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How to Free up Space and Get More Storage on iPhone

When we talk about the biggest difference between iPhone and Android? Apart from the operation system, you may also think about the storage expansion. iPhone don't allow you to insert a SD card for gaining more storage space like Android does. So along with the daily usage of your iPhone 5/5s/5c/4S/4/6s/6s Plus/7 Plus/7, you have to frequently free up space to get more storage, especially when you are a 16G iPhone user.

How to Get More Storage on iPhone

Here comes the question, how to get more storage on iPhone? If you are constantly running out of space on your iPhone or iPad, you must be eager to find the solution to make more storage. Actually, different ways can help you do that. This guide will show you how to manage your iPhone data, free up space and get more storage on iPhone.

Part 1. How to get more storage on iPhone 5/5c/5s/4S/4/6/7

At the first part of this post, we will show you some basic trying to free up your iPhone space and make more storage. You should often use these methods to keep your iOS device in a good running condition.

Remove unnecessary apps

You will download various apps to get more functions or fun. While for many applications that you downloaded for pleasure or some specific usages, you may notice that you haven't used them for a long time. When you want to get more storage on iPhone, it's time to delete the unwanted apps.

Method one:

Step 1Unlock your iPhone and locate the app you want to delete.

Step 2Keep tapping the app icon until it wobbles, tap on the cross to delete the app.

Method two:

Step 1Turn on your iPhone and open Settings app.

Step 2Tap General and then choose iPhone Storage. Find the app you nearly use and tap Delete App.

Delete Apps to Get More Storage on iPhone

Clear Safari cache

Still wondering how do I get more storage on my iPhone? You can clean up the Safari cache. To do that, you can tap "Settings" > "Safari" > "Clear History and Website Data".

Clear Safari Cache

Turn off Photo Stream

Photo stream makes it very convenient to sync pictures among all your iOS devices. When you take a photo on iPhone, it will be synced to your iPad or iPod touch as well. In fact, they will take lots of space. So you can disable photo stream feature to make more storage on iPhone.

Open Settings app and find Photos, and turn My Photo Stream to Off contion.

Photo Stream

Get more iCloud storage on iPhone

iCloud gives 5GB of free space to every iOS user. If you want to get more storage of iCloud, this part will help you regain some free space.

Step 1Turn on iPhone and navigate to Settings app.

Step 2Enter your Apple account and choose iCloud.

Step 3Tap on Manage Storage. Now you can see a list of apps displayed with the storage. Remove useless files to get more storage.

How to Get More Storage on iCloud

Plug-in storage devices

iPhone doesn't allows you to add a SD card to expand the storage. But many wireless storage devices on the market can help you get more storage. With this kind of device, you can easily put some large files like videos, songs, photos to it and then free up space.

Plug-in Device to Get More Storage on iPhone

Part 2. How do you get more storage on iPhone (Professional ways)

With the methods above, you can handily make more storage on iPhone. However, you may use these ways everyday to free up space and need some more effective methods. Now we back to the question, how to get more storage on iPhone, and show you two professional solutions.

Best iPhone Storage Eraser to make more space on iPhone

If you want to quickly delete the useless iPhone data, you can rely on the powerful iPhone Storage Eraser. It has the capability to get more storage on iPhone with ease. You can free download it and have a try.

Step 1Launch iPhone Storage Eraser

Download, install and run this iPhone storage erasing software on your computer. Connect your iOS device to it with USB cable.

iPhone Storage Manager

Step 2Select erase level

Three erasing modes are provided for you to choose from. You can pick your preferred one according to your need.

Erase Level

Step 3Get more iPhone storage

Click "Start" button to remove all the iOS data from your iPhone. After that, your iPhone will back to the brand new condition and you can restore the necessary files to it with iTunes/iCloud backup.

Get More Storage on Your iPhone

Best iPhone Storage Manager to get more space on iPhone

When you have the need to make more iPhone storage, you probably try many ways to get there. There must be many valuable files on your iPhone that you don't want to delete. Though you have backed up them to iTunes or iCould, you just can't easily access them. At this time, maybe a good iPhone storage manage tool is all you need. Here we sincerely recommend the iOS Data Transfer to help you better manage all types of iOS data. You can free download it and give a try.

FoneTrans - iOS Transfer For Mac

Step 1After downloading, install and open this iPhone storage managing tool on your PC/Mac. Connect your iPhone to it via USB cable.

iOS Data Transfer

Step 2You can see all kinds of iPhone files are listed in categories on the left list, such as contacts, photos, videos, SMS and more. Click the data type and you are allowed to check the detailed information of each data on the right window.

Check Data

Step 3Choose the iPhone files you want to transfer and click "Export to" > "Export to PC" to backup them to your computer.

Get More Storage on iPhone by Transferring

When this process is finished, you can delete some large storage data on iPhone as your case. This iOS Data Transfer also enables you to transfer various files to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

We mainly talk about how to get more storage on iPhone in this article. Several basic and professional solutions are offered to get the job done. Hope you can free up space and make more storage on iPhone after reading this page.

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