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How to Convert PNG Files to SVG with 5 Efficient Solutions

There are a variety of image formats and use cases, and you may get confused about which one to choose in a certain case, and how to convert an image from one format to another.

Do not worry, this passage is going to tell you the difference between PNG and SVG, and lists 5 powerful solutions to help you convert PNG files to SVG. If you are interested in this topic, read on and learn more details.

Convert png to svg

Convert PNG to SVG

Part 1. PNG VS SVG

Before you start convert PNG to SVG, you need to figure out the difference between these two image formats, including their relative merits, use cases, etc.

Definition PNG, or named Portable Network Graphics, is the most common lossless raster image format on the Internet. When a PNG file is saved and compressed, the image data will not be lost. SVG is the abbreviation of Scalable Vector Graphics. Though it cannot store pixel based on data, it enables coordinating saved info in the image. The vectors SVG images can be scaled without losing any quality loss.
Category Lossless Vector/ lossless
  • Alpha transparency
  • 8-bit files
  • Up to 25% compression
  • Two-dimensional interlacing
  • A XML-based structure with tags
  • Scale to any size without losing any pixels.
  • Available to various sizes
  • Modify and animate elements with JavaScript
Use for PNG plays well with line art, logos, icons, and images with few colors as well as transparent backgrounds. SVG also works well on line drawing, logos, and icons together with illustrations. Besides, it is also good at data visualization.
Compression Although the compression algorithms within PNG are lossless, you can also choose to reduce its color spectrum to downsize. You are able to manage the SVG compression with SVGz. In most cases, however, it is unnecessary and redundant to compress SVG files.

Part 2. 5 methods to convert PNG to SVG

Method 1 to convert PNG to SVG online: Aconvert

Aconvert is a famous online PNG to SVG conversion tool for free. With this wonderful converter, you are capable of getting the image file in the format you want. It is fast, free, and also easy to use. However, the only disadvantage of Aconvert is that there will be a couple of ads in this website.

Step 1 Open the conversion tool

Search Aconvert on Google, or enter to open this online PNG to SVG converter.

Step 2 Add a PNG image

Next upload a PNG image that you wish to convert to SVG from the local folder of your computer.

Step 3 Convert PNG to SVG

After selecting SVG as the exported format, hit the "GO" button to start converting PNG to SVG.


Method 2 to convert PNG to SVG online: Online Convert

Online Convert is also a professional conversion tool aimed at converting your image from one format to another. It is supports a wide range of image formats, thus it will be quite easy and convenient to make image file conversions from PNG to SVG, JPEG, TIFF, and change from SVG to JPG, etc.

Step 1 Open Online Convert

Launch Google on your computer, then search and find

Step 2 Import a PNG image

Next add a PNG image into Online Convert from computer, DropBox, Google Drive or a website.

Step 3 Choose exported format

Select SVG as the format you want to convert to in the format tab, and set some customize options like DPI, Crop pixels.

Step 4 Convert PNG to SVG

Lastly, just tap on the "Convert file" button to convert your PNG image to SVG.

Online convert

Method 3 to convert PNG to SVG online: Convertio

Convertio is also a well-known online PNG to SVG converter, which is highly recommended to you. Simply select a PNG file and choose SVG from the various format options that are available. It is also easy to use, extremely fast and absolutely free of charge.

Step 1 Open Convertio website

Open the webpage of Convertio with a browser on your computer.

Step 2 Input a PNG image

Click on the button of "Select Files", search and upload a PNG file to this free conversion tool.

Step 3 Start conversion process

Select SVG as the output format for this converted image in the side bar. Finally, you are able to convert your PNG image to SVG format!

If you want to convert PNG to GIF, just select GIF as the output format freely.


Method 4 to convert PNG to SVG online: Zamzar

Zamzar will also be a good choice for you convert PNG images to SVG format. As an online converter, it enables you to convert videos and images to any format you want with several steps. You do not need to download a third-party app.

Step 1 Search Zamzar webpage

Find and locate Zamzar website with Google or any other browser on your computer.

Step 2 Select a PNG file

Add a PNG image from URL, or drag and drop it directly into the added box, and then choose SVG from the format list.

Step 3 Add your email

To receive the converted SVG image, enter your email address. Next tap on the "Convert" button to launch the PNG to SVG conversion now.


Method 5 to convert PNG to SVG online: Pngtosvg

Pngtosvg is also one of the best online conversion tools among the market. Just as its name implies, you are allowed to convert your PNG images to SVG or any other image formats on the web page. What's more, this converter is available for free, too.

Step 1 Go to Office-Converter page

Navigate to the official webpage of and select "Upload Your PNG Images" option from its home screen.

Step 2 Import a PNG

And then import your selected PNG files to this online PNG to SVG converter according to its instructions.

Step 3 Start converting

Lastly press the "Start Convert" button to convert the PNG image to SVG format successfully!

Png to svg

This page focuses on showing the comparison PNG and SVG, and how to convert PNG to SVG for getting scalable sector graphics easily in 5 online tools. Have you grasped all the information? If any question, feel free to leave your comments below.

Part 3. FAQs of converting PNG to SVG

1. Can I convert PNG to SVG Photoshop?

No. You can't export SVG from PNG in Photoshop. But you can copy PNG to Adobe Illustrator and save it as SVG.

2. How do I save an SVG as a PNG?

There are so many online tools to convert SVG to PNG. Let's take Zamzar as an example. Go to Zamzar SVG to PNG website, and click Add Files to import the SVG file into the program. Then select PNG as the output format. After that, click Convert Now button to start saving SVG as PNG.

3. Is SVG better than PNG?

Not all exactly, it depends. If you are working with photos, PNG is better than SVG. But if you need animation, SVG is a better choice. SVG is unique in file size and scalability, while PNG is a more sophisticated image design.

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