How to Change Home & Lock Screen on iPhone [A Complete Guide for Newbies]

May 18, 2023Ashley Mae

The home and lock screens are the first things users see when they pick up and open the devices like iPhones. While the default wallpaper is functional, many users prefer to customize these screens to fit their style and needs of the user. By changing it, anyone can express their preferences and experience feel fresh and new, preventing boredom and increasing user satisfaction. This blog will explore various tools and apps that allow you to customize the background image you want to use as wallpaper. Plus, a tutorial on how to change the home screen on iPhone to style up your default screen into a better one.

Change Home Screen on iPhone

Part 1. How to Change the Home Screen or Lock Screen on iPhone's Latest Version

Learning how to change the background on iPhone isn’t difficult, especially if the image you want to use is readily on Photos. So, if you want to know how to change the default home screen or lock screen into something better, follow our tutorial here.

Step 1:
Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings.
Step 2:
Scroll it down until you reach the Wallpaper.
Step 3:
As you can see, the default Home Screen is presented, and tap the Add New WallPaper icon.
Add New WallPaper
Step 4:
You can choose from pre-made wallpapers here, but if you want to use the image saved on your Photos, click Photos.
Step 5:
Choose the image you want as wallpaper, adjust, and tap the Add. A notification bar will appear, and tap Set as Wallpaper Pair. Wait until the loading is finished, and you can return to your home and see that the wallpaper has been changed. You must use an iOS image editor like the application we presented below to edit the image.

Part 2. How to Customize Your Home Screen by Doing the 4 Ways

1st Way. Take a Personalized Image on Your iPhone.

You can use your iPhone camera to take some images for personalized wallpaper. Here is a tutorial on how to capture images with it.

Step 1:
Open your iPhone and tap the Camera.
Step 2:
You can take a selfie with the phone's built-in camera or at the back, but ensure that it is a portrait and not landscape if you want to use the image as lock-in full-screen wallpaper.
Step 3:
When you are ready to capture, tap the white button, and when you hear the captured sound, the image is now saved on the Photos. Check it out by tapping the preview of an image at the lower left side of the screen.
Capture Image to Use Background

2nd Way. Upscale Image Resolution for Home Screen or Lock Screen Online

Before you change the lock screen on iPhone iOS 17, you should upscale the image's resolution to highlight its details; that is where Aiseesoft Image Upscaler Online comes in. It is an upscaler online that allows users to upscale the image's resolution easily. Downloading the app isn’t necessary because you can access it online. Follow the tutorial we have added here to use the app.

Step 1:
To use the app, you must search for it and click the app's official webpage on the result page that appears.
Step 2:
On the main website, tap Upload Photos, and select the image you captured earlier to be edited here.
Upload Photo to Upscale
Step 3:
Choose the magnification level you want to apply to the uploaded image.
Select Magnification
Step 4:
Click the Save button to download the upscaled image on your device for free.
Save Final Upscaled

3rd Way. Remove & Change the Background of the Image Online

After upscaling, you should remove the background and change it to something better. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online allows you to remove and change the background of your image for free and with the help of AI. You wouldn’t need to trace out the image you want edited here since it can analyze and highlight all the areas needing removal. Follow the instruction below to know how it works before changing your iPhone background.

Step 1:
Search the official website of the Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online using your browser and open it.
Step 2:
Click Upload Portrait, and choose the image you want to remove the background in here or the one you have upscaled earlier.
Upload Image to Remove Background
Step 3:
Wait for the AI to trace the background that needs to be removed, and if it misses some spots, you can click the Keep and brush the image to highlight the area you want to keep.
Use Edge Refine
Step 4:
Go to the Edit menu, click Image, then + to upload the background that you want to use saved on your device storage.
Add New Image Background
Step 5:
When everything is done, click the Download button to save the final output you have edited here.
Image with New Background

4th Way. Change the Ratio of the Image to Fit the Home & Lock Screen

WallPaperSize: Resize & Fit allows you to resize the image to fit on your home or lock screen. After changing the size, you can change the iPhone home screen you have customized here.

WallPaperSize Resize and Fit
Step 1:
Download this app on your iOS and launch it.
Step 2:
Tap the Create Wallpaper on the app's main interface and allow the app to gain access to your Photos app.
Step 3:
After placing the image, you can fit it into the sample lock screen and tap the check icon to save it on your iPhone. Now, you can use change the lock screen wallpaper on your iPhone.

Part 3. Popular Apps to Download Home Screen & Lock Screen Images for Free & Paid

1. Velum Wallpaper

Velum Wallpaper hand-picked all of its wallpapers, and you can use them to change the lock screen on iPhone's default wallpaper. Once you have downloaded this app, you can use every image it has as a home or lock screen. Plus, the app updates the wallpapers it has weekly. Aside from selecting, you can even change the visibility of your selected image and turn it into a blurry one. Though it is free to download on iOS, the app has pop-up ads that may interrupt your selection. So, if you want to remove the ads, purchase the premium ad-free version.

Vellum Wallpaper

2. ZEDGE™ Wallpapers

Want a more extensive compilation of images than Velum? If so, download the ZEDGE. The app collects millions of images and icons you can use on your iPhone. Here, it gives you different categories based on user preference, which is an excellent addition. In addition, the app offers live wallpaper on iOS if you are tired of still images. Though the app is free, the images you can download and use here must be purchased using the credits, which cost more than the previous one.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers

3. LockScreen HD

How to change the background on iPhone? The tutorial above is what you need, but first, you will need an image to change the default setting, and you can find one on LockScreen HD. Like the previous one, the app is free to download and only dedicated to iPhone and iPad devices. The app offers a stylish wallpaper, but the selection is limited even though the library of it is large. You can find one here if you are looking for basic wallpaper for your lock and home screen.

LockScreen HD

Part 4. FAQs on How to Change iPhone Home Screen

How to change the iPhone wallpaper on any images?

Well, you can follow the included tutorial in this article. Aside from the main steps we added, there are other ways to change the iPhone wallpaper, like with the help of third-party apps or such.

Can I download the wallpaper on iOS?

Yes, you can go and search image background using your browser. But if you want a ready image for the home and lock screen, we suggest you download an application like what we mentioned here since they offer many background images for iOS.

How to create a loop wallpaper on iOS?

You can convert the live photos into a looping GIF and then set the GIF as loop wallpaper on iOS. You can download several video editors on your iOS, but the most helpful app to loop GIFs is the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.


How to change the home screen on iPhone? It became easier to change the wallpaper based on the tutorial we added in the first part. Though they are pre-made wallpapers, you can use them as an alternative to the default, and it would be better if you created one only for yourself. We added part two, teaching you how to do it. Moreover, downloading an app with a library of customized wallpaper can best fit those who want a customized wallpaper without editing. We hope the tutorial we have added helped you create and change the wallpaper on your iOS.

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