How to Blur Pictures on iPhone Like a Pro - Unlock Your Photography Skills

November 13, 2023Amanda Brown

Sometimes, we want to add a touch of creativity to our pictures, emphasizing the subject while beautifully blurring the background. Thankfully, the iPhone offers various features and tools that allow users to enhance their photography skills without needing professional equipment or software. Whether you're an amateur photographer or someone who loves capturing everyday moments, mastering the art of blurring pictures can elevate your iPhone photography to new heights. So, grab your iPhone and learn how to blur a picture on iPhone photography right at your fingertips.

Blur Photo on iPhone

Part 1. How to Blur a Picture on an iPhone - 2 Possible Ways

Creating a beautiful blurred background on your iPhone, also known as the bokeh effect, is easier than you might think. Apple's iPhones have advanced camera features, including Portrait mode, which allows you to capture stunning photos with a sharp subject and a beautifully blurred background. Here's how to make a picture blurry on iPhone:

How to Take a Portrait Mode Photo:

Step 1.
Open the Camera app on your iPhone and swipe to the right of the camera modes at the bottom until you reach Portrait.
Step 2.
Position your subject within the frame. When the iPhone detects the subject, it will indicate Natural Light, Studio Light, or any light mode, depending on the lighting condition.
Portrait Mode
Step 3.
Tap the subject to ensure that it will stay focused precisely.
Step 4.
To capture the photo, tap the white circular button.

How to Use Tilt-Shift Photography:

Step 1.
Open the photo you want to edit in the Photos App. Tap the photo and select Edit.
Step 2.
Tap the f icon to adjust the depth settings, swipe to the left to intensify the blur, and to the right to turn the blur off.
Tilt Shifting Photography
Step 3.
After adding the blurriness to the photo, tap Done to save the changes you have applied.

Part 2. How to Fix Blurry Photos on iPhone Using the 2 Best Methods

1. Aiseesoft Free Image Upscaler Online

Aiseesoft Free Image Upscaler Online is a powerful yet user-friendly tool designed to enhance an image's resolution and quality quickly. This online platform allows users to upscale their image without compromising on the visual clarity of the uploaded image. Whether you have old photos needing restoration or low-resolution images you want to improve, this app provides a seamless solution. With its advanced algorithm, the web tool can enlarge images while preserving important details, resulting in a high-quality, upscaled photo. Learn how to take blurry pictures on your iPhone for betterment with this app.

Step 1.
Visit the main website of this image upscaler online and press Upload Photo. Select the image you want to improve, and press Open to upload it.
Upload Photo to Upscale
Step 2.
Wait for the processing! Select the magnification you want, such as 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. You must upgrade to gain this benefit to use the 6x and 8x magnification. Review the magnification level you applied; if unsatisfied, choose the other option.
Select Magnification Level
Step 3.
When you are satisfied with the magnification, click the Save button, and the process of exporting will start.
Save Upscaled Image

2. Picwand - 8x Image Upscaler

Picwand - 8x Image Upscaler is a cutting-edge image upscaling application tailored for iOS devices. This app offers a unique and innovative approach to enhancing image resolution. With Picwand, users can enlarge their images up to 8 times their original size, ensuring remarkable clarity and sharpness. The app employs advanced upscaling algorithms to maintain the quality of the images while significantly increasing their dimensions.

Picwand Image Upscaler

Its user-friendly interface and impressive upscaling capabilities make it a popular choice among photography enthusiasts and creative professionals, empowering them to produce stunning, detailed images on the go. So, if you want to know how to make a photo blurry on an iPhone unblurry, follow the steps below.

Step 1.
Download the Picwand on your iOS by going to the App Store and tapping Get.
Step 2.
Open the upscaler and tap the Upload button to import the image that you want to upscale with the app.
Step 3.
After uploading, choose the degree of upscaling you want to use, such as 2x, 4x, or 8x, then tap Upscale to start the processing.
Step 4.
If you are satisfied with the result, tap Save Now, and if not, you can tap Upscale Again to rescale the image.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Blur Photos on iPhone

How do you take blurry pictures on an iPhone?

Taking naturally blurry pictures on an iPhone can be achieved by manually adjusting the focus and depth of field. You can create motion blur or simulate a shallow depth of field by adjusting the focus and creating motion blur.

How do you get the blur effect on an iPhone?

The blur effect can be achieved through the help of Portrait Mode and third-party apps that offer various blur effects. If you want to blur a photo background on an iPhone, you can use these two methods.

How do you blur a picture on an iPhone without portrait mode?

Using editing apps, you can blur a picture on an iPhone without Portrait mode. Apps like Snapseed, Photoshop Express, or AfterFocus allow you to add blur effects to your photos. Import the photo into the app and choose the blur effect or tools to blur specific areas of the image selectively.

Can I adjust the blur intensity in the iPhone's Portrait mode?

You can adjust the blur intensity in Portrait mode in newer iPhone models. After capturing a photo in Portrait mode, open the photo in the Photos app, tap Edit, and adjust the Depth slider to change the background blur intensity.

Is there a way to blur videos on iPhones?

Yes, you can blur videos on an iPhone using apps like iMovie and even use it to blur watermarks on a video. Import the video into iMovie, apply the blur effect to specific parts of the video, and adjust the intensity. iMovie provides various options for blurring parts of the video while keeping the rest in focus.


With the offered solution discussed above, you should know how to blur photos on an iPhone. Whether you wish to do it while capturing or editing the subject. Meanwhile, if you wish to remove the blurriness on every photo you have captured on your iPhone, we also provide a solution. You can use the Aiseesoft Free Image Upscaler Online and Picwand - 8x Image Upscaler to solve this known problem.

For those with questions related to this topic, you can mention them all in the comment section below. If you wish to read more articles about this topic continuously, click on the articles we wrote below. We hope you enjoy reading this article and rate it five stars.

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