A Complete Guide on How to Mirror Android Screen on PC, Mac, & TV

March 23, 2023Ashley Mae

With an Android device, you can do almost everything an iPhone can, like playing, messaging, watching, and mirroring. So, there is no wonder why people want to connect their Android to a bigger screen like Laptop or Smart TV. For an immersive watching experience with others, screen mirroring your Android is essential. As you read this article, you will be able to understand that you can do that via USB, including the appropriate software and tools you will ever need. Before you start watching, you can follow the indicated process to mirror the Android screen on a PC via USB or even larger screen for free.

Mirror Android Screen via USB

Part 1. How to Mirror Android Screen to PC via USB [3rd Party App]

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is your typical but rich-featured Android USB mirroring app that you can download on your PC. The app showcases many interactions you can manipulate, even if you are interacting on a computer device. As you can see, the app provides you with the best mirroring you will ever need, and it is frantically easy to use compared to other apps that need a complicated setup. If you aren't sure how this work, then this tutorial will give you a heads-up on how to set up the app and start mirroring.

“Remember: Before you use this, you must enter your phone into USB debug, and you can find that on developers' options. Also, you must download the FoneLab Mirror on your Android before you can mirror on the computer.”

Step 1:
Download the app on your computer by clicking the appropriate download button below. After that, you will need to follow the process, launch and connect your device that is in USB debugging on your computer.
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Step 2:
Now that the app has been successfully launched, click Android Mirror.
Open Android Mirror
Step 3:
On your Phone Screen, choose USB Connection since you want to mirror via USB cable. You will see a notification asking permission. If you want to allow the casting, click Start Now to cast it on your PC.
Connect Android via USB
Step 4:
Back to your PC's screen, you can now control the phone easily by clicking the hand icon and using other interactions presented in this app. Also, you can take a quick snap and do a video screen recording while it is on chrome cast. Easy right? That is how good this Android screen mirroring app is.
Android Mirroring on PC

Part 2. How to Mirror Android to Mac Using USB

If you want to mirror Android to Mac USB, follow the tutorial we added here with the SCRCPY. It is a reliable application you can download on Mac and Windows. If you are ready to follow the steps continue reading.

Step 1:
Open a new tab, search the app's official webpage, download the appropriate installation package for Mac, and set it up.
Step 2:
Enable the USB Debugging on your Android and connect your phone to the Mac via USB.
Step 3:
Run the exe file of SCRCPY and wait for it to load up. It is as easy as that, and you can now mirror every action on your Android screen even if you are using Mac.

Part 3. How to Mirror Android to TV Through USB

If you want to know how to mirror your Android phone to a tv with USB, we also added an easy-to-follow tutorial even though you don't download an app. Most devices have a Media Device that allows the Android to be mirrored on a full-screen TV. You can try on doing it by following the instructions below.

Step 1:
Find the port on your TV, then connect your phone via USB.
Step 2:
Once the device is connected successfully, click the USB PC Connection.
Step 3:
After that, click Media Device or MTP to activate the screen mirroring on your TV. It will load up for a few minutes, so you must wait until that happens to boot up the screen.

Part 4. Can I Mirror Android to Another Android with USB

In today's era, you can mirror an Android phone into another one wirelessly, meaning no USB port is needed. But if you are looking for a screen mirroring USB on Android to Android, that is impossible because there are no cables with both type B or C end to end, and if there are any, there are no features built in that work screen mirroring like that.

But the best way to mirror screen on Android to Android is via a share screen with the help of the applications. However, there are limitations on the share screen because another end user can't interact with it, which means they wouldn't be able to move anything on the other device that shares the screen. Most video conference call application has this feature, so you can check them on the market and choose which one to use.

Part 5. FAQs on How to Mirror Android Screen via USB

How do you connect your phone to Xbox 360 with USB?

You can use the native way to connect your phone to Xbox 360 via an OTG cable or USB connector cord. Thus, this process takes more time to set it up. So, if you want the other way, you can use the USB Tether, which uses personal hotspots and sharing modes. However, if the connection is interrupted, it will crash, and the lag while sharing the screen in this mode is pretty violent.

Can I use another cable to mirror Android to PC?

As long as it has a USB end, then that will do it. But remember not to use a cable with a charging problem because the other end will have difficulty detecting the Android phone.

Is it possible to mirror Android to Mac without USB?

Mirroring an Android screen to Mac without a USB cable is possible because most of the latest Android device has a screencast feature that can easily connect to Mac.


Is mirroring on Android to a bigger screen a problem of yours? Worry, know more! The information we added here teaches you how to connect it via a USB cable. No complicated setup is needed when you follow the tutorial we added here. What do you think about how to mirror the Android screen on PC with USB we added here? Did it help you? Please give us five stars and excellent feedback in the comment section about this article.

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