Apple Music Crossfade on iOS 17: How to Set a Smooth Song Transition

November 14, 2023Andrew Miller

With the new iOS update, you can have an immersive experience with Crossfade on Apple Music. As you may know, the new iOS version added a few functions to enjoy listening to music and singing, and many iOS users actually enjoy the Crossfade feature. But if this is new to you and you want a seamless listening experience, this guide will teach you how to enable the feature on your iPhone.

Crossfade on Apple Music

Part 1. What's New in Apple Music - Crossfade Between Songs

The feature is a new option released on iOS 17 that allows you to create a smooth transition between songs. Once the song is about to end, it will lessen the volume and gradually increase it to the next song. Surprisingly, the feature was offered on other Apple products like Mac, but iPhones and iPads never had it, so it is great news for music lovers.

Crossfade is a way to avoid the gap of silence or break off the momentum. If you have a playlist with similar genres, it will give you an enjoyable time with endless audio playback. With it being one of the best functions of iOS 17, iOS users will not use third-party apps like Mixonset to fill the gaps between songs.

Part 2. How to Crossfade on Apple Music

No one loves a gap between their favorite songs, so this part will show how to enable Crossfade on your iPhone or iPad. Since the new feature is a part of Apple Music settings, you can also enable it using Android; simply use the following steps:

How to Enable Crossfade on iPhone

Step 1.
The first thing you will do is to update the device with iOS 17. You can do that on the Settings app. Go to the General menu and select the Software Update button. Download the new iOS version.
Step 2.
Once you are through with updating, open the Apple Music app. Navigate to the Music menu and select the Settings option. From the Playback menu, turn on the Crossfade Songs option. Drag the Seconds slider to choose how long the fade is in and out.
How to Crossfade on iPhone Set Up

How to Crossfade on iPad

Step 1.
Since iOS and iPadOS have the same functions, you will need to make sure you have the latest iPadOS 17 software update. Check from the settings within the General menu. Tap the Software Update option to install the software.
How to Crossfade on iPad Set Up
Step 2.
Navigate to the Music app on your iPad and select the Music option. Go to settings and open the Playback menu. When you turn on the Crossfade Songs option, drag the Seconds slider to set the duration it will take for the fade-out effect.

How to Set Apple Music Crossfade on Android

Step 1.
Launch the Apple Music app on your device and tap the ellipsis icon at the upper right corner. Open the settings.
How to Crossfade on Android Set Up
Step 2.
Tap the Crossfade button to apply the fade-in-and-out transition. You can choose Automatic to set the best crossfade length between the songs or Manual to set the duration yourself.

Part 3. Troubleshooting Crossfade Not working in Apple Music

Just like any software update, iOS 17 is not going to be perfect on the first try. You will encounter issues eventually, even the Crossfade on Apple Music. Here, several effective solutions are presented to troubleshoot on your iPhone or iPad.

Restart your Device

If you just upgraded to iOS 17, there is a possibility Crossfade on Apple Music will not work at first, as well as the other new functions. The easier troubleshooting to do is to restart your device. Here is an example of how to restart your iPhone

Step 1.
Quickly press the Volume Up button. Next, do the same to the Volume Down button.
Step 2.
Then, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears. Release the button.
Restart the Device Crossfade Apple Music iPhone

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Step 3.
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Part 4. FAQs about Apple Music Crossfade on iPhone

What is the recommended duration of Crossfade on Apple Music?

While it depends on personal preferences, the recommended time to apply on crossfade is five to six seconds. The duration will effectively put the transition between songs.

Is there a Crossfade feature on Apple Music on Mac?

Yes. Open Apple Music on the computer and go to the menu bar. Open the Music menu and choose the Settings option. Enable the Crossfade function and choose Crossfade Songs. Drag the duration for the fade-in-and-out transition.

Do I need to update my iPad to get crossfade on Apple Music?

Yes. iPadOS is a version of iOS, so they share similar functions despite different home devices. With the iOS 17 release and new features, your iPad must have iPadOS 17 to get the Crossfade and other new features.


Finally, Apple Music Crossfade was introduced on iOS 17 to have a smooth transition on your favorite songs. It is easy to set up with an option to adjust the crossfade duration. If you discover that it is not working on your device despite updating the iOS software, you can use Aiseesoft iOS System Recovery to fix it quickly. Download the professional system recovery tool for free on Windows and Mac.

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