8 Methods to Clear Facebook Cache - Ultimate Tutorial

Is your Facebook working slower and slower? You must be wondering how to clear Facebook cache. There are different solutions for different devices. On Windows and Mac, you actually need to clear Facebook cache by clearing the explorer's cache and cookies. But on smartphones, you just need to clear the cache of Facebook app. This article gives you all-platform solutions to clear Facebook cache.

 Clear Facebook Cache

Part 1: 2 Ways to Clear Facebook Cache on iOS

There are three ways to clear Facebook cache on iOS. You can choose your favorite one.

Method 1: Clear Facebook Cache with Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner

Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner is the best tool to clean Facebook Cache. It clears not only Facebook cache but also other junk files including crash logs, iOS junk files, app caches, and temporary files on your iPhone. You can also use it to backup and restore your iPhone and manage your photos and videos very efficiently.

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Step 1.
Download this best iPhone cleaner from its official website and run it. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB-lightening cable. Also, make sure iTunes is already installed on your computer.
Connect iPhone
Step 2.
When a notification pops up on your iPhone screen, tap the Trust button.
Step 3.
Now you should be able to see the Quick Scan button in the main interface of the program. Click it.
Quick Scan
Step 4.
When the scanning is finished, find the Erase junk files section and click the Erase button to clear Facebook cache.
Free up Space
Step 5.
Check all the boxes for the Image Cache, iTunes Cache, Invalid Files, Downloaded Temporary Files, and Crash Log Files. Then just click the Erase button at the bottom right.
View Junk Files

You can also go back to the main interface to use the 3 other Erase buttons to uninstall apps, delete large files, and clean photos for your iPhone.

Method 2: Clear Cache in the Facebook App

The Facebook app allows you to clean Facebook cache, too.

Step 1.
Find and tap the Settings button.
Step 2.
Select the Account Settings.
Step 3.
Enter the Browser and then tap the Clear Data button.
Clean Facebook Cache on iPhone

Method 3: Clear Facebook Cache in iOS settings

If you delete Facebook and re-install it, the cache will be deleted. This is also a practical method.

Step 1.
Enter the Settings app on your iPhone
Step 2.
Select the General option (the gear icon).
Step 3.
Tap the iPhone Storage and find Facebook. Here you can also view how much space your apps take up. Hence you can get more storage on iPhone.
Step 4.
Find and tap Facebook. Select Delete App on the bottom.
Step 5.
Open App Store and re-install Facebook. Now you have completed the task of clearing Facebook cache on iPhone.
Delete Facebook in iOS Settings

Part 2: How to Clear Facebook Cache on Android

Unlike to clear Facebook cache on a computer, you just need to clear the cache for Facebook app on Android smartphones. Just follow these steps.

Step 1.
Tap to enter the Settings app.
Step 2.
Select the Apps & Notifications option from the list.
Step 3.
Find Facebook on the app list and tap it.
Step 4.
Tap the Storage. Then you just choose the Clear Cache option to clean Facebook Cache.
Delete Facebook Cache on Android

Note: The steps to clear Facebook cache on Android may differ from model to model.

Part 3: 3 Methods to Clear Facebook Cache in Different Browsers on Windows

On Windows and Mac, you are supposed to access Facebook with your browser. Thus, to clear Facebook cache is to clear your cache and cookies of the browser. There are many browsers on Windows. Let's take Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 10, and Chrome for examples.

How to Clear Facebook Cache in Microsoft Edge

Step 1.
Launch the Microsoft Edge. Click the Settings and more button. The icon for it looks like three dots. Select the Settings from the list.
Enter Settings in Edge
Step 2.
Select the Privacy and services tab in the sidebar on the left side.
Choose Privacy and service in Sidebar
Step 3.
Click the Choose What to Clear button.
Edge Choose What to Clear Button
Step 4.
You should be at the Clear browsing data window now. In the Time range list, you just choose All time.
Edge Clear Browsing Data Interface
Step 5.
Check the two boxes for Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Then click the Clear Now button.
Check two Boxes

How to Clear Facebook Cache in Internet Explorer 10

Step 1.
Launch Internet Explorer on your computer.
Step 2.
Click the Tools (Alt + X) button on the top right (the icon that looks like a gear).
IE 10 Tools
Step 3.
Select the Safety option and click the Delete browsing history.
IE 10 Safety
Step 4.
Check the Temporary Internet Files and website files box, Cookies and website data box, and the History box. Then click the Delete button on the bottom of the window..
Delete Borwsing History Interface

How to Clear Facebook Cache in Chrome

Step 1.
Open your Google Chrome. Click the three vertical dots button in the top right corner of the browser. Select the More tools, and then enter Clear browsing data…
Clear Chrome Data
Step 2.
In the Time range box, select the All time.
Chrome Clear Browsing Data
Step 3.
Check the Cookies and other site data box and the Cached images and files box. Then click the Clear Data button on the bottom right of the window.
Chrome Clear Browsing Data

Part 4: How to Clear Facebook Cache on Mac

Just like on Windows, users may use different browsers to access Facebook. To clear Facebook cache on Mac is almost the same as to clear Facebook cache on Windows. However, it is necessary to talk about the way to do it in Safari.

How to Clear Facebook Cache in Safari

Step 1.
Open Safari. Click the Safari tab in the top left corner. Select the preferences on the drop-down list.
Clear Cache for Mac Preferences
Step 2.
Click the Advanced tab. Now you can see a box called Show Develop menu in menu bar. Check the box and close the window.
Clear Safari Cache Advanced Show Develop Menu
Step 3.
Now there is a new menu called Develop in the menu bar. Click it. In the drop-down list, just click the Empty Caches button.
Clear Safari Cache Click Empty Caches

Part 5: FAQs about Clearing Facebook Cache

Why can clearing caches fix things?

When a website updates its backend, the new version of website caches differs from the old caches so the conflict leads to some odd problems. Thus, clearing the old caches can solve problems sometimes.

Do I need to clear Facebook cache every day?

No. To clear Facebook Cache is for the purpose of a quick fix. If you clear it too often, you will even spend more time waiting for the load time.

Is it safe to clear Facebook cache?

Yes, it is safe to clear Facebook cache. The cache only stores files that are not essential.


This article introduces 8 ways to clear Facebook cache on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. On Android and iOS, you can clear Facebook cache both in the app and in the settings. However, on Windows and macOS, you are supposed to clean Facebook cache by clearing the caches of your browser.

If you are an iPhone user, we recommend you use the Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to clean your Facebook cache, which is efficient and convenient. If you have any better idea about clearing Facebook cache, please let us know in the comments.

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8 Methods to Clear Facebook Cache - Ultimate Tutorial