. FAQs about Mini DV to Digital

How much does it cost to convert Mini DV to digital?

If you choose a professional studio and order converting Mini DV to digital service, you need to send tape and prepay the fee. It is about $40 for one tape and the turnaround time depends on the distance. If you convert at home, you need a camcorder, cables and a computer. A camcorder and cable cost ranges from $50 to several hundred.

How do I watch mini DV tapes on my TV?

Watching Mini DV tape on Television is much easier than converting to digital formats. Just connect the camcorder to your TV with cables and play the tape on your camcorder.

How do I convert Mini DV to mp4?

You can use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record the Mini DV video and choose MP4 as the output format.


Converting Mini DV to digital format is better for sharing and preserving your beautiful memory on the tape. Get started with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to convert your Mini DV easily and quickly.

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