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Video Enhancer is our newly published video enhancement and editing products. It embraces the original edit/clip/crop/watermark function with new video enhancement function. Using the latest video enhancement technology, it could make the video to be clearer. See reviews in the following.

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By Reese 2021-03-01

Looks to further increase

I was an Adobe Premier Pro user once, and I have been looking for a simplified video editor. Video Enhance is obviously so much easier than Adobe product, and it is equipped with all basic editing features I was looking for. Plus, I'm sure that it'll come up with more and more advanced features.

By Magic Bill 2020-12-28

Simple and pro

Such a lightweight video editing tool, yet makes you look like a real pro when you show your creations to your friends! Really appreciate it!

By JS 2020-10-15

Friendly to beginner

Video Enhancer is very friendly to beginners, no complicated operations are needed at all, simple click and play – that is all. I think that most video makers would love this tool cause it would definitely… make your videos more beautiful.

By Dan 2020-07-09

Really helped me!

I'm sure that many of you are using your iPhone to record videos now instead of cameras, and so do I. But the thing is, the recorded video with mobile devices can be very shaky or blurry sometimes. If you have gone through the same thing, this video enhancer could be a really big help.

By Oliva 2020-06-11

Practical and useful

It's a really practical and valuable program for video quality improvement. I can use it to upscale the video resolution easily.

By Lucas 2020-03-26


I've used Aiseesoft Video Enhancer for two years and I am so impressed by this software. It is very easy to use, and it offers various solutions for video enhancement and video editing.

By Emma 2019-10-09

It is a worthy purchase

I've been using the program for a long time. It is really useful for enhancing my video quality. When I met with some problems, I can always get a timely reply from their customer service. All in all, Aiseesoft is certainly a trustworthy brand.

By Sophie 2019-06-30

Intuitive interface

I'm so impressed with its clean and intuitive interface. It is easy to use and provides everything I need. I can use it to enhance any video I shot and do more as I like.

By Noah 2018-08-01


The video quality improvement software is exactly what I need. I'm a vlogger, and I often upload my personal vlogs for my audience. Before uploading the video, I use this video enhancer to improve the video quality, and reduce the shakiness and noise of the video. It is really convenient to improve the video quality.

By William 2017-11-05

Powerful software

The program is awesome and I haven't come across any stability problem. With this video enhancer tool, I don't have to worry about the video quality problems. Thanks for all.

By Cliff 2016-11-25

Totally optimize my video

This is a ture video enhancer. All the video enhancing functions you have ever heard are contained in this software. I like the "stablize shaky videos" function very much!

By Alexander 2015-10-21

Awesome product!

I record a piece of video during the schoolmate reunion meeting. That is a really memorable day. However, when I share this video to my friends, it looks quite blurry, especially viewed from a bigger screen. I searched internet and tried many methods. Until find this software, with video enhancement, it looks better seen from larger screen. My friends and I are all satisfied with it. Good products, it deserves the price.

By Landon 2015-10-19

I don't know how to rate it

This one is useful and has many functions. I particularly recommend the editing function. It can change the color and presents quite different feelings when changing the video effects. If you try the function, you will know what I say.

By Tyler 2015-10-18

Enhance the video

It declares to enhance the video. I tried the function with trial version. Firstly, using a MP4 video, it seems not different from the original video effect, maybe it is already very clear, so I could not find the improvement in video effect. So I tried another video with 640×480 resolutions, after the enhancement, it seems to have some improvements, the video get to be clearer.

By Miles 2015-10-15

Video Converter Ultimate has the functions

I update my Video Converter Ultimate, it adds video enhancement and flip function. So it seems I don't need to buy this one.

By Easton 2015-10-14

Flip and rotate

I like this function, flip and rotate your video. With flip function, the figures and background in movie change from left to right. This is interesting, especially when you flip those animated movies.

By Cole 2015-10-14

The suspicious black frame, gone

I download "gone with the wind", the old version. But I don't why, there is the suspicious black frame. Firstly, I assume it is the problem of my video player, but it turns out to be not. I change the video player, the black frame still exists. Then with this tool, the crop function, the black frame has been deleted. Thank you.

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