How to Reduce the Tempo of MP3 in Windows and Mac Computers

April 24, 2022Ashley Mae

You might have an MP3 recording that contains the language you wish to learn. Now there is a problem with the recording. It is too fast, and you cannot keep track of it. Of course, you do not want to miss any part of the video unless you want to start from the beginning. It is undoubtedly quite daunting to dissect the information with a fast-paced audio recording and completely start from the beginning.

In this situation, adjusting the speed of a recording or a song is of great help or handy. That is especially true when you can reduce the tempo of MP3. Here is a recommended tool to slow down MP3 files and help you learn another language with ease. Additionally, you will learn how to compress audio to save space on your device. Without further explanation, read through the post

Reduce Tempo of MP3

Part 1. What is Tempo in MP3

Tempo is the speed or pace of music or audio. Imagine yourself driving a car at an average speed while the one next to you is driving at a fast pace. That is the concept of tempo. It can be described as how slow or fast one audio section is played in music. There is a way to measure the tempo of the music. The unit for measuring tempo in BPM or beats per minute. As an illustration, there are 60 ticks in one minute, which is equivalent to 60 beats per minute in music terms. The higher the number of beats per minute, the faster the tempo.

Part 2. How to Reduce Tempo of MP3

Now, let us learn how to reduce the tempo of MP3 in Windows following the walkthrough guides below.

For Windows users:

Windows users may use Windows Media Player to slow down the pace or tempo of an MP3 file. Here is how:

Step 1:
As usual, open the Windows Media Player on your device, and you will arrive at the music library.
Step 2:
Play the MP3 file you wish to slow down and head over to the Now Playing Mode. Then, click the Switch to Now Playing button at the bottom right corner of the interface.
Now Playing Option
Step 3:
After that, right-click anywhere in the player and hover your mouse cursor over the Enhancement option. From the list of options, select Play speed settings.
Play Speed Option
Step 4:
Upon clicking this option, you will see a small windowpane where the settings for music speed are located. You can select from slow, normal, and fast options. On the other hand, you can change the speed manually by moving the playhead.
Adjust Speed

What if Windows Media Player not working?

For Mac users:

You can use the VLC Media Player if you are a Mac user. Look into the user guide below to learn how to reduce the tempo of MP3 files on your Mac computer.

Step 1:
First off, download and install VLC Media Player on your Mac. Then, launch it.
Step 2:
After that, open an audio track, click on the File button at your screen's top menu, and select Open File. Next, browse your target audio file and upload it to the player.
Open File VLC
Step 3:
Now hover your mouse over to Playback, and you should see the Playback Speed option.
Step 4:
Now move the playhead to adjust the speed. Drag to the left to reduce the tempo or drag to the right for speeding up the audio file.
Playback Option

Part 3. What If I Need to Compress an MP3 File

In case your device is running out of space yet you want to save more MP3 files that you wish to slow down, the solution is to compress them. One of the efficient and effective tools for this kind of need is Video Converter Ultimate by Aiseesoft. This program can shrink audio from 99 MB down to 2MB while preserving the quality. Besides, you can compress by adjusting the bitrate and choosing formats.

Besides an audio compressor, it hosts more practical tools, like a video trimmer, merger, media metadata editor, etc. Find out how to compress an MP3 file using this program.

Step 1:
Launch the app

To start, click on either of the Free Download buttons provided below. You can select according to your computer OS for Mac and Windows. Immediately install and launch the program on your device.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
Access the audio compress

After familiarizing yourself with the app's interface, access the compressor for audio files. Select Toolbox from the menu above the interface and select Audio Compressor from the list of options.

Access Audio Compressor
Step 3:
Add an MP3 file

Click the Plus sign button and browse the audio file you like to compress from the window that will appear. Double-click on the target audio to upload.

Add MP3 File
Step 4:
Compress the audio file

After that, the compression settings window will pop up. Move the compression slider ball and reduce the file size by dragging it to the left. You can also set other parameters like format, bitrate, and sample rate. When you are delighted with the results, hit the Compress button to initialize the compression process.

Start Compression

Part 4. FAQs on Reducing MP3 Tempo

How can I lower the speed of audio online?

Online programs like Audio Trimmer come with a feature to help you speed up and slow down music. You just upload an audio file and adjust the speed using the slider.

How to change the tempo of MP3 in Audacity?

Yes. As one of the best audio editors, Audacity also allows for reducing the tempo of MP3 files. Import the MP3 file and go to the Effect menu. From here, select Change Tempo then you can adjust the speed.

How can I make the audio file shorter?

If you wish to make your audio file shorter, you can trim or cut the audio file. For this, you will need a professional audio cutter like Aiseesoft's Video Converter Ultimate.


Audio arrangements like changing the tempo are handy in a lot of ways. It can aid in learning a language from a recording, especially when the speaker has an awkward accent. When you want to do this operation for your MP3 files, you can refer above to reduce the tempo of MP3 files flawlessly. Therefore, you can easily learn a language from a recording by slowing the audio speed down. Perhaps you also want to reduce the media size of your audio file. Therefore, we provided a practical and effective tool to help you compress audio files.

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