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April 12, 2022Ashley Mae

The audio size always depends on the duration and the bitrate rate of an audio file. We all want to maximize the songs we store on our devices to listen to them anytime and anywhere. Despite having the best songs on our devices, one of the enemies we have in common is the file size of our songs. With different variations in size, we can see that the only solution we must do to save some space and store more pieces entirely is by compressing them into a smaller size. If you are a Mac user, the best solution to compress the file is by using the iTunes pre-installed on your device. So, if you want to learn how to compress audio files in iTunes without degrading the original high-fidelity of the audio, then this article will teach you how.

Compress Audio in iTunes

Part 1. Is it Possible to Compress Audio Files in iTunes

If we are talking about compressing the audio, you can count on the best built-in application you find on your Mac device: iTunes. With this app, you can easily change the bitrate of the audio file; you have to make the file a little less prominent than the original. You can expect the audio file to compress quickly by changing the bitrate. Although the higher the bitrate, the better the quality, we cannot hide that the file size will still be bigger. To help you on your quest on how to compress audio files in iTunes, you can follow the instruction we add below to complete it easily.

Part 2. Complete Steps on How to Compress Audio Files in iTunes Easily

Step 1:
Search iTunes on Finder, then open it on your Mac, and at the top of the display, click Preferences.
Step 2:
On the General tab, find the Import Setting and press it.
Open General Tab
Step 3:
Change the encoder setting to MP3 Encoder. Next is the Settings; click the drop-down button, showing you three suggested bitrates.
Change Encoder

Optional: But if the bitrate on the suggestion is too high for you, you can customize a bitrate by clicking Custom. And a new mini tab will show on your screen; under the Stereo Bitrate, select the bitrate you want and click OK to apply the bitrate change you did.

Step 4:
Click OK on each tab you've opened, then right-click the original audio file in your iTunes, and select Create MP3 Version. Please wait for the converting process; you can click the file and see that its file size has become lower when finished.


  • Free to use on most Mac devices under macOS Catalina or lower.
  • Pre-downloaded.
  • Capable of compressing, converting, storing, and more.


  • It supports a minimal audio format such as MP3, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, and WAV.
  • It might lose quality after you compress the audio file here because you change the bitrate.
  • The updated Mac version doesn't have this built-in app as it replaces it with iMusic, iMovie, and Podcast.

Part 3. Best Alternative to Compress Audio Files on macOS & Windows Effectively

Even though iTunes can help you compress the audio file, there are still limitations. If you change the bitrate of the audio, you will lose the quality of the original audio file, and the compression it provides isn't that much. But with Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can easily squeeze the audio file size without degrading the audio quality. It won't change the bitrate of the audio if you don't want to, so the high-quality audio will remain. Also, this software supports additional features and functions that you must have on your desktop to fix any correlated video and audio problems. To know the features you can get once you've downloaded it, you must read the following information below.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate


Video Converter Ultimate

  • With the 1000+ supports, you can easily upload your video and audio files here.
  • Compress your audio and video file here without destroying the original quality.
  • With an intuitive interface like this, you won't need to be a pro to use it.
  • It supports a multitude of unique features and functions on Toolbox.
  • Supports ultra-fast converting process and hardware acceleration.
  • Available to be downloaded on your Windows 10/11 & macOS.
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To test this software, kindly read the following details to know how to compress audio files in iTunes best alternative by downloading it on your Mac and Windows. Then install it promptly and launch it to proceed to the next step below.

Step 1:
If the tool is running onto your system, press Toolbox and choose Audio Compression to do the compressing, you will need on your audio file.
Open Audio Compressor
Step 2:
To insert the audio file, click the + button present on your screen. A folder will open; select the audio file you want to compress into your drive and click Open to insert it successfully.
Add Audio File
Step 3:
By dragging the slider, you can now change the size according to your needs. You will see the percentage of how big you reduced on the audio file on the left side.
Adjust Slider to Compress
Step 4:
If you are satisfied with the compressed audio file you did on this compressor, click Compress. The files location folder will show on your screen after the compression. Easy isn't it? That is what Aiseesoft wants you to achieve an easy way to compress but an excellent output at the end.
Save Compress Audio

Part 4. FAQs on How to Compress Audio Files on iTunes

Do I need to change the bitrate on iTunes to be compressed?

If we are talking about the default app, iTunes, then there is no other way to compress the audio file other than changing its bitrate. Although changing the bitrate might help you lessen the size of the audio file, you must consider that the quality might reduce once you reduce the bitrate.

What is the ideal bitrate of an audio file on iTunes should be?

Even though iTunes supports as low as 16 kbps or as high as 320 kbps, the ideal bitrate for the audio you want to compress is 80 kbps on iTunes. But remember, do not overdo it because once you lower the bitrate of audio lower than 80 kbps, you will hear a vast difference between the uncompressed and compressed audio. The 80 kbps is ideal but not the standard, so you may choose whatever bitrate you want.

Why can't I compress my audio file on iTunes?

After you change the bitrate, you must duplicate the file to make it compressed. To do it, you can follow step 4 on part 2 of this article as we indicated them for you step-by-step.


Now that you understand how to compress audio files in iTunes, it has become more accessible and precise. So, if you want to compress the file size of the audio you have, doing it on iTunes can help you by following the steps above. However, the squeezing function it provides isn't much, so if you want to shorten the file size, the ideal audio compressor is the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Still not believing in what this ultimate software can do? To prove that it is the best, you must click the download button above to know that it is reliable and the best compressor you can have.

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