Minecraft Houses You Can Easily Build for Different Purposes [Top 8]

March 15, 2023Ashley Mae

There is an endless possibility if you want to be creative in Minecraft, especially if you want to build a Minecraft house. It is a popular game because you can build your place in this world using your imagination and the resources that are available here. Developing a housing idea isn’t easy. Millions of Minecraft users want to build a place they can say is their own and stand out from the crowd with fine, unique, and innovative structural components. Whatever your style is, better to start grabbing your pick axe and building your cozy cottages or sprawling mansions with the ideas we have added here.

Minecraft House

Part 1. 8 Best Minecraft House Ideas and Designs You Can Do

Minecraft houses are essential when you are playing this game because this is the place where you protect your character from dangerous mobs. But before you start designing, you must download the app and check out the design ideas we have added here that you can do on Minecraft.

1. Basic House

If you want an easy Minecraft house, build a four-corner wall, connect them, and add doors to come in and out, then charan! Your house has been built. The most basic housing you can create on Minecraft fits very well with the starters: no complicated design, just a plain and old stylish house with a bed inside. Within 20 wood blocks, you can create this house impromptu even though you aren’t professionally knowledgeable using the app. Here is a sample of the primary house you can do, but if you feel this house isn’t for you, you may proceed to the other available here.

Basic House


  • Simple and easy to do.
  • There are only so many blocks needed to do it.
  • Best choice for first-timers.


  • Creepers can quickly destroy it.
  • There are better creations to brag about your friends.

2. Cube House

For those who want to explore more Minecraft house design, the creation of HALNY can offer you more than the first one. Cube House gives us the impression of a more modern and better house design since it comprises more than just a square. Here, you can extend this by adding more parts to make it even more than before and then add a chic interior design to make it look stylish. However, the blocks you are about to use here are more than 20, so you better start digging into the world you were to harvest all the needed blocks to build this thing. If you want to see what it looks like, here is a sample picture of the finished product.

Cube House


  • It is a chic house with a better interior.
  • Better than the first one.
  • You can add different sections for each cube.


  • More complex to create than the first one.
  • It is limited to cube only design.

3. Sky Base House

One of the coolest Minecraft houses built is the Sky Base. The name suggests it all; it is a house placed in the sky to avoid disasters such as lavas, and you can see a better spectrum of the area when you are on higher ground. You can access this house via a ladder or waterfall to elevate to the top area of the house. Most users love to do this because they can be as creative as they want, and you can prevent abnormalities like zombie invasions, creeper explosions, and many more.

Sky Base House


  • Aerial view.
  • Better positioning for a combatant.
  • You can add a better interior to it.


  • More challenging to build, especially when in Survival mode.
  • You’ll need to go down to access the resources.

4. Fast Food Chain

We think the Fast Food Chain design is the cutest Minecraft house you can build. Even with a colorful design, you can use the dye to match the color of the food chain you are about to make. With the stretch of your imagination, you can copy and build your favorite fast food chain on Minecraft, such as McDo, Jollibee, KFC, Papa John's, Panda Express, and many more. You are free to innovate or redesign it whenever you want. But is it ideal for survival? Well, the answer is no, but it depends on you; if you want to build it on survival, then you can do that; it may take a while because you will need to gather colorful blocks to do so.

Fast Food Chain


  • It is colorful.
  • Cute to build on creative mode.
  • Easy to build.


  • There are better houses to be built on survival.
  • Many color dyes are needed to build it to make it perfect.

5. Castle

When you need the best Minecraft survival house, you must build a Castle. We may not afford to purchase a castle, but you can build one in this app. Popular streamers and Minecraft creator do build their castles not only to fight with the mobs but also to impress the viewers. Inside the castle, there are many partitions that you will need to fill in, and some builders took over an hour, days, and even more to build one. This building is extensive compared to other ideas we have added here; it is both technical and expensive since you will need hundreds of blocks. You might need some help to build one.



  • Spacious compared to other buildings.
  • You can battle inside a castle.
  • You can add more rooms for you and your teammate.
  • Add traps is applicable here.


  • Too big to build.
  • Many resources are needed to build it.
  • There are better choices to build by beginners.

6. Hanging House

Unlike Sky houses, Hanging houses are connected to a hill and are small Minecraft houses. Some Hanging houses are used for staycation since the interior of it is only superficial and minimal. You can also create this as a camping house to avoid the mobs on land. One of the best hanging houses created is by One Team; you can check out the design below.

Hanging House


  • Simple yet pretty.
  • Mid aerial view since it is beneath a mountain or hill hanging.
  • Best chilling spot.


  • Hard to get out once you get inside it.
  • Even though it is tiny, it is still challenging to build.

7. Underwater Base

Want more Minecraft modern houses? Have you ever thought of creating a base underwater? Well, IrieGenie created an impressive large underwater base that you can do on Minecraft. The looks are impressive and unique; however, you will put in much work. Gathering the necessary materials and crafting the blocks you need could be a problem, but it is possible since someone has already done it. If that design isn’t for you, then you can try to build your base on the sea bed, and we would love to see the final output.

Underwater Base


  • The best base idea for underwater.
  • It is unique and looks expensive.
  • Other Minecraft users inside the world can’t find it easily.


  • It is easier to build in the sea with a bubble column.
  • There is a specific time to be underwater.

8. Medival Design

Most fantasy games are from the medieval era, and you can see that their houses are amazingly built; if you want to build a Minecraft medieval house. In the old times, you could build a medieval castle or house on the land and under the ocean. Known Minecraft players love to build this one because the exterior is something you wouldn’t see daily, and sometimes, they add a modern touch to it. Thus, building it took much time, and you must be precise.

Medival Design


  • It brings you to the old times.
  • You can build it on grassland, under the ocean, high mountains, and snowy terrain.
  • It is an excellent design to camp with multiple players ready to battle.


  • The interior and exterior designing to it needs to be detailed.
  • Expert-level building.

Part 2. Best Way to Record Minecraft House Ideas and Share them with Others

When you have a Minecraft house idea and want to teach a tutorial on building it, you may use the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder to record. The app has a game recording option that automatically starts recording once you have launched the app. Here, you are allowed to draw something while recording, and you can also turn on your webcam, system sound, and mic to record all of the sounds it catches and even your reaction.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

So, if you want to share how you create your house and want to record it, pick this by clicking the download button below, but if you want to take a screenshot in Minecraft, you can also use this tool.

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Part 3. FAQs about Minecraft House Ideas

Do I need to make a bigger house on Minecraft?

You can do so if you want; however, building a house isn’t a priority if you are doing a speed run challenge.

Can I decorate my house on Minecraft?

You can use flowers, lamps, bookshelves, armor stands, campfires, and many more to improve your house.

Where can I download Minecraft?

You can visit the main website of Minecraft, select the version you want to have, purchase it, and download it.


Now that you have ideas, you can easily re-create Minecraft house design while playing it. So, when building the house, never stop your creativity in improving it; you better record how you do it to share with the community.

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