7 Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Your Device Effectively

Among the myriad platforms, Facebook is a pioneer in fostering these connections, facilitating worldwide conversation. Over time, our messages on the said platform have precious memories that are an indispensable part of our lives. Despite having advanced data preservation, accidental deletion of messages is a common concern for many users. Fortunately, there are still ways that you can perform to recover the deleted message you have received on Facebook. In this article, we will explore how to recover deleted Facebook messages easily using different approaches, such as by default and third-party tools.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages with Default Feature

1. Archived Messages

One of the common misconceptions is that messages on Facebook are not deleted but removed from the primary message and send into a folder known as Archived Folder. It is a method you can use not to see the message of a Facebook user on you from the primary inbox. How to find deleted Facebook messages on Archived? Well, you can follow the succeeding steps we have listed below.

Archived Chats

Steps on How to View Archived Messages:

Step 1.
You can log your Facebook account on the app's main website or through the application installed on your device.
Step 2.
Open the messenger, and tap the pfp in the top left corner. On the website version of it, click the Messenger icon that will appear.
Step 3.
Next, click on See All in Messenger or Message Request and scroll to the button of the list to see the messages.
Step 4.
In the section Archived, find the conversation that you have accidentally transferred here, and you can send a message to them to put it back in the primary inbox, or you can unarchive it if you want.

2. Downloaded Data

We must remember that Facebook has advanced data preservation for users only. You can download your data containing messages, posts, photos, and more. This method will not retrieve your past conversation to the Facebook messages, but you can view them on the downloaded data. Can you recover deleted messages on Facebook? Well, you can perform the steps we provided to see the Facebook data archive it has saved.

Download Data

Steps on How to Download Data on Facebook:

Step 1.
Open your account, click Facebook Settings, and select Settings & Privacy.
Step 2.
Inside it, click Settings and select Your Facebook Information in the left-hand column.
Step 3.
Next, select Download Your Information, and choose the data you wish to include in the archived. In this case, select messages and set the date and time range of the data you want.
Step 4.
Click the Create File button, and when the file is ready, you will be notified of the download. Check your conversation in the downloaded archive to see if any deleted messages you want to retrieve are presented.

3. File Explorer

File Explorer on your Android does contain a summary of the currently available data on your device; it includes temporary files. But, if you have formatted your Android device and still want to retrieve the deleted message, this method will not work. Try this out if you want to know how to find deleted Facebook messages on your Android by default.

File Explorer

Steps on How to Use File Explorer:

Step 1.
On your Android device, launch the File Explorer app and navigate to where the temporary files are being kept, either internal storage or SD card.
Step 2.
Find the Android folder, open the data folder, and select the Cache folder.
Step 3.
Inside that folder, find the fb_temp and open the file to retrieve the deleted message from Facebook.

4. Inspect

For those who access Facebook on their computer and haven’t cleared their browser cache since the deletion of a message, there is a possibility that the temporary files may contain your deleted messages. It is worth noting that this method is more technical than the previous one we mentioned. Sometimes, the result is not what you expected, but the possibilities are still there if you want to try. By following the steps included, learn how to see deleted messages on Facebook using this method.


Steps on How to Use Inspect for Retrieving Data on Facebook:

Step 1.
Open your web browser and log your account into the main website of Facebook.
Step 2.
Open the chat where you want to retrieve the currently deleted message.
Step 3.
In the empty area of the chat interface, right-click it, and choose Inspect or Inspect Elements from the context menu that appears.
Step 4.
After that, windows with code snippets will show; look for the Console tab and type localStorage to view the browser's local storage. Here, you can see the temporary message information that is.

5. Facebook Support

If the method mentioned above did not work as expected, it is best to ask for help using Facebook Support. In this way, you can actively contact chat support to help you solve the problem and restore deleted Facebook messages.

Part 2. Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages with Third-party [Android & iOS]

1. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

How to recover deleted Facebook messages on iOS? Well, you can use the FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery. This app is comprehensive, and it highlights a powerful recovery function where it scans all of the existing and recently deleted data on the connected iOS. The app can retrieve files such as media, messages, contacts, memos, etc. It may seem challenging to use this at first, especially if this is your first time. Still, if you follow the how to recover deleted Facebook messages tutorial we added, surely you can master it in a single try.

Step 1.
You can download the app by clicking the download button presented below. Install it promptly, and launch the program to start using it.
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Step 2.
Connect your device to the computer where you download the app, and click Trust when a notification appears on your iOS screen.
Step 3.
Select iPhone Data Recovery mode and tick the Start Scan button to scan your iOS data.
iOS data Recovery
Step 4.
When it is completed, click everything you want by ticking each box, and select Recover to start recovering all of the checked data.
Select Files to Recover

2. FoneLab Android Data Recovery

FoneLab Android Data Recovery is a complete Android data recovery app you can install on your Windows or Mac, and you can also use this to retrieve deleted messages. With it, you can quickly preview the existing and deleted messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms. It is the best option to recover deleted Facebook messages on Android. Use the steps below to learn how to find deleted Facebook messages using this app.

Step 1.
Download it on your PC or Mac, then install the package you downloaded earlier to your computer. When that is finished, click the Start Now button to launch it.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2.
Connect your Android device to the computer inside the app, and this tool will detect it. Then, open Data Recovery.
Open Data Recovery
Step 3.
Choose the files you want to recover from the options on your screen. When every box is ticked, click the Next button.
File to Recover
Step 4.
Take a quick preview of every data the app scans before you export it. Click Recover to start the process and export the files.
Recover Data

Part 3. FAQs on How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Are deleted Facebook messages permanently deleted?

No, there are still data left that can be retrieved when it happens. However, there are some instances that even if you tried to retrieve the message from Facebook, it is still unable to.

How do I permanently delete Facebook messages on both sides?

In the recent update of Facebook, you can now unsent a message and choose everyone. This way, the message will be permanently deleted from your end and to the recipient's inbox.

Can I recover deleted messages on Messenger?

Unfortunately, there are no built-in features wherein you can undelete the feature of the deleted Messenger. Once you have deleted the message on Messenger, you are not allowed to retrieve it by default. That is why you can use other methods to do it. But you need to remember the longer the message has been deleted, and the more difficult it is to retrieve.

Can I request Facebook to recover my deleted messages?

You can reach out to Facebook Support to inquire about any potential options or assistance that they may provide in exceptional cases you have.

Does Facebook have a recycle bin or trash folder to retrieve the messages?

No, there is no built-in recycle bin or trash folder where you can retrieve the deleted message.


Keep hope since there are different approaches that you can take to retrieve deleted Facebook messages on your end. Copy the steps ideally to get the output you want to have quickly.

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