5 Popular Approaches to Record a Tiktok Videos Across the Platform Quickly

February 10, 2023Ashley Mae

Tiktok is made essentially for creating, recording, and publishing short videos over its platform, but for extensive purposes, many users are looking for a way to record a Tiktok. Instead of downloading a video, recording it would be better so you can save it faster. But how can you screen record on Tiktok if you need it? That is why we have created this article for you, as we untangled the complications of recording every action amplified on your screen easily.

Record A Tiktok

Part 1. Can You Screen Record on Tiktok?

Portable, you can't screen record on Tiktok because the app doesn't have a unique feature that supports screen recording. The first release its been seven years since the app (the first known release was in 2016), yet the app doesn't have screen recording features. But does Tiktok notify you when screen recording? The app won't, so you will not know who records your video or can record others' videos if you want to.

Since recording on Tiktok portably isn't supported, you will need to understand how the apps below work to maximize and use them for recording.

Part 2. How to Screen Record on Tiktok Built-in & Third-party App on Phones

1. iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

Every iOS version has a unique approach to recording a Tiktok video quickly. For those unfamiliar with this step, you will need at least a few minutes to read the steps we included to learn how to use it.

iOS Built in Recorder

Steps on How to Use iOS Built-in Screen Recorder:

Step 1:
First, open the Tiktok app and look for the video that you want to record
Step 2:
Tap on the Assistive Touch and tap the Control Panel. Click the white double-circle button to start recording what is happening on your screen.
Step 3:
After recording, go back to the same Control Panel and click the red button to stop screen recording. The recorded file will automatically be saved on your iPhone photos; you can check it out later to view and edit if you want.

2. Android Built-in Screen Recorder

Like iOS devices, Android has a screen recorder that can capture the whole screen. Also, you can record internal and external sounds as well while you are performing the screen recording. Do you want to know how this app works? In that case, here are the steps on how to record Tiktok videos that you can follow to do it. Remember, not all Android versions work like this for screen recording.

Android Built Recorder

Steps on How to Use Android Built-in Screen Recorder:

Step 1:
Find the Tiktok videos you want to record from the app and prepare them first.
Step 2:
Next, swipe down twice from your screen to see the available controls and tap the Screen Recorder option.
Step 3:
Do the same action if you want to stop the recording. Later, you can edit the final output on Album or another third-party video editor on Android that offers you a wide range of editing options.

3. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a popular third-party app for screen recording on Android. It is a dedicated screen recorder and a video editor as well. With it, you wouldn't have trouble recording every action on your screen because the app does it professionally. Even if you are recording lives, this app is still one of the best for recording. So, if you want to know how this app works on recording every action on your Android, follow the included steps here.

AZ Screen Recorder

Steps on How to Use AZ Screen Recorder:

Step 1:
Download and install the app on your Android device, then open the Tiktok video that you want to record.
Step 2:
Now that you have the app launch it. Tap the Recording option to activate the recorder and click Start Now. After that, there is a three-second interval before the recording starts; ensure that you play the video after the countdown.
Step 3:
Swipe your screen from top to bottom to see the control settings, click the stop button to stop the recording, and the file is now downloaded to your device.

4. Record It!

Record It! is an iOS-based screen recorder you can use to capture every action on your screen easily. Unlike the built-in, this app provides more than recording; you can add video reactions and audio commentary while recording. In addition, you can also go through post-production after you have recorded with the app using the infused video editor of it, then later share it with others. If you are new to this app, following the steps below would be better.

Record It

Steps on How to Use Record It!:

Step 1:
Get the app now by searching for it on the Appstore.
Step 2:
Search over the Tiktok video you want to capture before opening the screen recorder. Now that you have found it, minimizes it. Open the app and click Start Broadcasting; you can activate the microphone here if you want to.
Step 3:
Go back to the video you want to record and play it. When done, click the Stop button, and the recorded screen is automatically saved on your device storage.

Part 3. How to Screen Record Tiktok without Them Knowing on Windows and Mac

Without a second doubt, when you need to record Tiktok on a desktop, it is better to use the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. The app has optimal support for recording everything happening on your screen. It is a much more dedicated app than other screen recorders because it offers an all-out recording function that is visually HD and crystal clear internal and external audio.

Aside from that, you can also do a quick snap of what you are recording while using the app, and even if the floating toolbar is on the area you want to capture; the app has a lock-screen feature which means only the screen is recorded and saved. As impressive as that, you can have the tool for free and follow the succeeding steps to use the app.

Step 1:
Download the screen recorder on your desktop by clicking the appropriate download button below. No need to worry because the app is free to download on Windows and macOS.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
Next is to open the app after the first step. On the main toolbar, click the Screen Recorder because you want to record every action on your screen.
Select Video Recorder
Step 3:
After that, open the Tiktok video you want to watch on your desktop. Adjust the recording frame area that is fit into the screen, open the system sound to record the signal that it will receive from the video, and hit the Rec button to start.
Step 4:
Lastly, click the stop button when recording is done, hit the Export, and press Complete to have the final output on your device.
Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Part 4. FAQs on How to Record a Tiktok

How to add multiple pictures to the Tiktok video after recording?

You will only need to layer it down when attaching multiple images on Tiktok videos after recording is a cake task, especially if you know how to add layers to videos. Though doing it might be difficult for those who aren't technologically oriented, you can still do it with the help of the right app.

How to add music to Tiktok after recording?

Suppose the Tiktok video you have recorded doesn't have an audio sound. In that case, you will need to learn how to add audio to video manually with the help of dependable applications on the market. Even if you are a novice in this area, this is much simpler than other editing that you can do, such as layering and more.

Why is there a Tiktok watermark?

To help the viewer to know where the video originates or came from. Tiktok watermarks are one of the best ways to promote the app without asking everyone to do it; by seeing the watermark, viewers of the video can quickly know where that video comes from. But if you want to remove the Tiktok watermark, there are millions of ways to do it with the help of an app.


That's all the information you need to record Tiktok videos easily. Since Tiktok can't reproduce a screen recording of its own, as a user, you will have to look for an app that works well on a recording like what we have added in this article. So, what do you think of this post?

What do you think of this post?


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