How to Make a Sound on TikTok & Add It to a TikTok Video

February 01, 2023Ashley Mae

How to make a sound on TikTok? There are different ways to do it. Adding audio clips and voice-overs can build your branding at ease or boost your popularity on the said platform. Almost 90% of videos you can watch on TikTok use sounds to add expression to the video they are about to post, and some reuse that audio to create the same or newer content.

Whatever your reason could be, adding audio is essential, and here's how you can do it with the tips below.

Make A Sound on TikTok

Part 1. How to Make TikTok Sounds via TikTok Recording

How to make a TikTok sounds? The app already provides audio recording features. You can start to record audio of your with the help of your built-in microphone if you are a mobile driver use, and if not, you better inject a microphone into it and then edit audio on TikTok as well. Yet, this feature lacks audio settings, which means you can't manipulate the bitrate and other aspects of audio; nevertheless, since TikTok provides a helping hand, here's how to perform audio recording with the app.

Step 1:
After downloading the app, proceed now to the lower part of the interface and click the + icon.
Step 2:
Tap the red icon to start recording your video; tap the check button when it is finished.
Step 3:
To add the audio to the TikTok videos, click the down arrow on the Editing menu to see Audio Editing, then tap it. After that, tap the Record button to add the voice-over you want to use on your video.
Step 4:
Tap the Replace Original Sounds with Recording, then Save the final output. When that is finished, click Post to share the video with the sound you make on TikTok at ease.

Part 2. How to Use the Recorded Sound on TikTok at Ease

Now that you have posted and learned how to make your sound on TikTok, still, do you want to reuse the sound again for newer content? Or do you want to use the audio clip that is used by others? Better follow the quick tutorial we added here; after that, you can reuse the audio sound you have attached to a newer video. Learn more on how to add music to videos on TikTok.

Step 1:
Find the video with the audio clip you want to use and tap the moving disc on the lower part.
Step 2:
After that, click Use this Sound to apply it to the video you are creating.
Step 3:
Start filming the video with the audio file you selected on TikTok.

Part 3. How to Make an Original Sound on TikTokvia Audio Recorder

Even though you've learned how to make an original sound on TikTok with the help above, most audiophiles want more from the audio. But if you use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, you can instantly record the audio voiceover you want to use on the TikTok video and enhance it further. With it, even if you aren't tech-savvy, there is no need to worry because the app is easy to use in recording and performs well that a beginner should use. To record the best audio, you can start following the next steps we have added for you below.

Step 1:
Download the app on your desktop devices; it works on both operating systems, and you can choose it below. After you have downloaded the file, you will need to install the app by following the setup process it requires.
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Step 2:
After you go into that process, click the Audio Recorder option on the floating toolbar on your screen.
Audio Recorder
Step 3:
Next, set it up if you want to record the system sound with a microphone sound. Click the record icon to start the audio recording with the said app. When the recording is done, you must click the square button to stop it.
Start Recording Audio
Step 4:
The app will take you to the advanced option where you can edit the audio file and change its settings, press Export to continue downloading the final output on your desktop, and then start using it on your TikTok videos.
Export Final Audio Recording

Part 4. FAQs on How to Make a Sound on TikTok

How to make your sound on TikTok better?

You can add filters to make your TikTok sound better. Adding effects to it adds an unnatural feel to the clip that makes it amazing. But if that doesn't work, use an audio enhancer and let it do the job for you.

Why TikTok became popular?

Well, it is because of the short video clip it provides to the users that makes them crave more to watch because it is short. In addition, users can easily share a video clip on this platform without limitations and watch other creators about the short video they have created.

Does TikTok locate you?

It does so that you can receive content that is right on where you are today. But, if you don't like being tracked down, you better change your IP address by creating a fake location or not downloading the app.

Are there pre-built sounds I can use on TikTok?

There are over thousands of pre-made audio clips that you can use on the video you are creating for TikTok. So there is no need for you to download and then add the sound to the video you are creating if you want to post it on TikTok.


How to make a sound on TikTok? Creating a new one is easy, and even new users of TikTok can create it by following the indicated steps in this article. That said, you can also use the other way of recording audio via the app we added to this article. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a complete video, audio, and cam recorder that you can download on your desktop to start quickly recording anything you want. For anyone who needs to record, we highly suggest using this app as a personal recorder on Windows and Mac.

Furthermore, we hope we have fulfilled our role in sharing the steps you needed to know about this problem. But now, what do you think of this article?

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