3 Methods to Disable Keychain on macOS Sonoma 13

December 16, 2022Amanda Brown

Although Keychain is a powerful feature of the Apple ecosystem, many people still want to disable the Keychain on their macOS Sonoma 13. The first annoying thing is that you will always get noticed when you open the application or website you save the password. Another important reason is that Keychain on Mac is less safe than your iPhone if other people will use your MacBook. This post will give you three methods if you want to turn off Keychain on your Mac. Moreover, another password manager will be introduced to save your passwords more safely on Mac.

Disable Keychain Mac

Part 1. How to Turn Off Keychain Access Function on Mac

Method 1: Disable Keychain on Safari

You can only disable Keychain on Mac with Safari if you do not want this function to keep asking you to save the passwords on the browser.

Step 1:
When you launch Safari, you need to go to the preference menu, where you can press the Command + Comma keys to awaken this window.
Step 2:
Click the Autofill button on the top of the preference menu. You can see many options like names and passwords, credit cards, etc. You can click the checkbox before each item to disable Keychain autofill them.
Autofill in Safari
Step 3:
If you want to disable Keychain on some websites like Facebook specifically. You can click the Edit button to choose more specific websites on your Safari.
Disable Passwords in Safari

Method 2: Disable Keychain on Preference

If you want to disable Keychain on one Mac from syncing with iCloud, you can turn off this function on Preference.

Step 1:
Click the System Preference button on your Mac, and then click the iCloud button to click the Keychain button to make it unchecked.
Step 2:
When you disable Keychain on your Mac iCloud, there will be a pop-up Window. You can click the Keep on This Mac button to save the passwords. And you can also click the Delete from Mac button to delete all passwords, but you can still use those saved passwords on other iOS devices with the same iCloud account.
Turn Off Keychain on iCloud Preference

Method 3: Log out of Keychain Access to Disable It

There is also a way to delete all information and data on Keychain. You can log out of Keychain. But for your information, when you use this method to disable Keychain on Mac, all passwords will be removed from your device.

Step 1:
First, you should launch the Keychain Access app on your Mac
Step 2:
On the left Keychains section, you should click the login button to see all information and data on your Keychain app.
Step 3:
On the top of the screen, you should click the File button, and there is an option: Delete Keychain login. And all passwords will be removed permanently from your Mac.
Delete Keychain Login

Part 2. Safest Passwords Manager for Apple Users

After you disable Keychain on Mac, if you need a safer password manager, you can use Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager to manage your iOS passwords. The safety feature of this software is that every time you manage the passwords, you need to enter the backup password. This feature will prevent other people from using your Mac to access the passwords. This software can export passwords as CSV files for your safety backup. So, when you turn off Keychain on Mac and still need password records, you can use CSV files to transfer those passwords. The last advantage is that you can save passwords from different iOS devices and iCloud accounts. Unlike Keychain, you must log in to the same Apple or iCloud account to sync the passwords. Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager could scan different iOS devices and record them on the Mac to view them anytime.

iPhone Password Manager


Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager

  • Scan your Apple device to get all passwords in or not in the Keychain app.
  • Export your passwords as CSV files for easy backing up and transferring.
  • Manage your passwords to avoid other Mac users accessing without code.
  • Save multiple iOS devices passwords records on your Mac.
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Step 1:
Connect your iPhone and Mac, and then the software will scan your iPhone to get passwords without the iCloud Keychain password.
Start Scanning
Step 2:
You must enter a backup password for accessing this software. So other people who will use this Mac cannot access this software.
iTunes Backup Password
Step 3:
After scanning, all passwords will get organized well for you to manage passwords from your iPhone. And you can click the Export button to save them as CSV files.
Check Scanned Password

Part 3. FAQs about Disabling Keychain Mac

What to Do When I reactive Keychain on Mac iCloud after disabling it?

It is not just simply that you need to relog into the account. You may need to approve this requirement on iCloud-using devices manually. And if there is no other device, you may need to enter an SMS code or iCloud Security Code to use iCloud and Keychain again.

Is Keychain on Mac safe?

Yes, if you are the only one to use the Mac. The keychain has end-to-end encrypted technology, which other people will not hack into this feature to access your password.

How to reset Keychain on Mac?

You should go to Keychain Access and click the Reset Default button from Settings. And then, you need to log out of your Apple account and log in again.


Now you know how to disable Keychain on Mac. And you also learn how to find another password manager on Mac when you turn off this feature or Keychain is not working. For those who share Mac with others, it would be best to turn off Keychain on that Mac. And if you need a privacy tool to save and view passwords, Aiseesoft iPhone Password Manager is your first choice.

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