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November 03, 2022Ashley Mae

Don't you like the boring still image that you use as wallpaper? Video, live, and GIF as loop wallpaper add a newer approach when set as wallpaper. With the animation loop supported, a beautiful animation will become an integral part of your day every time the device is on. Regardless of your knowledge about the customization of animated wallpaper, creating one isn't as difficult as you think. Spare some time and read this article to understand the essential knowledge on making your animated GIF.

Loop Wallpaper

Part 1. What Is Loop Wallpaper

The meaning of it comes from two words: loop and wallpaper. A video or animation is repeatedly played in repetitive motion, known as a loop. This effect is structured to become a process of connecting point A to point B, for it channels an encircling effect. While wallpaper means a decorative display on a surface, digitally speaking, this is what we see on the devices when we open them, whether on the lock screen or home screen.

As we combine it, video loop wallpaper means when a video is played repetitively and used as your device's wallpaper. Commonly, it is associated with live wallpaper and GIF animation.

Part 2. How to Set a Loop Video, GIF, or Live Photo as Wallpaper on All Platforms

1. How to Set a Loop Wallpaper on Windows

You can instantly set your wallpaper into an animation Windows OS with Lively Wallpaper. You can download the app from Microsoft Store for free. Follow the steps below.

Lively Wallpaper
Step 1:
Launch the app, press the + sign, and choose to Browse to find the loop you produce and set it as wallpaper.
Step 2:
The wallpaper you've set is in the Library; live wallpaper is available here.
Step 3:
After uploading it, right-click the wallpaper and press Set as Wallpaper.

2. How to Set a Loop Wallpaper on Mac

GIFPaperPrefs is a third-party app you must download on your device to set the GIF loop wallpaper on your Mac. Besides GIF, this app doesn't support additional formats even if you download extensions. So, if the file is in a video format, then you better convert the video into a GIF before you use this. After that, follow the steps below on how to use this app.

GIF Paper Prefs
Step 1:
After downloading the app, install it and do the quick set-up. When you have finished everything, open the app.
Step 2:
Press the Browse icon to load up the GIF image you want to use as wallpaper.
Step 3:
Change the scaling to AXES Independently, and open the GIFPaperAgent that comes with the package you download to set GIF as wallpaper.

3. How to Set a Loop Wallpaper on iOS

iOS devices don't support GIFs and video wallpaper, so you better use a Live Photo instead. With GIPHY, you can search for the best GIF and save it as a Live Photo. Now that you have the Live Photo, there is no need for a third-party app to set it as wallpaper. Learn how to make live photo loops as wallpaper.

Change Wallpaper on iOS
Step 1:
Open the Settings app and look for the Wallpaper.
Step 2:
Select Choose a New Wallpaper and tap Live Photos.
Step 3:
After you've clicked that, look for the Live Photo you want o use as wallpaper. Ensure that the Live Photo is activated or ON.
Step 4:
On the lower part, tap Set and choose where you want; it should display the Live Photo.

4. How to Set a Loop Wallpaper on Android

Android portably supports live photos, but if you want to set a GIF as wallpaper, you will need to download an app called GIF Live Wallpaper. This app can help you select the GIF you have on your device or download it on your device as wallpaper. So, if you want to use the Android app, follow the instructions below.

GIF Live Wallpaper on Android
Step 1:
Download the GIF Live Wallpaper on your Android device, and launch it.
Step 2:
Choose the GIF you want to use as a home or lock screen saved on your Android device.
Step 3:
On the bottom right corner of the app, tap the check mark, and a notification will appear on your screen. Select the option you want on where the GIF should be used as wallpaper.

Part 3. How to Make Live Photo Loop Wallpaper and Save as GIF for Different Devices

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate has an MV feature wherein you can combine all of the live photos, videos, and images as a GIF. This feature allows everyone with experience and without editing to be creative as possible. We can assure you that the final output will look amazing with the various themes it supports for GIFs. So, read the steps below to give away the tutorial on how to make live photo loop wallpaper and save it as GIF; read the steps below.

Step 1:
Download the ultimate converter on your device, then install the downloaded file. Follow the WinRAR set-up and click Start Now to launch the application.
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Step 2:
After launching the program, go to the MV feature of the app. Tick the + icon to upload the live photo, videos, and images you want to turn into a looping GIF.
Add Live Photo to Create Loop GIF
Step 3:
When all the files are uploaded here, choose the Theme you want to be applied to the GIF you've created. You can apply various selections to make the loop wallpaper even better.
Apply Live Photo Theme
Step 4:
When editing is finished, click the Export button. Change the format into a GIF and click the Loop Animation.
Set GIF Loop Animation
Step 5:
So, after setting up the output, click Start Export to save the final output loop GIF.So, after setting up the output, click Start Export to save the final output loop GIF.
Save Animated GIF on Loop

Part 4. Easiest Way How to Loop a Video for Free on the Web

Aiseesoft Video Looper allows online users to create a video replay almost endlessly. It is free to access and download free, so when you use this, it saves you time to download and won't cost you a fortune to use it. So, if you need to create a video loop wallpaper, here are the steps to use this!

Step 1:
Open your browser and look for the official website of the looper online.
Step 2:
Press Upload Video to import the videos you want to set into a replay or loop.
Add Video to Loop
Step 3:
On the right side, change the duration and set how many times you want the loop to go.
Change Looping Options
Step 4:
Click the Save button to export the video you loop.
Download Video on Loop

Part 5. FAQs about the Loop Wallpaper

Why was the loop wallpaper turned to still images?

After uploading the loop image, there are some cases that it will turn into a still image or non-animated. So, using a third-party app to do the job for you is better.

Does loop wallpaper eat more battery?

Loop wallpaper consumes more battery when it is set on iOS and Android. To make them consume less on the battery, you better use a still image instead of a wallpaper.

Why doesn't GIF go looping?

Before you export the GIF, you better activate the loop animation so that it will add the loop to it.


Now that you've learned how to set a video, Live Photo, and GIF loop as wallpaper, now is the time to use it. So, if you want to create a GIF or loop a video, you better select the Aiseesoft product added here to have the final output as amazing as ever!

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