Learn How to Fake Your Location on Google Maps

December 08, 2022Ashley Mae

Google Maps can give you real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit information and show you current locations, local businesses, nearby places, and more. It is compatible with computers and mobile iOS/Android devices. You may want to change or spoof your location on Google Maps in some scenarios. Whatever the reason, you can follow the guide below to fake Google Maps locations easily.

Fake location on Google Maps

Part 1. How to Fake Google Maps Location on Android

Android devices have a built-in support system, Mock Location, for faking GPS locations. When you want to fake your Google Maps location on an Android device, you should first enable the Mock Location feature. This part tells you how to allow Mock Location on your Android phone and then use a location changer app to set a fake location on Google Maps.

Allow Mock Location on Android

Step 1:
Open the Settings app, and scroll down to find the About Phone or Software Information option. Enter it and locate the Build Number option. Here you need to tap on it seven consecutive times to put your Android phone into developer mode.
Enable Developer Options Android
Step 2:
When under developer mode, you can choose the Developer Options in the main interface of ,Settings. After that, you will find the Allow Mock Locations option. You can turn it on there.
Enable Mock Locations Android

You have to enable Mock Location, then fake your location on Google Maps using a third-party app. Almost all GPS spoofer and location changer apps and VPNs require this enabled feature to set virtual locations on Android.

Fake Google Maps location with the Fake GPS location app

There are a large number of location changer apps offered in the Google Play Store. You can pick your preferred one based on its functions and rate. Here we take the popular Fake GPS location as an example to show you how to set a fake location on Google Maps.

Step 1:
Free install the Fake GPS location app from Google Play Store and open it.
Step 2:
You can directly move the pin on its map to select the target address. You are also allowed to enter another place in its search bar to locate the location you like quickly. This Fake GPS location app lets you change your location on Google Maps using three customized speeds.
Fake GPS Location App Android

Part 2. How to Set a Fake Location on Google Maps on iPhone and iPad

When you want to fake your live location on the Google Maps app on an iOS device, you can rely on the easy-to-use AnyCoord. It can work as a significant iPhone location changer for you to set virtual locations for using dating apps, playing region-based games, and streaming online content. It offers a convenient way to fake Google Maps locations and prevents others from tracking you. What's more, AnyCoord allows you to share fake live locations on Google Maps.



AnyCoord - Change Google Maps Location on iPhone

  • Fake Google Maps location to another GPS address you need.
  • Set a virtual GPS location to stop sharing your actual address.
  • Change locations for playing region-based games and using apps.
  • Calculate distance and simulate GPS movement along a route.
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Step 1:
When you want to fake your GPS location on Google Maps, you should free download AnyCoord on a computer first. It supports both Mac and Windows computers. Launch it, click the Start button, and connect your iPhone via a lightning USB cable.
Click Start Button
Step 2:
This Google Maps location changer is equipped with four options, Modify Location, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. You can select the Modify Location to help you fake Google Maps location.
Choose Modify Location
Step 3:
A built-in map will load and display your current location with a blue dot. Like other map tools, you can freely drag, zoom in, and zoom out the map to check details.
Map Interface
Step 4:
Search for the target place through its Search feature. You are also allowed to select the destination on the map directly. When you get a suitable address where you want to fake Google Maps location, you can click the Confirm Modify button to confirm that.
Click Confirm Modify

The Google Maps app on your iPhone will identify this fake location. You can see your current location is switched to there. You can even share the fake live location on Google Maps with others.

Part 3. FAQs of How to Fake Location on Google Maps

How to set a home address in Google Maps?

Open the Google Maps app, tap Saved on the bottom screen, go to Your lists, and select the Labeled option. You can tap Home and enter a home address, mark on the map, or choose from Contacts to set your home address in Google Maps.

Is there any VPN to fake locations on Google Maps?

Many VPN tools offer endpoint servers in different locations worldwide to help you access different IP addresses. Some popular ones like NordVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN can help you easily fake your location on Google Maps and other apps.

How do you share Google Maps locations?

Open the Google Maps app, tap your profile avatar, and locate the Location sharing option. You can tap it to start sharing your Google Maps location with others. If you are sharing your location, you can tap the New share, choose the contact you want to share, and customize how long you will share.


Whether you want to fake Google Maps location or set a virtual location for other apps, you can use the related method above. You can message us if you still have any questions about how to fake a location on Google Maps.

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