A Detailed Guide to Changing Portrait Background Color

December 25, 2023Amanda Brown

Portrait photos are a great way to capture someone's personality and create a memorable image. However, sometimes, the background of a portrait photo can be distracting or not ideal for the overall look. In such cases, changing the background color can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of the portrait.

Thanks to advancements in photo editing software and the availability of online tools, you can use a few easy ways to change portrait background to black, white, grey, or another color you need. This post will guide you to change your portrait background color on iPhone, Android phones, and online.

Change Portrait Background Black White

Part 1. How to Change Portrait Background Color on iPhone

The Portrait mode in iOS 16 allows you to freely adjust the level of background blur in your portraits by dragging the Depth Control slider. It helps isolate the subject of a photo from its background. You can then use the cutout feature to change the background color of your portrait photo.

Take a Portrait in Portrait Mode iPhone

Open the Photos app and select the portrait photo you want to replace its background color. Tap and hold the main subject, and your iPhone will automatically isolate the subject of the photo from the background. Tap the Copy button.

Open a new photo or create a new canvas in an app like Photos, Procreate, or Sketchbook. Tap and hold the screen to paste the cutout of the subject. Then, you can select a new background color for your portrait photo. You can also tap Share and use a preferred way to change the background color of your portrait.

Change Portrait Background Black and White iPhone

Many third-party apps can also be used to change the background color of a portrait photo. They typically offer more features than the built-in Photos app, such as the ability to choose from various background colors and textures. You can search for associated apps like Snapseed from the App Store.

Part 2. How to Change Portrait Background Color on Android Phones

Android users have a variety of photo editing apps at their disposal, many of which offer background removal and color replacement features. One popular option is the Background Eraser app. You can access and install it from the Google Play Store. Then, follow the steps below to change the portrait background to black, white, or grey based on your need.

Background Eraser App Android Google Play

Open the Background Eraser app and add the portrait picture you want to edit. Use the app's manual removal tools, like the lasso and eraser, to carefully remove the background around your subject.

Tap the Background option and select the Solid Color tab. Pick the desired background color from the color palette or use the eyedropper tool to sample a color from another image. Adjust the position and size of the subject if necessary. Tap Save to save the edited portrait.

Part 3. How to Change Portrait Background Color to Black/White/Grey Online for Free

Aiseesoft Free Background Remover lets you effortlessly change or remove the background of your portrait photos. With its AI-powered technology, it accurately identifies the foreground and background elements, allowing you to highlight the subject and replace the background with a solid color or a new image.

Step 1.
Open a web browser on your device and navigate to the Free Background Remover page. Click the Upload Image button to browse and add the portrait photo you want to edit. All major image formats are compatible.
Aiseesoft Online BG Remover New

The AI algorithm will automatically detect and remove the background from your portrait photo. If necessary, use the manual brush and eraser tools to refine the background removal by precisely selecting and removing any remaining background elements. Ensure the subject of your portrait photo is clearly separated from the background.

Step 2.
Click Edit to access more tools. Click Background on the left-hand side and select the desired background color. You can choose black, white, or gray for your portrait background.
Change Portrait Background Color ONline Aisee
Step 3.
Adjust the position and size of the image within the new background. Click Save to download your edited portrait photo. You can choose to save it as a PNG or JPEG file.

Part 4. FAQs on How to Change Portrait Background Color

Can you change the portrait background to other colors with the Aiseesoft Background Eraser?

Yes, you can change the portrait background to other colors with the Aiseesoft Background Eraser. It is a versatile tool that allows you to replace the background with a solid color, an image, or even remove it entirely for a transparent background.

What if the portrait is unclear after changing the background?

If you have an unclear portrait after changing the background, you should select another background that is not too busy or detailed. Use a background that is very different in color or texture from the subject of the portrait. Moreover, you should use good quality software that is specifically designed for changing image backgrounds.

Is it free to change the portrait background online?

Yes, there are many online image editor tools that allow you to change the background of a portrait for free. Some of the most popular options include Aiseesoft Free Background Remover, Remove.bg, Fotor, Adobe Express, and PhotoRoom.


Changing the background color of a portrait photo is a great way to create a more unique and visually appealing image. This post shares three effective methods to edit and replace your portrait background on different devices. With the help of the above tools, you can easily change the portrait background color in no time.

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