3 Alternative Ways to Charge Your iPhone Without a Wall Charger

January 13, 2023Ashley Mae

You need a charging adapter and a lightning USB cable to charge your iPhone when it runs out of battery. What if you don't have a changer at hand? Do you know how to change your iPhone without a charger?

This post shares five valuable ways to charge your iPhone without a wall charger or charging block. When your iPhone battery drains out, and you don't have access to an AC outlet, you can pick one way from them to restore your iOS device's battery power.

Charge iPhone Without Charger

Part 1. How to Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly Without a Charger

Wireless charging is a new and revolutionary technique to charge your iPhone. If you don't have a wall charger and a power adapter, you can choose to use a wireless charger or a MagSafe device to power your iPhone. Wireless charging is a great choice when there is no cable.

You should know that only iPhone 8 and later models support wireless charging. You can charge your iPhone on the wall, in a car, or on other occasions using a magnetic wireless charger. New iPhone models like iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 support wireless MagSafe charging. You can use a MagSafe charger to charge your iPhone without a power adapter. You can easily find many iPhone charging pads and MagSafe chargers on the official Apple website.

Apple MagSafe Charger

Part 2. How to Charge an iPhone Using a Portable Battery

Portable batteries allow you to charge an iPhone without a power adapter or wall charger. You can easily find many portable battery packs on the market. You can connect your iPhone to it via a lightning USB cable and switch on the battery pack to charge your iPhone. With a portable charger, you can move your iPhone while charging.

Charge an iPhone via Portable Battery

Part 3. How to Charge an iPhone Through a Computer or Car USB Port

When you want to charge your iPhone without a wall charger or adapter, you can also plug it into the USB port of your computer, laptop, or car. When your iPhone is getting low on battery, you can plug it into your laptop's USB port or car charger for charging. Your laptop device does not need to be plugged in to charge. Many cars are also equipped with an in-car wireless charging dock for you to charge your iPhone.

Charge iPhone Using in Car Wireless Charging

What to do when iPhone fails to charge

When your iPhone can't be charged usually, you can restart it, switch to another lighting USB cable, or reset all iPhone settings to troubleshoot the problem. If the iPhone not charging issue is still there, you can turn to the professional iOS System Recovery to fix it.

iOS System Recovery


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When you can't charge your iPhone typically, you can free download this iOS System Recovery on your computer and use it to troubleshoot the issue. When you enter it, click the Start button and connect your iPhone to it.

FoneLab Main Interface

You are offered two repairing modes to fix iPhone not charging issues, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Here you can choose Standard Mode and follow the instructions to put your iOS device into Recovery mode.

Repair Type

iOS System Recovery will detect that there is a problem with your iPhone and prompt you with a related firmware package to solve it. You can click the Repair button to download it. When the firmware is downloaded, iOS System Recovery will automatically start to fix your iPhone.

Confirm Firmware Information

Part 4. FAQs of How to Charge iPhone Without a Charger

How to turn on Low Power Mode on an iPhone?

iOS has a low-power mode to save your iPhone or iPad battery life. You can navigate to the Settings app, scroll down to choose the Battery option, and then turn on Low Power Mode.

How can you check the iPhone battery's health?

When your iPhone keeps glitching and you can't bring it back to normal working condition, you ciPhone allows you to check its battery health and usage in the Settings app. You can select the Battery option and tap Battery Health & Charging to view related information about your iPhone battery health directly.

When should I replace my iPhone battery?

You can easily view your iPhone battery health using the Settings app. When the capacity of your iPhone battery is less than 80%, consider replacing it.


This post shares three methods to charge your iPhone without a wall charger. You can try using the alternate charging methods above if you are searching for different methods to restore your iPhone's battery power.

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