Top 4 AIFF Compression Software You Can Use to Shrink the AIFF File Size

May 11, 2022Ashley Mae

Audio Interchange File Format, known as AIFF, is a standard format for storing audio data on PCs and other devices. This format is commonly seen on Apple devices; it has become a good choice for everyone because of its unique encoding process on every audio. On the contrary, did you know that the AIFF files are uncompressed and could take too much of your storage to store one? As a result, you might need a compressor that could shrink the file size of the audio file into a much more storage-friendly one without destroying its quality. Learn how to do AIFF compression via different tools you can use on your desktop right now.

Compress AIFF

Part 1. One-Stop Compressor to Compress AIFF Files on macOS & Windows

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate provides a phenomenal audio compressor that could help you with your uncompressed AIFF files. This tool offers the best audio compression that you will ever find that the other application can't offer. The speed and technique of compressing this tool offer give you the upper hand in squeezing the audio file into a much smaller size. Due to its functions in compressing, this tool is the best for audio compression.

What's more? We call this software a one-stop compressor because it provides other functions that you can do other than AIFF compression. You can also change the format of AIFF into another format with an encoder such as MP3, AAC, WMA, and others. So, if you are about to use this tool, you can follow the succeeding steps as we indicate how to do the compression in less than a minute.

Step 1:
First and foremost, click the download button to have the ultimate software on your desktop; click the download button presented below, and choose the appropriate button. Install the file you download, then launch the software to proceed with using it.
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Step 2:
To use the compressor, you must go first to the Toolbox by clicking it and pressing the Audio Compressor presented on the list inside the toolbox.
Open Audio Compressor
Step 3:
Press the + icon to upload the AIFF file you want to compress with the help of this ultimate software. Select the audio file on the folder that will show after you click the +, click the file, and press Open to proceed with reducing the file size of it.
Add AIFF File
Step 4:
To reduce the file size, you can hold and drag the slider; you can adjust it to make it the lowest to save more space but make sure to Preview it to listen to it. To know the sound of a compressed AIFF file before you export it.
Adjust Slider to Compress
Step 5:
Begin the compressing by clicking the Export button; a dialogue box will show on your screen after it is finished, indicating that the reducing the file is complete.
Export Compressed AIFF

Part 2. How to Compress and Convert AIFF to MP3 Files Online for Free

1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is an option you can choose to do an AIFF compression online for free. This tool can change the audio codec, bitrate, channels, and such to make the AIFF file you upload here smaller than before. You can also use the other features it provides, which is the trimmer. Though you can use the tool for free, after you export the format, the file extension will be .mp3 and not .aiff anymore. If this doesn't bother you, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Search the converter on the web, you can use your favorite browser to do it.
Step 2:
Once you are on the main web page, click Select File to upload the AIFF file you want to compress.
Click Select File
Step 3:
Under it, you can change the audio options to make the file size of AIFF smaller by clicking the wrench icon. Adjust it according to your preferences, and click Okay to save the adjustment you did.
Adjust Audio Settings
Step 4:
Click Convert to save the compressed MP3 file on your desktop.
Convert to Compressed AIFF

2. Convertio

Another free online audio compressor you can use to do an AIFF compression is the Convertio. Same as the first web tool, to shrink the file size of the AIFF, you will need to change the variable bitrate, bitrate, and audio channel. However, this tool has a chrome extension for you to access it much better than the other web converter available on the market. Instead of searching for it again, you can set its extension to use it right away. So, if you want to try using this compressor-converter, you can read the steps and copy them.

Step 1:
Use your browser to search for the web tool, and open it.
Step 2:
Press Choose Files to upload the AIFF file you want to compress and convert.
Choose AIFF File
Step 3:
Click the cog icon to open the audio settings, and now you are allowed to change the settings according to your needs. After that, click OK to save the changes.
Adjust AIFF Settigns
Step 4:
Press the Convert button to start compressing and converting the AIFF file.
Save Compressed AIFF

3. XConvert

XConvert is far different from the other two web tools we introduce in this article in terms of GUI. It uses a plain interface; though it is basic, it is understandable how the web tool works. It is great to use, but it is not the best compared to the compressor-converter we introduced earlier, especially on the ultimate converter. So, if you want to know how the web tool works, the following steps will help you do it at ease.

Step 1:
Open the web tool, and click Add Files to insert the AIFF file. Wait for the uploading process to be finished.
Add AIFF Audio File
Step 2:
In this part, you can change the bitrate, audio channel, and sample rate to compress the audio file you upload. Ensure that you don't overdo changing the options to avoid losing audio quality.
Change AIFF Settings
Step 3:
Click Compress to start compressing the audio file and wait for the process.
Start Compressing AIFF

Part 3. FAQs on How to Compress AIFF Files

Does AIFF have an encoder?

Most AIFF files do have an encoder that is much smaller than the audio file and it is an alteration of AIFF and that is the AIFF-C or AIFFC. The AIFF-c compresses are smaller than the original AIFF because it has an encoder that helps the file size smaller.

Can I use an encoder to compress the AIFF?

Yes, you can use an encoder to compress the AIFF file. However, using an encoder to make the file smaller seems easy, but it isn't. So, instead of an encoder, you should try using a compressor to reduce the file size. Or, you can convert the AIFF file into a format with an encoder like the MP3.

What makes AIFF best for storing audio?

AIFF files store a raw audio file, which means once you use this format for your audio, there will be no quality lost once you export it. However, the file size is the number one enemy of this format.


Now that we know that it is possible for AIFF, an uncompressed file format, to bring into a smaller file size. This blog provides the information you'll need to know how to do it with the different software available on the web and desktop. Does this article help you? You can leave a comment below if you have other queries regarding this article so that we can discuss it with you.

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