4 Ways to Delete Safari History on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Safari and other web browsers are set to store the website data whenever you search and browse on the internet. With Safari history on your Mac and iOS device, you can easily revisit a site next time. While for different reasons, you may want to delete Safari history on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. This post will show you how to delete history on Safari step by step.

Delete Safari History

Part 1. Regular Ways to Delete History on Safari

Collected Safari history on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad will take up storage space and lead it to run inefficiently. Also, these histories, caches, and cookies may reveal your personal information. Whatever the reason, when you want to delete history on Safari, either on a Mac, or an iOS device, you can use the 2 common methods below to do that.

How to delete Safari history on Mac

Step 1:
Open the Safari app on your Mac. Click the top Safari menu and choose the Clear History option from the drop-down list.
Clear safari history option on mac
Step 2:
You will get a prompt message saying that Clearing history will remove related cookies and other website data. You are offered some time options like the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history in the Clear drop-down list. You can select a suitable one to delete Safari history on Mac based on your need.
Select time to delete safari history on mac
Step 3:
After you open the Safari app on Mac, you can also use the Clear History feature under the History menu to clear Safari browsing and search histories. Then you can choose the right time span for deleting history on Safari.
Delete safari history on mac

By doing so, you can easily remove various Safari data, including the history of web pages you visited, recent searches, snapshots, the list of downloaded items, frequently-visited sites, and more.

How to remove Safari history on iPhone and iPad

Step 1:
When you want to clear Safari history and cookies on iPhone or iPad, you should go to the Settings app. Here we take deleting Safari history on iPhone as an example.
Step 2:
In the Settings interface, scroll down to locate the Safari app. Tap on it and then choose the Clear History and Website Data option to remove Safari history on iPhone. You need to tap on Clear History and Website Data again to confirm the deleting.
Delete safari history on iPhone

As you can see, during this step, you are also allowed to block all cookies, prevent tracking, and custom other settings.

Step 3:
To quickly clear all website data on iPhone, you should scroll down to the bottom part and then tap on the Advanced option. Choose Website Data and tap Remove All Website Data.
Remove all website data iPhone

Part 2. Professional Ways to Safari History on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Besides the official methods to delete history on Safari, you can use third-party iOS or Mac data cleaning software to remove all Safari histories, caches, and cookies. Here in this part, we like to recommend two great Safari history clearing tools for you.

How to delete history on Safari with Mac Cleaner

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner - Delete Safari History on Mac

  • Delete Safari search history, downloads, cookies, caches, and other files on Mac.
  • Remove junk files, memory, virus, adware, malware, and more from Mac.
  • Clear duplicated photos, delete large and old files, and uninstall apps to free up Mac storage.
  • Monitor Mac performance like disk utilization, battery status, memory, and CPU usage.
Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Step 1:
Free download and launch Mac Cleaner. The main interface is mainly designed with three key features, Status, Cleaner, and Toolkit. You can view the current Mac CPU, memory, and disk usages.
Getting started
Step 2:
Click Cleaner on the left panel, you can get several options to remove junk files, old and large files, and duplicate data, and so on.
Main interface
Step 3:
To delete history on Safari, you should choose System Junk. You can use it to scan and remove various Safari files, system caches, application cache, system logs, user logs, and localization.
Scan System Junk
Step 4:
You can enter Safari in the search box to locate all Safari files quickly. Select Safari histories you want to delete and click on the Clean button.
Delete safari junk files

How to clear history on Safari with iPhone Cleaner

iPhone Cleaner


iPhone Cleaner – Clear History on Safari

  • Easy clear Safari history, caches, and cookies on iPhone and iPad.
  • Delete junk/duplicate/old/large files to fresh iPhone storage space.
  • Uninstall unused apps, erase private data and compress photos.
  • Three erasing levels to wipe all iOS data on iPhone permanently.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 1:
Free install and open this iPhone Cleaner on your Windows PC or Mac. Then you should connect your iOS device to the computer with a USB cable. Here we take deleting Safari history on iPhone as an example. On your iPhone screen, tap Trust when you get the pop-up notice.
Uninstall Applications
Step 2:
After connecting, you can view some basic storage information about this iPhone, such as the used space, available space, and capacity. Now you can click on the Quick Scan button to start the scanning process.
Quick scan
Step 3:
Click the Free up Space to display four options, Erase Junk Files, Uninstall Applications, Delete Large Files, and Clean up Photos.
Free up Space
Step 4:
To clear Safari history on iPhone, you can rely on the Erase Junk Files feature. It can help you clear various website data, image caches, iTunes caches, invalid files, temporary files, etc.
View Junk Files

Part 3. FAQs of How to Delete Safari History on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Question 1. Can I delete an app to remove all Safari history on iPhone?

Yes, after uninstalling the Safari app from your iPhone, all associated data, including history, will be deleted. Considering that, iCloud may back up and sync various Safari files. Next time you re-install the Safari app, you may get all Safari history synced back.

Question 2. Why can't I clear the Safari history?

Different factors will cause you can't delete Safari history. You can try restarting the Safari app or Apple device to fix the issue. If you see the Safari's Clear History and Website Data button grayed out, you should customize your Screen Time settings. Go to the Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time, and then disable the Safari restriction.

Question 3. How can I create private browsing in Safari?

Safari gives a Private Browsing feature for users to privately browse and search on the internet without being tracked or saving/sharing data with other related Apple devices. You can open the Safari app on Mac, click on the File menu, and select the New Private Window option. On an iPhone or iPad, you can tap the Tabs button in the corner, show the Tab Groups list, and choose Private.


How to delete search history on Safari? This post gives you a detailed guide to deleting Safari history on both Mac and iOS devices. When you need to clear history on the Safari app, you can use your preferred method to do that.

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