How to Play Minecraft on PC | Foolproof from Downloading to Launching

April 18, 2023Ashley Mae

With the release of Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions for PC, gamers are fond of unlocking more playing methods and exploring more fun in the unique world they create. However, with the updating mechanism and piled-up ads for non-official Minecraft versions, it becomes difficult to access Minecraft on PC with a comprehensive guide and useful tips. Thus, this guide would do you a favor with foolproof instructions to lead you in from downloading to launching Minecraft.

Play Minecraft on Windows PC Mac

Part 1. Download Minecraft and Get Started

Minecraft is now featuring two editions for PC players. Java Edition, which is the original version for users on Mac, Windows, and Linux, has been a hit since release and captured wide attention for its interactive and entertaining characteristics.

Based on it, to tap on more playable sections and break the Java requirements, Bedrock edition followed and provided the players with a powerful highlight on support with native controller, cross-platform playing, additional add-ons to serve a greater experience. Bedrock edition is now available for Windows users (10 or higher), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, etc.

Before you jump to the downloading part, please select the favorite version based on your device as expected, and then you can follow the step-by-step guide to access the game with the related launcher.

Method 1. Visit Minecraft official website

To enjoy the full features and rights of Minecraft, you can access Minecraft with the collection and package service it provided for Windows and Mac users

Step 1:
Visit the official website of downloading and enter GET MINECRAFT section to get prepared.
Minecraft Official Website
Step 2:
Follow the on-screen instructions and select your device as COMPUTER to continue.
Minecraft Select Device
Step 3:
In the pop-up window, you can view the combo setting with Java & Bedrock editions and Minecraft launcher as a package. Go with your ideal one and click BUY to download.
Minecraft Purchase Product

Method 2. Download Minecraft launcher to enter.

Minecraft launcher is a must to activate either Minecraft version and switch between the two on your Windows PC. Rather than get it from the included package service, you can directly download it freely first and then enter the edition you like.

Step 1:
Visit the website of downloading the Minecraft launcher. Select the channel open for different devices.
Download Launcher

For those with problems on how to play Minecraft Windows 10, you can also access the Minecraft launcher from Microsoft Store. Then input Minecraft Launcher in the search bar and click the Get button.

Microsoft Store Minecraft Launcher
Step 2:
After downloading the launcher, log in with your Microsoft account. Then in the left list with available entrances, choose the edition based on your devices
Choose Edition and Play
Step 3:
Then click the Play button and you can play and buy the Minecraft versions following the on-screen tips.

With Minecraft launcher in hand, you are free to pick up and switch among the Minecraft editions to start different adventures each time.

You can also acquire the skills on how to play phone games on computer if you don't find the PC suitable to play Minecraft.

Part 2: How to Play Minecraft for Free on PC

If you are one of those who are unfamiliar with the working mechanism and gameplay loop of Minecraft, or desire for a bargain of the entrance free, then we recommend you select the free trial of Minecraft Bedrock and Java edition at the very beginning. What you need to do is to reach Minecraft official website for free trial and download the targeted edition based on your devices. (Or you can go with other free Minecraft versions to start with)

You can access the Bedrock free trial edition as a Windows user.

Minecraft Free Trial Bedrock

For Mac users and those interested in the original Java edition, you can enter the Java free trial edition and download the version to fit your devices.

Minecraft Free Trial Java Edition

No matter what device you are installing the free trial on, you have to notice that there is time limitations during the game experience. Even though the standard differs on platforms, you can enjoy five days at average with about 90 minutes for the trial version.

In this process you can choose the optimal edition that best meets your appetite and decide whether to go on with the official version and purchase for full experience.

Part 3. FAQs about Minecraft Playing on PC

Can console Minecraft play with pc?

You can play Minecraft Bedrock edition with cross-platform supported on your consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox and so on. And you can play Minecraft on PC with someone on Xbox within this edition.

How to play Minecraft cross-platform on pc and mobile?

For starter, cross-platform playing is available on Minecraft Bedrock version. And once you opened Minecraft on your device, you can choose to create a new world or continue with an existing world. Then you can move to the pause menu and click Invite to Game button on the right of the interface.

How to play Minecraft with controller on PC?

Minecraft Bedrock version support many controllers on PC. But you have to enable the controller with third-party software like UWPHook to find and connect your controller for playing.


To play Minecraft on PC, you can adopt several methods to access the full version and free trial in this post. If you are still seeking how to play Minecraft on MacBook (or MacBook Air) or Windows 11, come to this page and you will find your answers.

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