2 Duplicate Music File Finders to Remove Your Apple Music Duplicates

March 17, 2022Ashley Mae

There are plenty of ways to end up with duplicate files in Apple Music or iTunes. It's quite common to have Apple Music duplicate songs. In some cases, you have multiple copies of one same song or an entire album. Surely you don't want to keep them on your Mac. This post tells you 2 effective ways to remove Apple Music duplicates.

Apple Music Duplicates

Part 1: Built-in Way to Delete Apple Music Duplicates

Apple Music app is designed with a feature to find identical tracks. Whatever the reason, when you get lots of Apple Music duplicates, you can rely on its built-in duplicate music file finder to easily locate and remove them.

Step 1:
Open Apple Music on your Mac. Click the File menu on the top menu bar and then select the Library option. From its dropdown, click on the Show Duplicate Items.
Apple Music Show Duplicate Items

With this operation, the Music app will analyze all music files in it and show you all duplicates.

Step 2:
If you want to sort it by exact duplicates, you should press and hold down the Option key on your keyboard, click on the top File menu, select Library, and then choose the Show Exact Duplicate Items option.
Apple Music Show Exact Duplicates
Step 3:
Apple Music doesn't offer a safe way to get rid of all duplicate songs. Once you find all the duplicates in Apple Music, you should view them carefully, and then remove the ones you really want to delete. You can right-click on them and choose the Delete from Library option.
Delete Apple Music Duplicates

To find and learn how to delete duplicate music files in iTunes, you can take similar steps. Launch iTunes on your Mac, click on the File menu, choose Library, and then use the Show Duplicate Items feature to quickly locate iTunes duplicates.

Part 2: Best Duplicate File Finder to Delete Apple Music and Other Duplicates

With the built-in duplicates finding feature in the Music and iTunes app, you can handily locate all duplicate songs. While for other duplicates, or the duplicate music stored on a local hard drive, you can't use the first method to remove them. Here we introduce you to a great duplicate file finder, Mac Cleaner to help you find and delete various duplicate files on your Mac.

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner

  • Offer a Duplicate Finder tool to locate and remove all duplicates on Mac.
  • Delete various duplicate data, junk, large and old files, and other useless data.
  • Monitor Mac status, speed up Mac in real-time, and optimize Mac.
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Step 1:
Free install and launch this duplicate file finding software on your Mac. You can first click Status to check your Mac statuses like CPU, Disk, and Memory.
Getting Started
Step 2:
To quickly locate all duplicate files including Apple Music and iTunes duplicates on the Mac, you can go to Cleaner and then use the Duplicate Finder.
Main Interface
Step 3:
Click on the Scan button to quickly find all duplicate data. After scanning, you can click the View button to check these scanning results. Select all duplicates you want to delete, and then click on the Clean button.
Step 4:
As mentioned above, you can access many other useful tools in ToolKit. Click the ToolKit and you can choose the specific tool based on your need.
Mac Cleaner Toolkit

Part 3. FAQs of How to Find and Delete Apple Music Duplicates

1. Can Apple Music delete duplicate songs automatically?

No. For now, Apple Music doesn't have a feature to automatically find and remove duplicate items. You need to locate these duplicates and then manually remove them from the music library.

2. What happens if I delete a song from my Apple Music Library?

After you remove a song from your library in Apple Music, it will be deleted from the app and any associated Apple devices.

3. Does Photos app on my Mac have a duplicate file finder?

No, there isn't a duplicate file finder or duplicates finding feature designed in the Photos app. To quickly locate all duplicate pictures in it, you can open Smart Folder in the Finder, set up a filter like data to sort all photos, and then manually view and remove duplicate ones..


Have many Apple Music duplicates and look for an easy way to get rid of them? Even though duplicate songs are almost unavoidable, you can rely on the 2 duplicate file finders above to easily locate and then delete duplicates.

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