Step by Step: Change MPEG-4 to MP4 Online and Offline

If you have an MPEG-4 video file, you may find your computer doesn’t support this format. “Is MPEG-4 the same as MP4? Why can’t I play it on my computer?” You may ask. I have to tell you the answer is no. Most media players support MP4 container files but MPEG4 is a set of codecs and not all media players support MPEG-4 coded video. If you want to play it, you need to convert MPEG-4 to MP4. This article will explain the difference between MPEG4 and MP4 and tell you how to do the conversion.

MPEG-4 to MP4

Part 1. MPEG-4 Vs MP4

MPEG-4 and MP4 look like same, and most people usually mix these two items. But actually, they are different.

What is MPEG-4?

MPEG-4 (or MPEG4) is short for “Moving Pictures Export Group 4”, a standard for coding and compressing video and audio. In a word, MPEG-4 is how a large video file is processed and compressed.

Currently, the MPEG-4 has 33 different parts, with 3 of them still under development. Let's take a look at some parts.

MPEG-4 Part 2: A compression format for visual data.

MPEG-4 Part 10: A compression format for video signals, identical to the ITU-T H.264 standard. It is also known as Advanced Video Coding.

MPEG-4 Part 14: MPEG-4 file format version 2, the MP4 file format.

What is MP4?

MP4 format is a designated container file format, also known as MPEG-4 Part 14. It is one of the most used containers to store video, audio, subtitles, and still images. If MPEG-4 is how to process and compress video, then MP4 is where to store the video.

Differences between MPEG4 and MP4

MPEG-4 defines the coding method to compress video, and the compressed video can be placed into containers like MP4, MOV, etc. On the contrary, MP4, as a container, can store video compressed with MPEG-4 codecs, as well as other codecs.

Type Video coding formats Digital multimedia container format
Use Compression of audiovisual data Store video and audio
Filename Extension .mp4.
Codecs H.264, AVC, DivX, Xvid, Nero Digital, etc. x265, 10bit x265, x264, 10bit x264, h.265, AVC, DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, MPEG2, AVCHD
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group Motion Picture Experts Group
Pro Saved in many containers: MP4, MOV, etc. Available on most media players
Cons Unable to play on some devices Not easy to edit because of the small size and quality loss

Part 2. How to Convert MPEG-4 to MP4 Online

If you want to play MPEG-4, one way is to convert MPEG-4 to MP4, you can do it with Aiseesoft Free Video Converter Online, a free online video converter for all users. It can convert your video to 13 formats, including 10 popular video formats like MP4 and MOV, two video platforms, and GIF images. You can also reset the resolution and aspect ratio and preview on the screen. The web-based design makes it available on all devices You can convert MPEG-4 to MP4 on Mac and Windows with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. Besides, it can automatically detect the computer processors and fully utilize the CPU to make transfer fast.

Step 1.
Open and click Free Video Converter Online in Free Tools.
Aiseesoft Online
Step 2.
Drop your MEPG-4 file to the center.
Step 3.
Pick MP4 as the output format and click Save to start the conversion. You also can use it to convert MPEG to MP3 quickly.
Choose Format Online


  • No device limitation.
  • Free and easy to use


  • Conversion speed depends on the internet
  • No batch conversion
  • File size limitation

Part 3. Change MPEG-4 to MP4 with Offline Software

If you need to convert many MPEG-4 files to MP4, you may need desktop software because the online tool doesn’t support batch conversion, and it will take more time. In that case, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate could be your best choice.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one solution to convert and edit your video and audio. It supports more than 1000 video and audio formats including regular digital formats and more specific choices of resolutions and devices such as MP4 4K video, MP4 8K video, MP4 HD 1080p, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, etc.

With this software, you can edit your video before conversion and make a better effect. It allows you to trim, crop, rotate and flip the video. You can also add effects and filters to your videos. Now, download and try more functions yourself.

Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

  • Convert MEPG-4 to more than 1000 formats including different MP4
  • High-quality video output supported
  • Batch conversion and 120 times fast conversion are available
  • Multiple tools are available, including Video Compressor, Watermark Remover, etc.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 1.
Download the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate with the download button. Install and launch the software for conversion.
Convert Interface
Step 2.
Drag and drop the MPEG-4 file into the main interface, you can select 1 or more files at a time.
Step 3.
Click Output Format bar and choose an MP4 format.
Choose MP4
Step 4.
Customize the parameter in Settings as you want. Then, click Convert All to start converting MPEG-4 to MP4.
Setting Save


  • Convert MPEG4 to MP4 in batch
  • No quality loss during conversion
  • Convert MPEG-4 file with unlimited file size


  • Need to download software

Part 4. FAQs about MPEG-4 to MP4

How do I convert MPEG4 to MP4?

You can use Aiseesoft Free Video Converter Online to convert your MPEG-4 to MP4. If you want to convert more video or do some editing before the conversion desktop Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate could help.

Are MPEG-4 and MP4 the same?

No, they are not the same. MPEG-4 is a codec method to compress video and audio. After coding, the video file can be saved in a file container like MP4, MOV, etc. MP4 is just a container, and its content could be MPEG-4 codec or others.

What is the best MPEG-4 to MP4 converter?

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is on the list of best MPEG-4 to MP4 converters; it can convert large and multiple videos without quality loss. You can also edit the video and customize your work.


Converting MPEG-4 to MP4 is an effective way when your device doesn’t support this video file. Use Aiseesoft Free Video Converter Online or Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to start converting your video and play it.

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