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September 29, 2022Gerald Christian

Did you choose Adobe Lightroom as your editor? You might as well try to import HEIC to Lightroom and tweak some parameters to make the image looks better. Regardless of its new compression technique that could make the file size smaller than JPEGs and PNG, the HEIC format has disadvantages. Since Apple devices embrace the image format, sometimes editing the file on an editor will become a headache. Spare some time reading this article to know what could be the reason and how to make the HEIC file works on your image editor such as Lightroom.

Import HEIC Into Lightroom

Part 1. Does Lightroom Support HEIC? Reasons on Why HEIC Can't be Open

After the release of this Apple format, HEIC starts to create its way to becoming one of the best image formats you can use. Due to its efficiency in compressing, Apples users take advantage of this strength, and because of that, they save more space today than using the old JPEG or JPG format.

In using Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, and Camera Raw widely accept the HEIC as one of the newest image formats to edit. Yet, there are times that the HEIC can't be opened on a Lightroom app, especially on Windows OS. If you have encountered this problem, you might want to double-check if your Lightroom version is the newest.

Thus, the Windows version of Lightroom is having trouble opening the file because the format isn't natively supported on a desktop. Some version doesn't, and some do. In this case, you will need to install an extension to make the HEIC file work with Lightroom on Windows.

Can Lightroom open HEIC files? Yes, it can. However, there is some error in importing the HEIC file on the said app. In this situation, you must check the HEIC file if it is corrupted because if it is, you will recieve a notification that the file is unsupported or corrupted.

Part 2. How to Import HEIC to Lightroom When Lightroom Supports HEIC

Since the Mac version of Lightroom doesn't encounter many problems handling the HEIC file, you might need to know how to import the image on Lightroom. If you are a Windows user, you need to know how to import the HEIC file on Windows. You can follow the steps below if you don't know how to do it. When Lightroom isn't installed on your Windows device, you can go to the official website of Adobe and download the official version of Lightroom there. After that, you can start reading the information on importing HEIC to Lightroom.

How to Upload HEIC Images Using the Mac Version of Lightroom:

Lightroom on Mac
Step 1:
After downloading Lightroom on Mac, you can launch the editor and press Add Photos. Select the images you want to upload here; press Review for Import.
Step 2:
Then a preview will consist of each image in a smaller version appearing on your screen; their quality will become slightly lower, but when it is uploaded, the quality will be back at the original. On the upper right corner of the interface, click Add Photos.
Step 3:
Wait for the file you import to be transferred to the Lightroom Cloud for several seconds. And when the file is ready, you will see a tiny check which means that your file has been successfully uploaded.

How to Open HEIC Files Using Lightroom on Windows OS:

Lightroom on Windows
Step 1:
When the software is downloaded on your desktop, using your keyboard, press the Windows key and search Microsoft Store. On the upper part, search HEIF Image Extensions and install it.
Step 2:
Launch the Lightroom and ensure you have the latest version of this Adobe image editor. Click the Library tab and press Import to add the HEIC file saved on your local drive.
Step 3:
After importing the HEIC files, go to Develop to view the images you upload on Lightroom.

Part 3. How to Import HEIC to Lightroom when Lightroom Don't Support HEIC

Does Lightroom support HEIC? Yes, it does; it depends on your OS and version. But if you aren't sure if it does or not, you can try to convert the format into a compatible format to upload the HEIC file by turning it into a JPG quickly. Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is a one-stop solution you will ever need to change the HEIC file format into a compatible form.

Even though you aren't experienced in converting the HEIC files, you can still outdo it when you choose this converter. After converting the HEIC file, you will never encounter an importing problem to the image on Lightroom since Adobe Lightroom supports JPEG/JPG and PNG. So, if you want to convert the HEIC file, you can start re-doing the steps we included below to achieve the final output at ease.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft HEIC Converter:

Step 1:
Download the official version of this HEIC converter by clicking the download button below. After that, install the software to your operating system, follow the quick setup, and run the converter to your system.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
When the converter is running in your system, there must be a window this will appear. Click the Add HEIC Files, select the HEIC files saved on your local drive, then click Open to upload it here.
Import HEIC to Convert
Step 3:
After adding the HEIC files, go to the available options on the right side of the interface. Press Format, and choose the JPEG/JPG format so that the converted image will become JPG.
Choose Compatible Format for Lightroom
Step 4:
To convert HEIC to JPG compatible for Lightroom, hit the Convert button to save the file directly to your computer's folder. You can check out the converted files and upload them on Lightroom easier even without the help of extensions.
Start Converting HEIC Format

Part 4. FAQs on Importing HEIC files on Lightroom

Does improving image quality on Lightroom difficult?

Beginners will have difficulty improving image quality on Lightroom because there are many things you'll need to tweak. But, you can read some tutorials to do it effectively and improve the quality.

Do I need an internet connection to use Lightroom?

Even without being connected to the internet, you can use Lightroom to edit and upload images easily. Though you'll sometimes need to download extensions for it, the overall connection isn't needed to use this editor.

How much is a plan in Lightroom?

Since Adobe doesn't support a perpetual plan, it goes the same as Lightroom. You can enjoy using it for a month without limitations and 1TB of free space for $ 9.99/monthly. Price may vary depending on the location of the user.


That's all the information you will ever need! Plus, you can convert HEIC to Lightroom if given a chance, yet there is a more effective way of converting the HEIC files: Aiseesoft HEIC Converter. Because this software does support batch, fast, and secured conversion processes that all of the other converters don't offer. Do you have further questions regarding this topic? Mention it below and ask us so that we can help you solve the problem!

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