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DFX Audio Enhancer V.S. Free Audio Editor V.S. Breakaway Audio Enhancer, Which One Is Best

Summary: When you get many audio files that need to enhancing, what audio enhancer will you adopt? DFX Audio Enhancer, Breakaway Audio Enhancer or Free Audio Editor? In this post, we will list the review about these three audio enhancer software for your reference, so that you can get the best one to make the audio enhancement easily.

Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer – Real-time audio listen enhancement

Platform: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP (Special XP requirements)

price: Plus version is $29.99

1. When you listen to a song, video, game, Internet radio, games, video chats, or anything with sound with your own media layer, this software will detect the audio file automatically.

2. DFX Audio Enhancer supports.

3. The free version supports Fidelity, Ambience, Dynamic boost, Equalizer and Hyperbass.

4. The Plus version can enhance audio quality by 3D audio sound, unlimisted HD quality audio and headphone listening mode.

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How to use DFX Audio Enhancer

Step 1 Download and run DFX Audio Enhancer on your computer, and then play the audio file with your own media player. And this software will detect your computer audio automatically.

Step 2 Make audio adjustment. Here you can turn on Fidelity, Ambience, Dynamic boost, Equalizer and Hyperbass to listen to the enhanced audio file.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer - stereo audio enhancer

Platform: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

price: $29.95

1. Enhance audio, videos, web browser and games.

2. Multi-band dynamics processing restores spectral balance to your music library.

3. Multiple look-ahead peak limiters provide distortion-free transient control.

4. Makes tunes sound louder and punchier, while bringing out subtleties you never knew existed.

5. Automatically adjusts volume dynamics and spectral balancing.

6. Corrects song-to-song volume shifts and overdriven speakers.

7. Same professional technology used by DJs, radio stations and webcasters.

Breakaway Audio Enhancer

How to use Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Step 1 Download, install and run this audio enhancer on your computer. The installation will takes you some time, and you need to make the settings carefully.

Step 2 Make the audio settings to playback the audio or listen to the audio file in real-time.

Free Audio Editor – Free Audio Editor and Enhancer

Platform: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac

price: Free

1. This software adjusts the audio file by import the audio file form your local disc.

2. Adjust audio encoder, rate channel and bitrate.

3. Convert the audio formats to be compatible with any audio player.

4. Edit audio file by clipping and merging to create a long or short audio files.

Free Audio Editor

How to use Free Audio Editor to enhance audio file

Step 1 After downloading this software to your computer, install and run it.

Step 2 Select one editing feature, like "Basic Clip" to add the audio file.

Step 3 Click "Settings" to enhance audio encoder, rate channel and bitrate.

Step 4 Also, you can use the editing feature to remain or remove the selected audio part. You are also allowed to pre-listen to audio effects by clicking the play button.

Till now, the reviews of the three audio enhancers have been shared here. You can select the best one to enhance your audio files according to your needs.

Also, if you have videos that you want to use enhancing function, you should visit: How to enhance video quality?

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