How to Improve Your Photos Quality with Adobe Lightroom

December 22, 2023Ashley Mae

This guide will tell you how to improve photo quality in Lightroom. Although today you have more ways to take photos than ever before, chances are that the result is not as you wish. Sometimes, photos become blurry and not clear enough. Fortunately, there are many ways to enhance photos and remove blurry or spots on desktop or online. If you encounter the same problem, please follow our steps below to fix it quickly.

How to Improve Photo Quality in Lightroom

Part 1. How to Improve Photo Quality in Lightroom

As a professional photo editor, Adobe Lightroom is widely used among photographers and average people. There are too many features in it, so not everyone can master all of them. For beginners, it is still a tough job to enhance photos in Lightroom. Don't worry! We will talk about it in detail below.

Step 1.
Firstly, import a blurry photo into Lightroom as you usually do. It can only process a photo one time.
Step 2.
Go to the Develop tab, click and expand the Basic panel and you will see the adjustment related to color and more. Locate the Tone section.
Lightroom Histogram Develop
Step 3.
Adjust the Exposure option with the slider. It will enhance the light or darkness of your photo. You can monitor the effect in the preview panel.
Tone Adjust
Step 4.
Then modify the Recovery option to enhance details of the photo. It will decrease exposure values in the highlight areas. Change other options until your photos become clear.
Step 5.
Next, head to the Detail panel in the Develop tab. Or you can go to the Photo menu and choose Enhance Details to open it.
Enhance Details Menu
Step 6.
Locate the Noise Reduction area and adjust Luminance to remove noise from the photo. Modify Detail and Contrast to enhance photo in Lightroom further. If your photo is blurry, upscale options in Sharpening section.
Detail Panel
Step 7.
Repeat the steps above until your photo becomes clear and well enough. Then export the result to your hard drive.

Note: We suggest you to save the result as a new photo and keep the original picture.

Part 2. Alternative Solutions to Improve Quality of Photo

As you can see, it is a bit complicated to enhance photos in Lightroom. More importantly, the photo editor is pretty expensive. You may wonder if there is an alternative solution that is easy to use. The answer is Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor, the best alternative to Lightroom. It applies the latest AI model that enables you to improve the quality of photos with one single click. It offers desktop software and Image Upscaler Online. Both of them are AI-powered and deliver higher clarity for your photos. Here, follow the steps and learn how to upscale the image with the desktop version.

AI Photo Editor


AI Photo Editor

  • Enlarge your image to 2×, 4×, 6× and even 8× without quality loss.
  • Generate crystal-clear and upscale images to 4K.
  • Automatically add more details to your photos with AI technology.
  • Support various formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, SVF, and more.
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Step 1.
Download, install, and launch the AI Photo Editor on your computer. Next, click on the Log in button in the top right corner.
Step 2.
Add your image(s) by dragging them to the center or clicking on the Add Image(s) button.
Select Image
Step 3.
Now, you can choose to upscale the image from 2× to 8×and click on Start.
Choose Uoscale Level
Step 4.
When it's done, you can preview the result and decide whether to upscale it again or save it. To save the image, click on the three-dot icon and then click on Save.
Save Upscaled Image

Part 3. FAQs on How to Improve Photo Quality in Lightroom

Can you fix blurry photos?

Yes, you can fix blurry and shaky photos if you have a powerful photo editor. Lightroom, for example, offers extensive features to help you repair your photos manually.

How to change the resolution of a photo?

The answer depends on your situation. Changing photo resolution will influence the quality and size of your photos. If you do not mind it, you can change resolution of a photo in a photo editor.

Can I convert low resolution photos to high resolution?

You have two ways to restore low-resolution photos to high resolution. You can use the desktop photo editor software, like AI Photo Editor. Besides, you can try some online image upscalers.


This guide has discussed how to improve photo quality in Adobe Lightroom. If you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud plan, you can use Lightroom to enhance photo detail and remove noise following our steps. If not, we suggest you try the great alternative, Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor, since it is easier to use and able to produce high-quality photos with only one click. More questions? Please write them down as a message below the post.

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