How to Play Videos Continuously or In an Endless Video Loop Easily

November 11, 2022Ashley Mae

Repeatedly playing or watching a video on your device can be done correctly with the help of the repeat feature that your video player supports. Pre-installed video players like Windows Media Player do support the said feature. However, there are some limitations that you may experience while you are using the application to play some videos. In today's article, we have figured out how to play videos continuously on your desktop quickly and for free.

Play Videos Continiously

Part 1. How to Play Videos Continuously in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is supported and mainly used to open videos saved on Windows devices. Despite being a famous video player, this app can only be accessed when a user uses a Windows device, so if you are a Mac user. It would be better to use Windows Media Player alternatives that work on Mac. Regardless of compatibility, the app also supports a small amount of video and audio formats. Nevertheless, it is a download-free app you can access. Here's how to continue playing videos in a repetitive style at ease.

Playback Videos Continuously

Steps on How to Use Windows Media Player:

Step 1:
Go to the Windows icon and type the media player name you can only access on Windows OS.
Step 2:
Press Organize, click Manage Libraries and click Videos on the cascading menu.
Step 3:
Click the Add icon, choose the folders on your video's location, and press Include Folder.
Step 4:
When the videos load up, select one from the library. Ensure to open the video player in maximizing version to see the options. On the player menu, press the Repeat option to automatically play the video on a loop.

Part 2. How to Make a Video Play Over and Over Unlimitedly

Since Windows Media Player supports a small range of formats,o to continue playing video on the loop, you might need to do some work by editing or downloading a video player. If you are interested in the alternative ways to play the video repetitively, read the following information.

1. Aiseesoft Video Looper

Aiseesoft Video Looper is a video editor that adds a loop effect to a video for free. It is an open-source web tool, which means you wouldn't need to download the application before you can use it. Even if you aren't experienced in video editing, you can still learn how to add the effect to the video you import. So, if you are interested in how this application works, you can follow the succeeding steps below.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Video Looper:

Step 1:
Open a new tab and search for the official website of Aiseesoft to access the app.
Step 2:
While on the official website, click the Upload Video and locate the video you want to be edited in this application. Choose the video file saved on your local drive and press Open to add it.
Insert Clip to Loop
Step 3:
On the available options, select the period for looping and the repetition you want to apply.
Adjust Option For Loop
Step 4:
After your tweaks, click Save to apply the loop, and press Download to have the final output on your desktop.
Save Final Output Loop

2. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

What if you want to download an alternative for a continuous loop video player like what you can get on Windows Media Player but compatible with Mac and supports more video and audio formats? Well, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player supports the popular operating system on the desktop, and you can easily import videos here, for it supports wide-array formats. Besides video playing saved on your device, this app can open the Disc file you insert into the optical disk drive. So, if you need a better video player than the default video player on Windows, then you better download this application and follow the instruction on how to use this below.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player:

Step 1:
First, download the video player Aiseesoft supports on your Windows and macOS. After that, install the application and follow the setup process. When everything is done, launch the application and start using it.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
After launching the video player, click the Playlist next to the play button. On the right side of the main interface, click the + icon to upload the video you want to play in repetition.
Open Playlist
Step 3:
Change the playback mode to a Single, so it will play the video repeatedly when the footage ends playing. As easy as that, the video you upload will go into a loop forever unless you click the pause, stop, or close the application.
Activate Single Repeat

Part 3. FAQs on How to Play a Video Continuously

How to play continuous videos on Youtube easily?

Go to the main website of YouTube and open a video you want to play repetitively. When the video is playing, right-click the video to see the available options that aren't visibly presented on YouTube. Press the Loop to activate the looping on every video you play on this platform.

Does VLC support video looping features?

Like Windows Media Player, the VLC also has features commonly unseen on media players, such as playing video repetitively. However, the app is nearly supported on different devices so that you can make VLC loop videos easily, even without expertise.

How to play video continuously on TV?

You can apply the loop effect to the video you are about to play by using the Aiseesoft Video Looper we add here. After you add the looping effect, connect your desktop or PC to your TV and play the video you edit on the said app.


How to play videos continuously? This query has been answered with the tool and tutorials added in this article. It may seem that this problem is impossible to solve, mainly for beginners, but it isn't as hard as you may think. If you are a Windows user, you better take advantage of the Windows Media Player that is pre-installed on your Windows OS to do the job for free, and no downloading is needed. But if you want the video to play on a loop automatically, you must use a video editor like what we listed here to help the video play on a loop. Aiseesoft Video Looper is the app that you have been looking for!

Unless you need a video player that supports looping that supports a wide array of video formats, then downloading the Aisesoft Blu-ray Player isn't the wrong choice to make if you need help. Regardless of how you want it to be done, the problem is solved with the solution here!

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