[Ultimate Solution] How to Delete Game Data on iPhone with Step-by-Step Guide

October 25, 2023Louisa White

You will not mind a few applications to be installed on your phone, especially if they come as helpful as you need them. Game apps are almost essential if you are an avid mobile game player or just need them for your free time. But as time passes, you must delete games on your iPhone to free up more space or simply lose interest in them. This is an important task since the app data impacts the device's performance. Find out how to manage your apps with this post.

Delete Games on iPhone

Part 1. How to Delete Games on iPhone

There are many ways to manage your apps to prevent having issues on your device. As for this part, it will present three methods to effectively delete game apps you don’t need on your iPhone.

Delete Game Apps on iPhone by Default

When you don’t like a game anymore, you tend to uninstall it to free up the space it consumes. This is the easiest way to remove it from your app list on iPhone:

Step 1:
Navigate to the home screen of your device and locate the target app for deletion. Long-press the app until a dropdown menu appears.
Step 2:
From the menu list, choose the Delete App option. When a prompt appears on your screen, press the Delete button to confirm your choice.
Delete App Home Screen Delete Games from iPhone
Step 3:
If you choose the Edit Home Screen option, tap the X icon on the app. Confirm the selection by tapping the Delete button.

Use Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to Uninstall Apps

Do you want to easily uninstall games on your iPhone, but you don’t want to do it manually? You can expect Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to do it for you! With just a few clicks, the software will scan your iPhone and reveal the apps you don’t, as well as photos, videos, music, etc. Its user-friendly UI lets you quickly manage the long list of apps while keeping track of the space you free up. Furthermore, this solution is capable of erasing private data without recovery mode to protect the information, making it irresistible for a straightforward deletion process.

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Step 1:
First, download Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner on Windows or Mac. Complete the installation and launch it once done. Check if you have the latest version of iTunes. If you don’t have it, download the app from the official store. Connect the iOS device to the computer with a USB cable. When prompted, enter the passcode and tap the Trust button to proceed.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Download Connect Device
Step 2:
After the device is successfully connected to the iPhone Cleaner, you will see the storage space details in the main interface. Click the More Info button to see more device details. When you’re done, click the Quick Scan button to scan the iPhone.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Quick Scan
Step 3:
Each category revealed by the tool is mostly junk that consumes too much device storage. Since you want to delete games on your iPhone, click the Erase button from the Uninstall Applications option.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Erase Uninstall Applications
Step 4:
View the scanned applications and check for the games you want to uninstall. Also, keep track of every app’s size to estimate the space you can free up. After you have selected the app to delete, click the Uninstall button. Click the Confirm button, and the iPhone Cleaner will tell you the process is completed.
Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner Uninstall

Delete Games on iPhone via the Settings App

To eliminate any information about the game, you can go to your device's settings. The following demonstration will show you how to delete games from the Settings app:

Step 1:
Navigate to the setting’s home page and tap the General menu. Choose the iPhone Storage option to expand the list of apps on the mobile device.
iPhone Settings iPhone Storage Delete App
Step 2:
Find the game app you want to delete. Then, swipe it from right to left to show other options. Tap the Delete App button to uninstall the target app. Do the same procedure to delete other programs on your phone.

Part 2. How to Delete Game Data on iPhone

Are you in a situation where you want to keep your game progress while deleting the app? The good thing is iPhone specializes in keeping your progress but allows you to uninstall the application. The Offload App is a great choice to free up space on the mobile device, but you can come back to the game later with the same progress. In this case, see the steps below to delete the game data from your iPhone:

Step 1:
To manually delete the app data, go to the Settings app and head to the General section. From the iPhone Storage tab, select the app you want to delete.
Step 2:
When the app detail appears, press the Offload App button. Remember that you can mostly offload downloaded apps but not Photos, Health, and other default apps.
iPhone Settings Storage Offload App Delete Game
Step 3:
You can set the feature to offload app data automatically from the settings. Go to the iPhone Storage menu, look under the Recommendations section, and tap the Enable button for the Offload Unused Apps option.

Part 3. FAQs about Deleting Games on iPhone

Why can't I delete games on my iPhone?

Screen Time might be the reason why you can’t remove an app from your phone. Change it by visiting the settings app and navigating the Screen Time menu. Choose the Content & Privacy Restrictions option, then enter your passcode. Select iTunes & Apps Store Purchases, then allow the Deleting Apps function to remove any app.

How do I delete a game folder on my iPhone?

If you have a folder with all the games, you can delete it by long-pressing it. Then, tap the Remove Folder button. Alternatively, empty the folder, and it will be removed automatically.

How do I delete purchased games on my iPhone?

Launch App Store and tap the Updates button from the lower part of your screen. Press the Purchased button to see the My Purchases menu, Swipe an app from right to left to delete it.

Do game apps damage my iPhone?

There won’t be a problem if you download the apps directly from the App Store. If you experience performance issues when playing, you need to delete the game app from your iPhone because it does not meet the game's minimum requirements.

Does deleting an app from an iPhone affect progress from another device?

No. When you delete an app, you only locally remove data from that device. If the same app is associated with another iPhone or iPad, it will not delete its app data.


In the end, you have to manage your device to maintain its stability and performance. This post showed the best ways to delete games from iPhones via the default ways. Ultimately, use Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner to quickly scan and uninstall the apps you don’t use. See more of its promising features by downloading it for free.

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