How to Uninstall Safari on iPhone Running iOS 17/16/15/14/13 or Earlier

August 26, 2019Nicole Jones
I prefer to use Google Chrome app, but how do I uninstall Safari on my iPhone since I do not use it at all.

It cannot be denied that Apple has built in a lot of useful tools on iOS including Photos, App Store, iBook and more.

However, Safari is not as attractive as other mainstream mobile browsers. Many people, for example, reported that they cannot play online video in Safari. Therefore, we will share the best ways to uninstall Safari on iPhone.

Uninstall Safari on iPhone

Uninstall Safari on iPhone

Part 1: Backup iPhone before Uninstalling Safari

Backup should always be the starting point if you intend to uninstall Safari on iPhone. From this point, we recommend FoneLab iOS Data Backup & Restore.

iOS Data Backup and Restore


iOS Data Backup & Restore

  • Make a backup for entire iPhone in one click.
  • Back up selected data types relying on USB cable.
  • Encrypt iPhone backup to protect your data.
  • Available to all iPhones running iOS 17 or earlier.
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In short, it is the best way to back up your iPhone before you uninstall Safari.

How to Back up iPhone

Step 1.
Get the iPhone backup tool

Download and install iOS Data Backup & Restore to your computer and launch it from your desktop.

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Connect your iPhone to the machine with a Lightning cable. We suggest you to use the original cable in order to avoid data loss.

Step 2.
Select data types

Click on the iOS Data Backup button on the main interface to open the data type window. Make sure to check the box next to Safari History under the Memos & Others area and other desired data types.

Select Files
Step 3.
Make a backup for iPhone

If you are ready, click the Next button to start backup your iPhone. When it is done, you will be presented to the Congratulations window. Next, quit the program and begin uninstalling Safari on iPhone.

Backup Files

Note: When you need to get back lost data from backup, click the iOS Data Restore button on the home interface, select the relevant backup to open it in detail window. Then you can preview and restore any files to your iPhone or hard drive.

Part 2: Common Way to Uninstall Safari on iPhone

According to Apple, you cannot uninstall Safari on iPhone, but the icon can be removed from your home screen. Moreover, you can delete Safari browsing history.

Remove Safari Icon on iPhone

Step 1.
Go to your home screen and open the Settings app.
Step 2.
Tap on your name, head to General > Restrictions and tap the Enable Restrictions button at the top of the screen. When prompted, enter a four-digit passcode and re-enter to confirm it. The passcode can be different with the password used to unlock your iPhone.

Tip: For iOS 12 or higher, you need to navigate to Settings > [your name] > General > Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 3.
Locate the Safari option and toggle the switch to the left side to disable it. Go back to your home screen and you will find the Safari icon disappeared.

Note: When you want to put the Safari icon back to your home screen, you only need to turn on Safari in Settings > [your name] > General > Restrictions.

Delete Safari History from iPhone

Step 1.
Go to Settings app, tap on your name and head to Safari.
Step 2.
Touch Clear History and Website Data. Then tap Clear History and Website Data again to remove all browsing history, cookies and cache data.

Note: If you have backed up your iPhone, feel free to delete history data after uninstalling Safari on iPhone.

Part 3: Easiest Way to Uninstall iPhone Safari

On iPhone, you can simply deep tap an app and then press the Delete icon on it in the Edit mode. However, you cannot uninstall Safari and other pre-installed apps on iPhone without jailbreak. On the other hand, Aiseesoft FoneEraser is an easy way to delete your browsing history after you uninstall Safari on iPhone.



Aiseesoft FoneEraser

  • Clear everything on iPhone permanently including Safari history.
  • Provide three erasing levels to meet various needs.
  • Protect your privacy by overwriting iPhone.
  • Compatible with iPhone running iOS 17/16/15/14/13 or earlier.
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In a word, it is the easiest way to delete Safari browsing history after uninstalling Safari on iPhone.

How to Delete Safari History on iPhone Permanently

Step 1.
Connect iPhone with FoneEraser

Download and install the iPhone erasing tool to your computer and then launch it from your desktop.

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Next, connect your iPhone to the computer with the Lightning cable came with your device after you uninstall Safari on iPhone. A few seconds later, your device will be detected.

Tip: If you want to handle multiple iOS devices, connect them to this computer simultaneously.

Step 2.
Select a proper erasing level

Then you can get three erasing levels, Low, Medium and High. The first option will overwrite your iPhone one time, the second one will repeat it twice, and the third one will perform overwriting for three times using advanced technology. You can choose one level based on your situation and click OK button to confirm it.

Choose Erasing Level
Step 3.
Delete and uninstall Safari on iPhone

After choosing erasing level, click on the Start button to start deleting Safari history on iPhone along with other data. When iPhone erasing is complete, quit the program and disconnect your iPhone.

Start Erasing

Note: If you have uninstalled Safari icon on iPhone, you had better clear the Safari cache on iPhone, and then it will not take up any space on your handset after erasing the browsing history.


Now, you should understand how to uninstall Safari on iPhone. As a native app, Safari was already on your iPhone once your set it up. It means that you cannot get rid of this mobile browser on your handset unless you jailbreak iPhone. On the other hand, you can remove Safari icon from your home screen and clear browsing history to free up space. Before that, you'd better back up your iPhone with FoneLab iOS Data Backup & Restore. Moreover, FoneEraser is the easiest way to clear Safari history.

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