2 Effective Ways to Edit Voice Memos on iPhone & Mac

February 08, 2023Ashley Mae

Many people are already impressed with the fine-tuned recording this built-in recorder on iOS devices provides. When you need a quick audio clip recording, open this app, tap the red icon, and the recording will begin. Easy right? After a long hour of audio recording with the Voice Memo on iPhone, there are instances that you want to edit the recorded clip to make it sound better or make some adjustments. Editing a clip is essential, and you will need to learn it! Read more on how to edit Voice Memos on iPhone with the tutorial beneath this.

Edit Voice Memos on iPhone

Part 1. How to Edit Voice Memos on iPhone Using Basic Editing Features

The Voice Memo app is underrated, yet it has fully-functional editing features, and there is a reason. The all-in-all editing feature it brings to the table replaces the audio recording with a newer recorded clip and trimming. Yet, it is beneficial for those doing a podcast because they can easily re-record the part instead of the whole thing and trim the audio clip if necessary. So, if you want to know how this works, stay tuned as we introduce to you how to edit Voice Memos on your iPhone below.

Voice Memo on iOS

How to Re-record the Audio Clip on Voice Memo:

Step 1:
Open the app and find the clip that you want to edit.
Step 2:
After you have tapped it, three blue dots appear on your screen, tap it and select Edit Recording .
Step 3:
Swipe your finger thru the recording and adjust the playhead to the part where you want to re-record. After that, tap the Replace , and the recording will start, replacing the saved output on the existing memo. If you are finished with everything, tap the Done button on the lower right side to save the changes.

How to Trim Voice Memo on iOS:

Step 1:
Like the first, select the voice clip saved on the Voice Memo app you want to modify.
Step 2:
Tap the icon with the three blue dots and select Edit Recording on the same menu that appears earlier.
Step 3:
Under it, select the trim option placed at the upper right side of the audio waveform.
Step 4:
Adjust the handles to your desired length by dragging them left or right. And after you trimmed the clip, tap Trim first, then next is Save to apply the changes to the recording.

Part 2. How to Edit Voice Memos on Mac with the Advanced Editing Features

Picking the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the best option when editing the audio clip you have recorded, even better than what a typical built-in can provide. The app works well in recording audio clips with different bitrates, channels, and recording types (system sound or thru microphone). Unlike Voice Memo, this app works well on Windows and Mac, which means you can record and edit the recording on desktop platforms without limitations, even a watermark at the end of the output. To learn how editing Voice Memos on Mac works with this app, follow the below steps.

Step 1:
You can download the app directly into your computer by clicking the download button below. After that, follow the installation and set-up process prompt. When it is finished, click Start Now to launch the app and begin using it.
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Step 2:
Since you want to deal with the audio problem, you must click the Audio Recorder that this app provides.
Open Audio Recorder
Step 3:
Set the recording app by clicking the System Sound recording; you can turn off the microphone option so that it will add no audio will to the recording aside from the clips that you have recorded on Voice Memo. When done, click the REC button to start recording and then play the audio clip you have recorded on Voice Memo.
Start Voice Recording
Step 4:
After the recording, hit the stop button, and a window like this will appear on your screen. Hit the Clip option to cut out the length of the recording effectively.
Open Clip Option
Step 5:
Here, you can perform and adjust the play head in and out to cut out the unnecessary recording you want to review. You can click the play button to listen to it and to determine if the trimming is enough hit the Trim button and click Save to export the recorded Voice Memo here.
Trim Clip and Save

Bonus: Best Video Editing App to Edit Audio Files on Android and iOS

Aside from editing the videos and images, Vid. Fun - Video Editor is a responsible application for adjusting the audio clip to make it sound better. It is a no-cost app on any mobile device to perform quick editing that benefits both beginners and advanced editors. The app has a user-friendly interface, and all of its functions are already available on the main screen once you have opened it, which means you can easily access the features you want to use using this app. If you want to know more about the application, you better use it and go to the Playstore or Appstore too, install or get it, then use it at ease and totally free!

Part 3. FAQs on How to Edit Voice Memos on iPhone

What is the audio clip format on Voice Memo?

Voice Memo is a pre-installed voice recorder that uses M4A as a standard audio format for saving the clips that are recorded. Unlike MP3, M4A is less popular, and only a few editors support editing the said format. If you find an M4A audio editor, you better download it because there might be a time you need it, especially if you are recording audio clips on Voice Memo.

Is there any specified length for recording Voice Memo?

Based on research, recording audio clips using the Voice Memo has no limitations. However, it has restrictions. Since it has no limitation on the duration, the only restriction that this app has is that it consumes the internal storage of the device until it is full, and the recording will stop when that happens.

Can I retrieve deleted voice memos on my iPhone?

Well, it is possible, and there is no need for professional help when you have learned how to retrieve deleted voice memos on your iPhone. There are already hundreds of solutions that you can find on the web, yet be careful about what you choose to follow.


Easy right? Editing voice memos on iPhone isn't as difficult as many may think, especially if you have a detailed tutorial like this one. We hope that you have learned valuable things from this article, and if you think this is helpful, you better share it with your friends, family, and community because if this became helpful on your end, it could also be helpful on your end their part.

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