Change Your Location on Skout to Meet More New Friends Over the World

December 29, 2022Ashley Mae

Skout is a social application for you to search for people nearby. So, many people want to change their locations on Skout to meet people who live in different areas and have different cultures. Because it is difficult to have authentic travel to other regions or countries. But many people need to learn how to ghost their location on Android and iPhone. Do not worry about this. Although these two operating systems have different ways to fake location, this post will separately tell you how to change your location on Skout with iPhone 15 and Android 13.

Change Your Location on Skout

Part 1. Fake Your Location on Skout with iPhone

Apple devices have many limitations, so changing your location on Skout with iPhone is challenging. But there is one software, Aiseesoft Location Changer AnyCoord, that could help you do that on your Windows or Mac. With the help of this software, you can easily change your location to anywhere on the earth. And there are no risky requirements like jailbreaking or something else when you use the software.



Aiseesoft AnyCoord

  • Import and export GPX files to manage location more conveniently.
  • Enter a position directly to change your GPS location on Skout.
  • Move the position on Skout to avoid being banned by officials.
  • Provide one-stop or multi-stop to change location automatically.
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Step 1:
First, you should connect your iPhone to your computer. And then, choose the mode you want to use.
Choose Modify Location
Step 2:
If you want to change your location briefly, you can click the Modify Location button. This mode allows you to change your current location on Skout. You can input a position and click the Confirm Modify button to change your location quickly.
Click Confirm Modify
Step 3:
People who want to change the location on Skout all the time can click the other three buttons. One-stop mode allows you to move your location from one position to another. When you finish adjusting the speed, you can click the Start Move button to move your location.
Click Start Move
Step 4:
You can use Multi-stop mode or Joystick mode to change your location in multiple different areas and positions. That could make you meet more people in Skout.
Move GPS Location

Part 2. Spoofy Your Location on Skout with Android

If you want to change your location on Skout with an Android phone, it will be so much easier than iPhone. Even though you do not root your Android phone, you can change the location with mock location apps. And the limitation of the Android version is very low; the Android 6 could quickly achieve this task.

Step 1:
You would be strange, but you should go to the Settings app to find your Software Info option and tap Build number seven times. And you successfully turn on Developer Options on your Android phone now.
Build Number in Software Info
Step 2:
You need to return to the Settings app main screen; you will find Developer Options on the list. Then tap Allow Mock Locations after you go to the Developer Options.
Developer Option
Step 3:
You must go to Google Play Store to find a fake location application. You can use the Fake GPS app.
Step 4:
After successfully installing the app, you must go to the Developer Options again. There is an option to let you choose your mock location app. You need to tap it and choose Fake You: And then you can go to the Fake GPS app to change your location. When you open the Skout again, you will find your location has been changed.
Choose Mock Location App

Part 3. FAQs about Changing Your Location on Skout

Will I get banned for changing location on Skout?

Yes. Although Skout won't collect your location information, its servers will now and then access your location to check whether your IP location and GPS location are the same. Your account may be banned when Skout finds out you are faking the location.

Can I hide my location on Skout?

Yes. You can hide your GPS location on Skout; the application will not access your GPS location anymore. But your IP location will be displayed on the profile page.

How to safely change location on Skout?

To safely change the location on Skout, you should use Aiseesoft Location Changer AnyCoord. Its GPS location Movement feature could help you trick the servers' check.


Ultimately, you must know how to change your location on Skout on your iPhone and Android. And you can also use these methods to change other app locations, like faking Facebook. Although iPhone is not as convenient as Android to ghost your location, you can also easily do it with the help of Aiseesoft Location Changer AnyCoord. This software will give you fast and safe location-changing features, which you do not worry about getting banned by Skout. After all, this software could fake locations on Google maps.

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